The Sims 4 Characters: 25+ Remarkable Sims, Townies, and NPCs in the Game!

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If you’ve been a long-time fan of The Sims franchise, you’re undoubtedly familiar with plenty of iconic (and intriguing!) figures in the game. Now, it’s time to dig deeper into the lives and histories of these beloved Sims. Thus, in this article, we gathered a list of the most remarkable Sims 4 characters and unveiled exciting tidbits about them! Read on!

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The Incredible Characters of The Sims 4

The world of The Sims 4 is filled with incredible Sims of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and as you’ve probably noticed, we have covered plenty of the game’s iconic figures and notable families here at SnootySims. Here are some of these featured characters:

Screenshot 2023 03 30 105740

But hey, we have to let you in on so much more of these remarkable and beloved characters in the game! So in this list, we collated a few more Sims, Townies, and NPCs who have made a distinctive impact in the game. Check out the list, as you may find several characters you’re not yet aware of! Be sure to check number 26 because it is our ultimate favorite.

1. Don Lothario

Don Lothario Screenshot 2023 03 23 141524

For our first entry in this Sims 4 characters list, we have the highly iconic Don Lothario. He is a pre-made young adult Sim in the game who lives in Oasis Springs with the Caliente household. In The Sims 2, it could be remembered that he was also a playable character who lived in Pleasantview and Riverview.

He is characterized as being a flirty womanizer, having been romantically inclined with sisters Nina and Dina and their mother Katrina. Not only that, but he also had intimate linkages with Bella Goth, and has once been engaged to Cassandra Goth!

2. Vanessa Jeong

Vanessa Jeong Screenshot 2023 03 23 141647

Next up on our list is the young adult Vanessa Jeong. This Sims 4 Sim is another pre-made character who has been introduced when The Sims 4: Get Famous was launched. She resides in Del Sol Valley and is known for being an up-and-coming 1-star celebrity who has starred in lesser-known commercials. Having the World-Famous Celebrity as her aspiration, she works hard to level up her actress career. Vanessa Jeong is also seen in The Sims Mobile as a townie that you can unlock in the game.

3. Vi Moradi

Vi Moradi Screenshot 2023 03 23 141822

Vi Moradi is a pre-made female young adult Sim who has been introduced in The Sims 4 after the launch of the game pack The Sims 4: Journey to Batuu. Inspired by the events in the Star Wars universe, Vi is a self-assured spy and leader of the Resistance Group that has its base on the planet Batuu. You would have to regain her trust if you want her to welcome you in the Resistance Encampment. Vi is skilled in Charisma, Fitness, and Programming, and is known to be an asexual Sims 4 character.

4. Nalani Mahi’ai’

Nalani Screenshot 2023 03 23 141935

Nalani Mahi’ai’ is another notable Sims 4 character, who has graced the game with her presence after the launch of The Sims 4: Island Living. You can remember her as the primary Sim featured in the teasers and trailers of the said expansion pack (Fun Fact: In the videos, Nalani Mahi’ai’’ was voiced by  Auli’i Cravalho, the same voice behind the character of Moana!). Nalani Mahi’ai’ is a female, young adult mermaid Sim who lives in Sulani and is skilled in Charisma and Fitness.

5. Captain Whitaker

Captain Whitaker Screenshot 2023 03 23 142529

Captain Whitaker is another awesome Sims 4 character, as he is an adoptable adult ghost dog in the game! He joined the Sims 4 when the expansion pack, Cats & Dogs, was released in November 2017. Captain Whitaker’s character was said to be inspired by the actor Forest Whitaker who starred in the 1999 movie Ghost Dog: The Way of The Samurai. He is the only pre-made deceased pet in The Sims 4 and often roams around Brindleton Bay. You can befriend him and actually make him “play dead”!

