Things to Know about the Amazing Nina Caliente in the Sims Franchise!

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Have you heard vaguely of Nina Caliente in Sims or can’t recall exactly who she is? If this sounds like you, then our article on Nina Caliente in Sims is for you.

Nina Caliente in the sims 4

Who is Nina Caliente?

In the sims games, there comes a lot of premade sims that are spread out throughout different neighborhoods. Some are more popular than others. Nina Caliente is one of those well-known sims that has appeared in several incarnations of the sims game. In this article, we are going to do a deep dive into this character and tell or re-tell you everything you need to know.

Keep in mind if you want to play her, you need to have the base game which you can buy here.

The Basics: Family, Career, Traits and Romances!

Before we look at Nina Caliente’s appearances in the sims series, we should first go into some of the basic details about her such as family, traits, career, and romances.

  • Family: Nina Caliente has a sister that appears in Sims 2, 3, and 4. Her twin sister’s name is Dina Caliente and more often than not they are roommates. In Sims 2, her father is Flamenco Caliente, and her mother is Nighat Caliente. However, in Sims 4 her father is unknown and her mother, Katrina Caliente makes an appearance and lives in the same household as the girls.
  • Career: There is no set career path for Nina Caliente. She prefers to remain unemployed in 2 out of 3 of these games. The only time she does have a job is in Sims 3 where she is at the rank of a rabid fan in her athletic career. Not very promising.
  • Traits: Trait-wise, you can see a pattern no matter what game you are playing. She is rather sloppy, active, shy, serious, and grouchy in Sims 2. Nina Caliente in Sims 3 is childish, flirty, hot-headed, a mooch, and has commitment issues. In Sims 4, Nina is lazy, hot-headed, romantic, and dastardly.
  • Romances: In many of the games, Nina Caliente usually ends up in some sort of romance with Don Lothario. This is consistent throughout the sims series for the most part.
Nina Caliente
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Sims 2 Lore: Don Lothario and Family Tragedy!

Nina Caliente in Sims 2 has quite the sordid tale to tell. The Caliente sisters are both involved with Don Lothario. However, Nina appears to have known him since they were teens. Neither sister is aware of this.

Their family is rather tragic. They lost their mother at a young age and their father when they were adults. In Sims 2, Nina is the daughter of Falemco and Nighat Caliente.

The fact that both sisters are involved with the same man makes this quite the soap opera tale. Luckily the sisters seem to bounce back if Don Lothario is exposed for the… lothario he is known to be.

Sims 3 Lore: Twins Living Together!

When we get to Sims 3, we see some similtarites to the Sims 2 storyline. Nina and her sister are still living together and are young adults. However, in this one, Nina is in love not with Don Lothario but with Alex Trebo, Jeff Smith, and Juan Jr Inkbeard.

For plot reasons, Don Lothario is nowhere to be found. Yet, even without him Nina still managed to find a lot of men to bide her time with. Hey, nothing wrong with that! She is a woman in love. Let her be.

Sims 4 Lore

Finally, we reach the lore of Nina Caliente in Sims 4. In this game, Nina is living with her sister Dina, her mother Katrina, and Don Lothario. She is a young adult and a romance between her and Don is likely to occur. She resides in the Oasis Springs world in The Sims 4.

Where does Nina Caliente live in the sims 4?

You can find her along with her family in Oasis Springs.


Here’s an album showcasing her 2 storey house:

Final Thoughts

And there we go. This is all the lore you need to know about Nina Caliente. Consider giving her a play. It’ll be fun and hot.

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