The Sims 4 Judith Ward – The Game’s Special Diva

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You may have seen the iconic actress and celebrity Judith Ward wandering around Del Sol Valley. But how much do you actually know about this shining star? Likely, not as much as you think you do… Therefore, we have written an entire article dedicated to this wonderful creature. So, get your favorite snacks, and find a comfortable place to sit… Because we are about to play you the Judith Ward movie!

The Sims 4 Judith Ward The Games Special Diva

The Sims 4 Judith Ward: Actress, Icon, And Diva!

Even though the Sims 4 base game and expansion packs come with a bunch of iconic Sims such as the Goths, the Pancakes, and the Landgrabs… The most iconic of them all has to be The Sims 4 very own Diva, Judith Ward.

As a famous actress, Judith Ward can be spotted around the Sims 4 worlds, followed by paparazzi and crazy fans. Everything from her personality to her looks, to her house, is iconic. Out of all the characters in the Sims 4 Universe, Judith truly is one of the greatest, because she seems so untouchable.

Judith Ward is the old Hollywood celebrity of the Sims 4, and we believe that is why we are all so fascinated with her… But besides being fascinated by her persona, we do not know that much about her. So, what is Judith all about? Let us find out…

The Story of Judith Ward

The Sims 4 Judith Ward

Judith Ward is one of the many pre-made Sims who lives in Del Sol Valley. Which is the world that comes with The Sims 4 Get Famous expansion pack. Miss Ward is an adult Sim, aged around 20-23 days away from becoming an elder Sim.

She works as an actress in Del Sol Valley. And, having starred in various comedies, dramas, and everything in-between… She is a real legend in the showbiz community!

Judith has been married many times but divorced as many due to prioritizing her acting career above all. But, despite all her divorces, she does not know anyone in-game. Leaving her to currently live single, and alone, in her huge mansion in Del Sol Valley.

The Skills, Traits & Perks of Judith Ward

The Sims 4 Judith Ward

In terms of her personality, she is a 5-star celebrity with a horrible reputation. And her fame perks are as follows, “Vain Street”, “Emotion Bomb”, “No Touching”, and “Refined Palate”. She is also known to be a materialistic, mean snob. Not surprising, due to her high fame rank…

Since she has worked as an actress for years, Judith has reached acting level 8 (seasoned thespian). Meaning, that she knows her acting stuff! Furthermore, her aspiration in life is to be a Mansion Baron. And, her skills are as follows: Acting (7 points), gardening (3 points), gourmet cooking (5 points).

Judith Ward’s Acting Career

The Sims 4 Judith Ward

To put things simply… In terms of talent, Judith Ward is the Meryl Streep of the Sims 4. As far as we can tell, she has been in every movie ever made in Del Sol Valley and is still going strong. She has been working as an actress for several years, sacrificing all of her relationships and marriages for her career.

Nothing matters more to Judith than money and fame… Acting just happened to be her ticket in! However, Judith is no Meryl Streep when it comes to kindness. So, do not expect to become friends with her. She will betray you to advance her career…

The Iconic Outfits of Judith Ward

The Sims 4 Judith Ward

Since Judith is so materialistic, snobby, and vain, her looks are a big deal to her. This is why you will never run into Judith Ward without her makeup and stylish outfit!

In total, Judith has 8 outfits in CAS. Each is put together for their respective occasions such as everyday, formal, workout, sleep, party, swim, hot weather, and cold weather. The 7 outfits shown above, are Judith’s additional outfits, outside of her everyday look. Which, is actually our favorite out of all her looks.

And, as we can see, she stays pretty true to her red, snobby style!

If you’d like to change up her look with amazing Sims 4 clothes cc packs and mods, check out this list!

Judith’s Del Sol Valley Mansion

Screenshot 2022 05 31 at 16.08.03

When she is not working on a new movie, being chased by paparazzi, or screamed at by fans…Judith resides in her huge, extra mansion, on one of the biggest lots in Del Sol Valley. As she is very self-absorbed, Judith has of course named her house, “The Ward Den”. Which consists of 3 floors, with 19 rooms in total. In which 4 are bathrooms, and 2 are bedrooms.

To get an overview of the first floor, see the photo below.

Screenshot 2022 05 31 at 16.08.42

We certainly do not know why Miss Ward needs such a big house. After all, she has no family, no friends, and no pets. So what, is she just running around here practicing her acting? Who knows… However, the location of her mansion is beautiful!

Now, if your Sim has a little extra time, we suggest trying to visit Judith. She does seem lonely and like she needs a friend… But, we know befriending her won’t be easy, so good luck with that!

To see an overview of the second floor, see the photo below.

Screenshot 2022 05 31 at 16.08.53

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Judith Ward Makeover

07 07 22 11 37 33e AM 1

If you like this version of Judith Ward, download the custom content used in the making of her from the links below:


So, to sum it up Judith is the meaner, and snobbier Sims 4 version of Meryl Streep. And, though she is a mean, materialistic, snob, who cares about nothing but herself… We cannot help to love her because she is iconic. And… we feel sort of sorry for her.

Judith Ward is not an easy Sim to play, befriend, or work with…But despite all that, she is an alluring mystery. This is why we challenge you to try and befriend her. See what happens, and report back to us!

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Anyway, let us know what you think about the Sims 4 very own diva, Judith Ward… Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day! And, Happy Simming!

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