30+ Werewolf Mods: Have a Howling Great Time in The Sims 4!

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Living the Lycan life in The Sims 4? Take your gameplay up a notch by including these fun and ferocious werewolf mods we handpicked for you!

sims 4 werewolf mod
30+ Werewolf Mods: Have a Howling Great Time in The Sims 4!

Try these 30+ Werewolf Mods In The Sims 4!

The Sims 4: Werewolves received widespread recognition from the Sims community after its launch in 2022. Creating and controlling werewolves, a new occult life state in the game, is now possible through the game pack. The ferocious half-Sims half-Lycans, with their volatile temperaments and frightening fury, made it possible to unlock so many new gameplay possibilities in The Sims 4, allowing us endless hours of entertainment. So, to further add to the feral fun, we’re letting you in on 30+ handpicked werewolf mods!

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No “Beastly Presence” Buff for Pets/Foxes Mod

tumblr e2640209ce1bd12a5cfdad738442b8da 2bf30b7e 1280

Pets and foxes in the Sims 4 get terrified when they witness a Sim transform into a werewolf, and then they get the “beastly presence” buff alongside their shock. This mod works by removing this buff for these little furry friends! They will still feel scared but without the buff involved.

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Temperaments Affect Needs Mod

tumblr e00696d210979cd8f8170326b9e507f8 eb25445b 2048

This mod makes it possible for temperaments to affect the needs of your Sims, making your werewolves experience a more authentic mix of their emotions and needs. When they feel outcasted, it affects their social bar. When they’re wracked with guilt, it affects their fun, and so on and so forth.

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Slightly Better Werewolf Romance Mod

tumblr eeea8e3212255a74eaecd8c83550c280 1608b716 2048

Awoooo, love is in the air! This special Valentine’s Day mod from creator Channel-Sims presents you with more romantic possibilities for your feral Sims! It brings two new sweet interactions to the game, which can be used by Teen to Elder werewolf Sims.

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Wolf CAS Background Mod

ts4 x64 2023 07 10 21 24 10

Make your Create-A-Sim (CAS) time more delightful by infusing some hint of ferociousness into it! Through this cool little mod by SakuraLunari, you can change your usual CAS background into this wallpaper which looks totally beastly!

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Less Fury Gain Mod

03 15 23 11 26 07 AM

The fury of our werewolves is quite tricky. Just a few werewolf activities here and there and we find the meter already full. Thanks to LittleMsSam, our werewolves can now gain fury much slower through this Less Fury Gain mod. It lowers the progress to 25%!

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No Werewolf Instant Dislike Mod

tumblr 1247d31da94a130748a6fa024187a4c3 c20c1692 1280

Does it ever irk you how just the sight of your werewolf Sims easily results in the displeasure and disapproval of other Sims? It seems totally unfair because our werewolves are Sims too! Well with this mod, werewolves would no longer get that instant dislike from other Sims.

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Chocolate Lethality (Werewolves) Mod


In real life, chocolate is a known toxic substance for canines. Thus, creator Awwoo56709 wanted to make the game more realistic by incorporating this tiny tweak to the game: Werewolves can now die from chocolate poisoning. Yes! Now, werewolves have a 70% chance of getting nauseated after consuming chocolates. If they don’t force it out in good time, they will die!

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I Don’t Bite Werewolf Pose Pack Mod

Screenshot 2023 09 06 131047

More werewolf pose packs coming your way! This one, released by creator Alpine-Lapine, features amazing poses for Sim-and-werewolf relationships. If you are accomplishing stories about the connections between werewolves and Sims, then this bunch of poses is a perfect fit for your game!

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Werewolf on a Full Moon Mod


Allow your creatures of the night to prowl through the darkness and express their inner rage with these stunning werewolf poses! Simply click on your werewolf Sims, select Wonderful Whims, then Pose, and choose the pose you want your Sims to exhibit. Enjoy!

