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If you’re looking to spice up your storytelling or just want more variety in how your sims experience romance, you’ll want to give the More Kisses mod a try.

More Kisses
The Sims 4 More Kisses Mod & Everything You Need to Know About It!

Most people and their sims experience romance at some point in their lives, and the first big milestone in a lot of romances is a kiss. It’s such a big deal that we will remember who we had our first kiss with, we see kisses in movies & TV and hear about them in music, we seal notes with kisses and text kiss emojis to our partners. Of course there are also platonic kisses, like those exchanged between family & friends in greeting or affection, but a significant amount of kisses are romantic ones.

The Sims series has never been afraid of exchanging kisses between their characters and in fact, an accidental kiss at E3 in 1999 may have been responsible for getting the first Sims game released! As the franchise advanced over time (and the characters along with it), sims’ relationships grew more and more complex and prompted the need for a larger variety of kisses and other displays of affection.

Gimme More Kisses!

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With The Sims 4 originally intended for online play, socialization options ended up being a bit more limited than they probably should have been, and some animations are noticeably lacking in depth compared to their predecessors’. The More Kisses mod by maplebell opens up a variety of smooches for your sims to exchange, adding a new dynamic to romantic relationships in the game. It’s gone through multiple revisions over time, adding more & new kissing animations along with buffs and emotions that integrate into the game as if they were vanilla.

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Needed: Mood Pack Mod

If you’re interested in trying the More Kisses mod you will first need to download The Mood Pack Mod by Lumpinou. This mod is not a standalone and is instead designed to work with other mods that affect a sim’s mood.

There are over a dozen other mods by several creators that use this pack to work, so it’s definitely a mod that you’ll get a lot of use from!

The 100 Traits Mods also uses this mood pack; learn more about it here.

100 Traits

S.W.A.K! (Sims Which Are Kissing!)

More Kisses was originally released in several packs but it has since been merged into one mod. It brings a host of different kiss types & associated animations, from tender & sweet to hot & spicy exchanges! Your sims will have appropriate reactions that can be positive or negative. For example, one of my sims got more confident from a successful kiss while another sim was embarrassed for not kissing well.

Note: Since the March 2023 update that reorganized Social Menus, the More Kisses mod menu can be found in RomancePhysical IntimacyMore Kisses.

In my testing, the More Kisses button is missing its unique lip & heart symbol and is text-only.

The animations are fairly smooth; because they come in a variety of shapes & sizes, sims will clip depending on their body and clothing. This won’t affect the functionality of the mod, but if you’re using it for photos or machinima you might need to do some tweaking to your characters’ appearances to make it look right.

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1524 xtra interactions mod v1 simmerkate

Known Issues

Other than the aforementioned animation clipping, the only other issue as notated by the creator is that the action will drop from your sim’s queue if it’s not the only thing in there. This is more tedious than anything else—mostly because of how many steps it takes to locate with the new Social menu—but if you’re a player who likes to micromanage the queue anyway you won’t really notice a difference.

Final Thoughts

In The Sims 4 you can play out any story you want, including a story of romance or a torrid affair. Having more kisses to choose from will only make the game increasingly exciting as your sims get hot-and-heavy or experience full of puppy love. So download the mod, load up your favorite sims couple, and give them a reason to do the “fan self” animation. Have fun, and happy simming!

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