40+ Stunning CC Pieces From Marigold You Need To Try!

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Looking for a custom content creator who makes stunning fashion and accessory pieces? Do you love goth, doll-like, and unique fashion? You’ll love Marigold! Read on to learn more about downloadable CC from this incredible creator! 

The Best CC by Creator Marigold!

Who is Marigold?

Marigold is a creative CC-maker focused on designing clothes and assessors for the Sims. Their CC covers various styles that suit everyone, from those who love Korean fashion to e-girls and e-boys, goths, punk kids, party lovers, and fashionistas.

To introduce you to this incredible creator, we have prepared a list of top designs from Marigold you will love, from clothes and shoes to hats and backpacks. To get the latest updates and assess their CC gallery, go here. Or, follow them on Patreon to get early access to fresh content! Let’s get started! 

Trendy Clothes For Ladies

1. Bow Shirring Ruffle Crop Top


If you love cute tops, then this trendy piece is a must-have. The model comes in over 60 color combos, allowing your Sim ladies to truly enjoy variety and spice up outfits. To get his piece from Marigold, go here

2. NeckTie Shirts Leather Bustier V2


Looking for an effective, edgy leather piece? Well, this punk rock piece blends a leather checkered west, a white shirt, and a tie, and comes in a few color versions. If you love eccentric stuff and bold looks, you’ll be thrilled to have it in your Sims 4 wardrobe. Check it out here

3. Ribbon 3U Sailor Collar Top

img 1

Here is something for Sailor Moon fans and those who love kawaii pieces with huge collars. You can choose a one-color piece, or the one with the white collar. It’s cute, effective, and looks great when paired with jeans or a flowy skirt! Find more info about this Marigold CC here

4. Shirt With Long Coat

img 2

Tailored, minimal coats are always in. No matter what your style is, a piece like that can instantly turn a plain look into a big fashion yes. There are a few shirt color combos, and a few coat color variations, so you can always try out different styles. Check it out here!  

5. Bubble Puffer Jacket

img 3

Puffer jackets are in, and they have been with us for a few seasons now. Why not give your Sim a stylish cropped puffer piece to help them stay up to date with the latest trends? If you like this Marigold CC, this striped piece is available for download here

6. Bubble Mini Skirt

img 4

Speaking of puffer pieces, how about a nice puffer mini skirt? We say yes! You can match it with a previous piece from Marigold, or create your unique outfit and blend it with a top that vibes with you. Either way, one thing is certain – your girl will look fabulous. Check it out here

7. Belt Jogger Pants

img 5

E-girls of Sims will be thrilled to try out this effective piece. These cut-out joggers are a perfect match for those who love to try out unusual outfits. There are more than 40 colors available. For more info, go here

8. Unbalance Dungarees


Dungarees are for those who love casual, effortless looks. No matter if your Sim is artistic or simply loves comfy stuff, they will love chilling in these. This Marigold CC is classified under bottoms, so you can pick any top you like. There are 14 denim shades, and if you’d like to try them out, go here

9. 130 Strap Crop Top With Midi Skirt

img 6

Urban, bold, effective, and modern, this one-piece is a gem for fashionistas who love belts and minimal design. The combination of a loose crop top and bodycon bottom make it a perfect formalwear for ladies who love authentic looks. Check it out here

10. Ribbon 3U Sailor Collar Mini Dress

img 7

What makes this elegant dress so stylish is the flowy material, puffy sleeves, and a cute collar. If you love pastels, you’ll love the model even more, as Marigold made it available in all shades of pastels! Plus, you can pick black, burgundy, and a few other intense colors. Check it out here

trendy menswear

1. Male Unbalance Sleeveless Top


This sleeveless top is ideal for party lads! It is available in animal, camo, and floral variants, but there are also some flags, numbers, and typography designs for you to pick from as well. With such unique designs, the model will have more than a versatile use in your men’s wardrobes. Get more info here

2. Male Duffel Coat

img 1

Autumn, countryside and duffel coats are a perfect match! This model from Marigold with a striped shirt and a warm coat is a nice representation of fashion in the UK. You can choose from 6 colors: light and dark brown, green, navy, black, or red. Check it out here!