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No Fated Mates Mod

Screenshot 2023 09 06 103959

This is another mod that alters the Fated Mates concept introduced in The Sims 4: Werewolves. By installing this mod, the game removes the ability of werewolves to discover their Fated Mates in the game. Thus, it allows them to find and pursue romantic relationships by choice, much like any other regular Sim.

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Please Be A Bit Calmer Werewolves Mod

Screenshot 2023 03 17 123449

The title says it all for itself. Created by LittleMsSam, this mod lets our ferocious friends maintain more composure in their daily lives. Through the mod, the game lowers the chance to only 5% for werewolves to have their temperament buffs, thus fewer occurrences for werewolf rampages in town!

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Werewolves Scavenge Faster Mod

03 15 23 11 19 37 AM

This mod makes it much faster for werewolf Sims to scavenge for meat outside. Instead of the usual 10-20 game minutes for scavenging, this mod shortens the duration down to 1-5 minutes, or 6-10 minutes (only choose one option to install).

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Unlocked Wolf Nap Mod

03 15 23 11 44 30 AM

It’s quite nice how our big and beastly friends can take a nap on the ground anytime (once they’ve gained this ability). It helps them fill up their energy bar conveniently without having to go home. With this mod from creator Millith, all our non-werewolf Sims can now also use this ability to take quick naps anywhere!

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Werewolf Bloodlines Mod


Inspired by the bloodline inheritance system of spellcasters from The Sims 4: Realm of Magic, the Werewolf Bloodlines Mod makes it possible for werewolves to also pass their abilities to their offspring. With this mod, children of werewolves can now get weak, strong, or ancient werewolf bloodlines once they’re born.

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The Sims 4 Werewolves Mod


This is probably one of the biggest mods for The Sims 4: Werewolves! Created by Spinning Plumbob, this mod has existed even before the official game pack was launched. Now though, the original elements of the mod have been made to be compatible with the said game pack. If you ask us, our favorite feature of this mod is the Lycanthrope Lore skill!

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Occult Socials from TS3 Mod

MTS kennetha v 2157286 1main

Do you miss the werewolf interactions that you used to enjoy in The Sims 3? We do, too! With this mod, our Sims can now use the interactions that have been available from the previous version of The Sims, such as “show teeth” and “rub belly”. It makes the game really nostalgic!

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Easier Werewolf Sympathy Mod

tumblr 8d5285c8bacc163e185d83228acee844 a7fc55c9 1280

This mod makes it easier for werewolves to ask for werewolf sympathy among Sims in the community. Currently, the game makes it too difficult for them unless they have a 99+ relationship with other Sims. But this mod is quite helpful as it lowers the requirements down to 65+.

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Werewolves Can Create Raw Meat From Animals Mod

MTS ScreamingPotato 2164334 paraelmdsWerweolvessteaks 2

Our lycan friends need to eat their meat. Always. Sometimes though, it might take them quite a while to hunt for meat or to wait for it to be delivered in the mail. All thanks to this mod by Screaming Potato, werewolves can now directly create fresh meat that they can consume, from livestock such as cows, chickens, goats, llamas, and sheep!

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Werewolf Holiday Traditions Mod

MTS DerekSimsYT 2159374 AD2269FE E94A 4410 B1DB 424A21037457 scaled

Some of us who really love playing with werewolves in The Sims 4 would adore this mod! Through this simple tweak, 8 new werewolf traditions are now added to the calendar system in the game. Becoming a werewolf, hunting, rampaging, biting a sim, and many other beastly activities are now considered as regular holidays!

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Fated Mate It’s Fate Mod

MTS Zafire 2102683 Untitled 1

This mod makes it more difficult for your werewolf Sims to locate their Fated Mates in the game. Instead of the game’s 50% chance to find a werewolf’s destined partner, this mod lowers it down to 10%. Fated Mates will also trigger not just because flirty interactions are used. Mean and friendly remarks can also activate Fated Mates.

