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Johnny Zest is one of those Sims 4 townies you see walking around the worlds. He is just always around. But how much do you actually know about this Sim? If the answer is close to nothing, you should keep reading. In this post, we will reveal it all… Everything about Johnny Zest will come to light. To learn about his relation to a prominent Sims 4 family, and their huge falling out, keep reading!

johnny zest

Johnny Zest: Wait, is He A Landgraab?

You might have seen Johny Zest walk around Oasis Springs. Maybe you have attended some of his open mic nights too? He is certainly trying to make a name for himself in the entertainer career, so it’s no wonder you might have seen him around. The dude loves attention after all. But how much do you actually know about him?

Did you know that Johnny Zest is not his actual name, but only a stage name? Do you know about his relation to the Landgraab family, and their dramatic falling out? Do you know about his cozy trailer home in Oasis Springs? If your answers to these questions are “no”, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will talk about all things Johnny Zest. Whatever questions you have about the dude, we will answer them here. Now, let us begin…

The Story of Johnny Zest

johnny zest

Johnny Zest is one of the pre-made Sims 4 townies, who resides in Oasis Springs. In the Sims 4 timeline, Johnny is a young adult, 24 days away from being an adult. He is the oldest kid of the Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab, but was disowned for dropping out of school to follow his dream of becoming an entertainer. Johnny, has a younger teen brother named Malcom. However, the Langraab’s and Johnny have no contact or relationships due to them disowning him… Johnny also does not have any other relationships.

The Skills, Traits & Career of Johnny Zest

johnny zest

After Johnny was disowned by his family, he took the stage name of Johnny “Zest”. Which really fits his vibe way better than Landgraab. Anyway, in the timeline of the Sims 4, Johnny works in the entertainer career, as an open mic seeker. Following this, he has two skill points in comedy at the start of the game. And, in our save file, he seems to have one skill point in fitness.

Johnny’s personality is quite fun, if you ask us… His aspiration is the joke star, so we assume his ultimate goal is to work in the comedian branch of the entertainment career…Furthermore, his traits are ambitious, goofball, outgoing, and gregarious. Which all fit perfectly with his career choice – we must say!

The Funky Outfits of Johnny Zest

sims 4 johnny zest outfits

We cannot say that Johnny Zest has the best Sims 4 fashion sense we have ever seen, but still… There seems to be a certain vibe to his outfits. And we have to admit, we are kind of here for it. Now, Johnny, like all the other townies, has eight outfits in total. These include everyday wear, formal wear, workout wear, night wear, party wear, swimwear, hot weather wear, and cold weather wear.

And throughout his outfits we sense that he likes the colors green, blue, and gray. Which may reflect on his Landgraab genes, maybe? Though he is living in a trailer, he seems to dress up pretty nicely, so we got to give him that. What do you think of Johnny’s outfits? Our favorite outfit of his is the formal wear! He really looks funky in those green and red colors, right?

Johnny Zest House & Assets In Oasis Springs

Since Johnny was disowned by his family, he has lived in his own little trailer home in Slipshod Mesquite, Oasis Springs. This little home consists of one bathroom, one bedroom, and a semi-combined kitchen and living space. Though this trailer home is nothing special, and quite out-of-date, it works for Johnny. He really does have all the amenities he needs in his little trailer. So we imagine he is quite happy with it.

Besides owning this trailer home, Johnny starts with §3,950, in his household funds. See the photo below to look at the inside of Johnny’s trailer home.

A quick Johnny Zest Makeover

Would you agree that poor Johnny is no longer poor with this makeover? If you’d like a list of the CC used in this version of Johnny Zest, make sure you send us a request down below!

johnny zest makeover


To sum it up, Johnny Zest may seem like just another ordinary Sim, but he is far from it… And now you know why! The dude really has an interesting backstory and a truly interesting lifestyle. We actually feel bad for the dude, but at the same time, we applaud him for following his dreams! What are your thoughts on Johnny Zest? Let us know in the comments below.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading this post. We really appreciate you. Happy Simming, Simmers!

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