3. Leather Jacket With Turtleneck Sweater

img 8

If you want your men to look mysterious and stylish, this is the jacket you’d want to see in their wardrobe. The heavy leather jacket is combined with a warm turtleneck, to help you achieve that perfect suave look. Although it’s only available in black, this CC is priceless. Find more info here

4. Ribbon Shirts

img 2

Ribbons are a nice vintage touch to an elegant look. This Marigold bow & shirt combo comes in five options, and you can pick a black or white shirt and then choose one of the four bow colors: black, white, red, or blue bow ties. Check it out on this page!   

5. Zipper Turtleneck

img 3

Looking for outfits that have attitude? Well, this turtleneck with a zipper will help you achieve that confident look. Ideal for Sims who are into alternative and indie stuff and those who like to stand out, this piece is a must-have if you are looking for something more unique for your closet. For more info, go here!  

6. Male Knee Shorts

img 4

How about some skinny shorts with ripped details and polka dots? This Marigold CC model comes in five colors. These fashionable shorts are so effective, they have the potential to quickly become your favorite statement piece. Check it out on this page

7. Male Jean Set V2

img 5

We can never have enough of good jeans in the Sims 4. This Marigold set is here to give more cool jeans to gents of Sims, especially those who appreciate a good ripped piece. There are 8 denim colors to choose from, so have fun experimenting. Find more info here

8. Male Suspender Shorts

img 6

Tied of old plain shorts? Suspenders are always an option! These shorts with suspenders are not only fun to combine with other items, but they also come in 10 shades to give you, even more, to work with when making new outfits. For more info go here

9. Male Layering Pants

img 7

Here comes a CC piece designed for Sims who know how to pull off a layered look! These layered pants by Marigold are baggy around the waist and look like a blend of a skirt and pants. They come in 5 dark colors, which makes them an ideal pick for edgy Sims. Check them out here

10. Male Dungarees Unbalance

img 8

Make way for some mighty dungarees for men! This one-piece comes in 20 variants, so you can pick your favorite denim color, but also find the sporty top that clicks with you. For more info about this Marigold CC, go here!   

Effective Accessory Pieces to Level Up Outfits

1. Ribbon Knee Socks

img 9

Arctic Monkeys must have sung about these knee socks! This stylish accessory is a perfect addition to any look, as it can make any outfit pop. They have a lace-up ribbon, and come in more than 50 shades, from blacks and whites to pinks, purples, and greens! Get yours here

2. Transparent Socks

img 9

If you are a fan of elegant looks, these transparent nylon socks from Marigold will blow you away. They are black and come in four patterns: heart, vertical and horizontal stripes, and dots. To try them out and get a pair for your ladies, go here

3. Unisex Skeleton Earing

img 10

Spooky stuff from Marigold! This hanging skeleton earring is designed for both men and women of Sims. It’s big, so rest assured other Sims will notice it. With such a mighty detail, every day can be Halloween. More info here!

4. Unisex Knit Scarf

img 10

This Marigold CC is all a Sim needs to stay warm on chilly days. The scarf is massive and trendy, and comes in a variety of colors. It is a unisex model, so both ladies and gentlemen can rock it! Check it out here!

5. Sleep Eye Mask

img 11

Beauty sleep is essential, and so is this sleeping mask by Marigold! This is a chance to spoil your girls and give them a well-deserved rest. It’s so nicely textured and soft, it will make you want to get a similar one for yourself. For more info, go here!

6. Unisex Crusher Hat

img 11

Do you love bucket hats? If so, this CC by Marigold is for you. This unisex street fashion gem comes in gray and will help you achieve a perfect urban or hip-hop aesthetic. Add some extra accessories, and your Sim will be the coolest one in town. Find more info here!

7. Floppy Hat With a Back Ribbon

img 13

Big floppy hats are always welcome, especially for those who love vintage stuff or romantic details. Imagine your Sim laying in the field on a picnic blanket, or reading their favorite novel by the riverbank wearing it. They would look like in a movie. Check it out here!

8. Unisex Sporty Headband

img 12

Let’s not forget the sporty types. These 12 headbands made by Marigold are for those who like to be active, push their limits, or simply go for a short little jog here and there. Each has a unique typography design! Find more info here!

9. Bucket Backpack V2

img 14

Wouldn’t it be cool to wear a backpack in Sims 4? Well, thanks to this Marigold CC, that’s more than possible! If you love variety, worry not, as there are a few swatches to play with. To make your Sim wear one, just go to the bracelets category, and you’ll find it there! Check it out here!