6. Mayor Whiskers

Mayor Whiskers Screenshot 2023 03 23 142559

Mayor Whiskers is another pre-made adoptable pet in The Sims 4, but he is not yet dead like Captain Whitaker. He is a male stray cat that could be seen wandering around the streets of Brindleton Bay. Some Sims claim that Whiskers is the actual elected Mayor of their town, and this could be tied to the fact that he frequently dwells near the town hall. Sims who befriend Mayor Whiskers can interact with him and later on adopt him. However, albeit he’s friendly and talkative, he is also an aloof cat.

7. Agnes Crumplebottom

Agnes Crumplebottom Screenshot 2023 03 23 142701 1

Ah, who can ever forget Agnes Crumplebottom? The OG NPC from The Sims: Hot Date, who strictly adheres to proper manners and slaps people who exhibit any signs of indecent behavior. Also known as Miss Crumplebottom, Agnes apparently lost her husbands Robert Crumplebottom and Erik Darling, which scarred her deeply and caused her to become bitter regarding all things romance.

Agnes appeared in all 4 Sims games, and in The Sims 4, she currently resides in Henford-on-Bagley, focusing on her plants/garden business with her cousin Agatha Crumplebottom.

8. Count Vladislaus Straud IV

Count Vlad Screenshot 2023 03 23 142851 1

Introduced in The Sims 4: Vampires, Count Vladislaus Straud IV is a playable Sims 4 character who lives in the Straud Mansion in Forgotten Hollow. He is a male, young Adult vampire, who albeit his age, has the appearance of an Elder Sim. Known to be an immortal character who is quite skilled in playing the Pipe Organ, Vlad is a fearful icon in the game who is said to have lived for more than 200 years in Forgotten Hollow.

If you’ve noticed, he actually has a statue in the Town Square! When Count Vlad transforms into his dark form, he has the appearance of a creepy bald creature with pointed ears and deep-set green eyes.

9. Greg The Werewolf

Greg Screenshot 2023 03 23 151325

Greggorius Lunvik, also known as Greg, is a male adult werewolf Sim introduced in the game when The Sims 4: Werewolves was launched in 2022. Greg has an atrocious reputation in the Moonwood Mill, being despised by plenty of the Sims around him. He is characterized as a mean, loner, and Glutton Sim, who has been widowed after his wife, Avelina Lunvik died. When in Werewolf form, this Sims 4 character has dark gray fur, long pointed ears, and bright, red eyes. If you want to be a Werewolf in the game, you can ask Greg to turn you into one.

10. Anjelo Morlind

Anjelo Morlind Screenshot 2023 03 23 152912

When The Sims 4: High School Years was launched in 2022, Anjelo Morlind is one of The Sims 4 characters who was added to the game. He is a pre-made male townie who is known for his appearance in the teasers and trailers of the said expansion pack. Anjelo is a young adult high school teacher at Copperdale High School, who has romantic preferences for both male and female Sims. He has some skills in Guitar, Painting, Programming, and Logic.

11. Molly Prescott

Molly Prescott Screenshot 2023 03 23 153208

Speaking of The Sims 4: High School Years, Molly Prescott is another premade Sims 4 character that came with the said expansion pack. Molly is a female teenager who resides in Copperdale, with her grandfather, sister, and mother—who is the principal of Copperdale High School (talk about the pressure!) Like the Sims 4 character Anjelo Morlind, Molly has been consistently featured in the High School Year’s promotional advertisements and is also known to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community, as she romantically prefers female Sims.

12. Kyle Kyleson

kyle kyleson Screenshot 2023 03 23 153349

The Sims 4: Growing Together has just been recently released this March 2023, and through it, we have been introduced to yet another special Sims 4 character that joins us in the game—Kyle Kyleson! Kyle is a pre-made young adult male townie who lives in San Sequoia. He has high skills in Comedy and Knitting and is characterized to be an unemployed, laid-back Sim who randomly crashes at the houses of Sims for several days through the new Stay Over event. Also, this Sims 4 character will often claim that he knows your Sims!