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Werewolves Walkstyle Override Mod

werewolfwalkstyle 1

This mod allows your werewolves to sport their walking style all the time. Now, they can no longer walk like normal Sims as any custom walking style is no longer possible with this mod. Don’t worry though, when they are not in beast form, your lycan Sims can still walk normally.

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Less Furious Werewolves Mod

ts4 x64 2022 06 17 15 01 23 04

Having werewolves in The Sims 4 means encountering a lot of frightening and ferocious beasts here and there. With their fury meter always brimming to the top, werewolves lead more difficult lives as they usually enter their frenzied state. With this mod from Llazyneiph, you can now have several options on how to control the fury meter!

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Werewolf in Batuu Mod

MTS Onebeld 2107266 WerewolfInBatuu

It’s quite frustrating how our occult Sims cannot use their special abilities when they’re in Batuu. But this mod changes things! It lets you use your werewolf abilities in the said Star Wars planet. Now, you can wreak full havoc on the First Order,  Resistance, and Scoundrel Sims.

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Natural Werewolf Skin Mod

MTS EachUisge 2117924 newcover

This mod also provides you with the capability to adjust the physical appearance of your werewolves and make them more realistic. Through this mod, the pink tinge is removed from the ears, the lips are replaced with an animalistic look, and the eyes are reshaped to give the werewolves a better look.

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Werewolf Body Stuff Mod

06 18 22 5 38 13 PM

Have you ever wondered if you could add more details to the werewolf bodies of your Sims? Well yes, you can, with this Werewolf Body Stuff Mod from Spinning Plumbobs. This mod lets you tweak the physical details of werewolves, allowing you to paint their tails and give them animalistic legs.

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Werewolf Experience Mod

MTS Chaavik 2102499 WerewolfPic Sims4

In The Sims 4, werewolves make progress in the Werewolf Ability System using the experiences they gain from their beastly activities. With this nifty mod from Chaavik, Sims can conveniently gain these EXPs faster so that they can climb werewolf ranks right away.

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Pup Training Mod


If you love creating stories and scenes out of the lives of your lycans, then you might want to add this cute little mod. It’s a werewolf pose pack for Sim werewolves and pups. Trust us, you’ll find the 5 included poses oozing with a lot of charm and love!

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The Forest Werewolf Fight Animation Mod

tumblr 37ea8fdb7fd27579ce077f326dfa326d bda53dfb 1280

One of the most entertaining aspects of The Sims 4: Werewolves is getting to see how our ferocious lycans display aggression with fellow werewolves and fight with their beastly capabilities. Well, with this mod, you can make things more exciting as this adds all new werewolf fight animations to the game!

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The Sims 4 Mooncasters Mod

tumblr 47e60eba1bd253ca0b57c1f2ff3531a2 ef4b5e50 2048

By this time, we are all already familiar with the occult life states of Werewolves and Spellcasters. But what if we tell you that there is a really cool mod that will let you combine both life states? Yup! This mod allows your Sims to become Mooncasters, who are powerful magic-wielding and lycan-turning Sims in the game!

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More Hidden Werewolf Mod

MTS Onebeld 2108540 MoreHiddenWerewolf

This is a simple yet useful mod from creator Onebled. What it does is hide the werewolf interactions of your Sims when they haven’t reached a particular level of their rage yet. For example, they can keep doing activities such as “taking a shower”, “going jogging”, and “dancing”, instead of “taking a wild shower”, “going for a feral run”, and “beastie boogie-ing”.

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Moonwood Mill Map Replacement Mod

Moonwood Mill Map Replacement Banner

The Sims 4: Werewolves have introduced us to the sleepy and mysterious town of Moonwood Mills. If you’re one of the Simmers who thinks that this dark town could use a little bit of a makeover, then you’d definitely like this Moonwood Mill Map Replacement Mod from 20th Century Plumbob!

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