10. Male Bucket Backpack

img 15

This briefcase vintage backpack is all a hipster needs to look put together when rocking casual wear. It looks like a real handcrafted leather backpack, doesn’t it? Once you download it, you will find it under the ”Hats” category in CAS. Find more info here!

Fashion for kids

1. Doll-Like Dress

img 16

Ruffles, bows and cutipies! An adorable dress like this will make your little girls feel like real stars. No matter if they are going to a wedding party, or you like to doll them up day, this Marigold CC piece will make them feel special. Find more info here!

2. Unisex Winter Coat Accessory

img 17

Now you can wear a warm jacket as an accessory, without having to cherry-pick your tops for boys and girls. This unisex model works fine with any clothing item and will make their outfits pop. Once downloaded, you will find the coat under the ”Bracelets” category. Get your sample here!

3. Sailor Dress

img 18

Straighten up, little sailors! This dress will make any girl feel like royalty on any occasion. There are three main shades to pick from: navy blue, burgundy, white, black, and teal. You can also choose the color of the stripes for some extra personalization. Check it out here!

4. Unisex Unbalance Dungarees

img 19

Dungarees are classic, and now your boys and girls can play all day long and roll in the grass in the comfiest dungarees ever. They fall in the ”Bottoms” category in CAS, meaning you can fully customize their top! For more info about this Marigold CC, go here!

5. Lace Socks

img 14

Lace socks are a must for little ladies who have style. These calf socks will make little divas runway ready and turn even the simplest outfits into something magnificent. They are available in five colors, and you can choose a black or white lace detail. Check them out here!

6. Fringe Muffler Winter Scarf

img 15

Colorful scarves can do a lot for an outfit. This shawl is designed for Sims 4 kids of both genders and comes in a few stunning patterns. It’s designed by fabulous Marigold, and it’s patterned, massive, and colorful, just like a child’s spirit. Find more info here!

7. Sneakers With A BowTie

img 20

Are you tired of plain old sneakers? Well, these will surely make your kids happy and help them stand out from the crowd! The model is available in a few colors. And the best part? These are unisex, so even boys can rock them! Check out this CC here!

8. Hello Kitty Backpack

img 16

”Hello Kitty” has been an important part of so many childhoods, so why not give your Sims 4 girls and boys a Hello Kitty backpack? This is a unisex piece, available in two versions: white and striped. When in CAS, you will find it under the ”Earings” category. Find more info here!

9. Unisex Woolen Pants

img 17

These shorts by Marigold are simple, but comfortable. The minimal design makes them easy to combine with other items. They are made for both girls and boys and come in 20 shades. The texture is fine, so you can see it’s wool they are made of. Get more info here!

10. Unisex Ear Flap Hat

img 21

Everyone had a hat like this growing up. If you love floppy hats with fuzzy details, this CC from incredible Marigold is for you. This earflap hat is unisex and comes in white and green. Check it out here!

Footwear for everyone

1. Mary Jane Shoes

img 22

Dress like a doll and charm everyone as soon as you step outside your house with these stunning Mary Jane shoes. Women of Sims will be thrilled to try them out, and they are available in a few shades, too. For more info, go here!

2. Coss-Stud High Top Sneakers

img 24

It’s time for some rock ‘n roll! Studded sneakers like these are all you need to add some spice and edge to an otherwise ordinary look. They come in nine shades, ensuring that every rock star in Sims feels unique. Check these Marigold shoes here!

3. Male Boots With Studs

img 18

Engineer boots are perfect for layered outfits. No matter if your Sim is a reckless heartthrob, a biker, or a fashion lover, these will help him show up in the world as the best version of himself. They are available in gray, black, and two shades of brown. Find more info here!

4. Rabbit Flat Shoes

img 25

Help your Sims look like they just came back from Paris fashion week, and give them these chic flat shoes. These gems from Marigold are not just ordinary shoes. They have bunny ears and a bow tie, and as such, they will grant public attention and compliments. Check them out here!

5. Chunky Sandals

img 26

Chunky sandals are popular these days and let’s be real, they certainly elevate the style, especially when combined with effective socks. These are made for bold ladies and come in a few shades. You’ll love how they look combined with a balloon dress or a mini skirt. Download them here!


Marigold is truly extraordinary. Their creations help our Sims find their expressions, build unique styles, and show up in the world as their true selves. No matter if it’s leather boots or a cute dress, their CC stands out. Enjoy trying them out!

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