13. Mimsy and Bernard

bernard and mimsy Screenshot 2023 03 23 153545

Mimsy and Bernard are a married couple known for haunting the Von Haunt Estate as ghosts. The two NPCs, originally known as Lady Mimsy Alcorn Shallot and Lord Bernard Escargot Shallot IV, used to live in the splendid manor. According to the legend, Bernard was painting a portrait of Lady Mimsy one afternoon. Since was greatly disappointed by the painting, so he set fire to it—accidentally blazing the whole manor and killing him and Mimsy in the process. These Sims 4 characters can then be revived by Spellcaster Sims using the Dedeathify spell.

14. Grim Reaper

grim reaper Screenshot 2023 03 23 155636

Of course, when we think about the most iconic character of all in the entire Sims universe, one Sim easily comes to mind—the Grim Reaper! This fearful and mysterious NPC has been around since the first Sims games, reaping the souls of the deceased and making bargains with the bereaved. As a Sims 4 character, we get to witness a quirkier side of the Grim Reaper. Sometimes, after he’s done harvesting the soul of the deceased, he goes around the house playing with the Cowplant or singing in the Karaoke machine.

15. Bonehilda

bonehilda Screenshot 2023 03 23 153745

Bonehilda is another NPC originally from the earlier Sims games. After her first appearance in The Sims: Makin’ Magic, she made a comeback in the game through the launch of The Sims 4: Paranormal. As a Sims 4 character, she can be summoned through a seance table. You can let her do plenty of essential tasks for free, such as cleaning, child care, gardening, laundry, repairing objects, and cooking food. She can also help school kids with their homework and WooHoo with Sims!

16. Sunny The Tragic Clown

tragic clown Screenshot 2023 03 23 155528

Sunny the Tragic Clown, is a popular NPC who was first introduced in The Sims: Livin’ Large. He appears when a Sim puts up a Tragic Clown painting in their home and views it. He wears an old-fashioned clown costume and heavy clown makeup and is characterized as a desolate Sim who cries uncontrollably. In The Sims 4, if a Sim views the painting of Sunny, they will get a “Tragic Clown is Tragic” moodlet which will give them a sad mood.

Did you know you can summon the Tragic Clown? Here’s how!

17. Selvadorada Skeletons

skeleton Screenshot 2023 03 23 155858

The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure added a plethora of magical and mysterious stuff in the game, introducing us not only to bizarre curses and hidden treasures but also to a new (temporary) life state: Selvadorada Skeletons! These interesting bony buddies are sort of related to Bonehilda, not just in appearance, but in the way that they also get to perform free household chores and childcare for young Sims. They can be seen in temples deep inside the Salvadorada jungle, or they can be summoned by Sims using a rare relic.

18. Baby Ariel

baby ariel Screenshot 2023 03 23 161235

Baby Ariel is a female teen Sim that was added to the game after the launch of The Sims 4: Get Famous. Inspired by a famous figure in real life, this Sims 4 character is a pre-made townie who has reached a 4-star level in her celebrity ranking. As a special Sims 4 character, Baby Ariel is not capable of aging up or dying through a hidden preset trait. She aspires to be a World-Famous Celebrity and has mid-level skills in Guitar and Piano.

19. Nervous Subject

nervous subject Screenshot 2023 03 23 161418 1

Moving forward to number 19, we have the odd pre-made Sim from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, Nervous Subject! Not much is known about this strange character who lives with the Beaker family, but it is hinted that his father might be the Grim Reaper. As one of the Sims 4 characters, Nervous Subject is a male, young adult sim who is characterized as an erratic and paranoid loner. He sports shaved black hair with a green mohawk. If you want to play his character, you can download him from The Sims 4 gallery.

20. The Hermit

hermit Screenshot 2023 03 23 163243

If you’ve ever played The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat and let your Sims go on vacation in Granite Falls, you’re probably not aware that there is a secret area in the world that you could access, which could lead you to the Hermit’s House. In this area, you’ll meet an NPC called the Hermit, who lives alone in a small, cozy house near a garden with lots of harvestable plants. If your Sim has an Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration, they must build a relationship with the Hermit—which can lead to the hermit moving to your Sim’s household.

21. Guidry The Ghost

Guidry Screenshot 2023 03 23 161630

Guidry, more formally known as Claude René Duplantier Guidry, graced us with his presence in the game as a ghost NPC when The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff was launched. If your Sim lives in a haunted house residential, Guidry the Ghost offers his paranormal expertise to help your Sim with the hauntings. He is known to be romantically linked with Temperance and Bonehilda. However, he now has bad blood with the former. Guidry is often in a flirty mood and has the traits Romantic, Art Lover, and Foodie.

22. Temperance

temperance Screenshot 2023 03 23 163457

Like Guidry, Temperance is another ghost NPC who recently joined the roster of remarkable Sims 4 characters. As a female young adult ghost, Temperance is famous for her deeply enraged and terrifying presence whenever she visits a haunted residential house, wherein she curses objects and scares Sims out of their wits. She appears as a glowing red ghost and has the hidden trait of Night Wraith, which causes her to eternally be very angry. Fun fact: She is the sister of Bonehilda!

23. Father Winter

father winter Screenshot 2023 03 23 163833

Father Winter appears in The Sims 4 after the launch of The Sims 4: Seasons. He is known as the game’s Santa Claus, and you’ll see him arrive at a household through the front door or in the fireplace, whenever the Winterfest Holiday or any holiday with the Father Winter tradition rolls around. Dressed in a heavy, magnificent holiday robe and a comfy hat with a mistletoe charm, Father Winter is known to give Sims their holiday presents, ranging from nice to naughty gifts. So be nice the whole year, if you don’t want to receive pet poop!

24. Flower Bunny

flower bunny Screenshot 2023 03 23 164241

Now let’s get into some of the cutest Sims 4 characters! Meet the Flower Bunny, a fluffy rabbit NPC associated with the holidays in the game. The Flower Bunny sometimes visits households during holidays, leaving flowers around the lot or giving free eggs to Sims (with consequences!). You can freely befriend the Flower Bunny or even marry it, so it can move into your household. The Flower Bunny is commonly seen wearing a denim jumper with a large pocket in front.

25. Patchy the Strawman

scarecrow Screenshot 2023 03 23 164203

Another NPC reintroduced into The Sims 4 through the launch of The Sims 4: Seasons is the Scarecrow, known formally as Patchy the Strawman. Patchy can be purchased as a decoration in the garden. Later on, Sims can interact with Patchy and form a friendship with him. You’ll soon realize that he sometimes comes to life and will automatically tend to your Sim’s garden. He also gives gardening tips to increase the gardening skills of Sims as well as random seeds.

26. Yamachan

yamachan Screenshot 2023 03 23 164508

For number 26, we have our favorite! This also ultra-cute Sims 4 character is Yama-chan, the mascot of Mt. Komorebi! This NPC comes from The Sims 4: Snowy Escape and is known to frequent the neighborhoods of the Asian-inspired world. You can take selfies with Yama-chan, dance with it, or ask for free Simmi capsules. Yama-chan is also reported to visit households randomly, doing stuff in the house such as cooking meals. In Mt. Komorebi, you will find various statues of this cute Sims 4 character.


Screenshot 2023 03 30 105808

As The Sims 4 is a highly-interesting life simulation game that never fails to give us endless hours of delight, it is, of course, filled with so many endearing characters who have found their places in our hearts. Growing up with the game also means growing with these precious characters—as our lives slowly unfold, so do theirs as we play them! Thus, we hope that you thoroughly enjoyed this list. Keep following us here at SnootySims for more information on your favorite characters in the game. As always, happy simming Simmers!

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