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Have you heard about Oasis Springs world yet? As the game gets updated, every year we get to enjoy some new places and worlds worth exploring. If you are the type to always experiment with building and love to try new things, this world will definitely catch your eye. So, if you’d like to discover more about what to expect from moving to Sims 4 Oasis Springs, you are in the right place. This is all you need to know before choosing to live here.

sims 4 oasis springs

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Sims 4 Oasis Springs in a nutshell

Oasis Springs is one of the Sims worlds that came with the base game. It was welcomed alongside the iconic Willow Creek, giving players two main options. What makes it unique is the setting and area it is located in. The world is set in the middle of a desert and gives off a real USA Southwestern vibe. You can easily describe it as a Sims version of San Diego in California or Phoenix in Arizona. It features six amazing neighborhoods, plus a hidden lot:

  • Bedrock Strait
  • Parched Prospect
  • Skyward Palms
  • Acquisition Butte
  • Mirage Canyon
  • Desert Bloom Park
  • Forgotten Grotto (secret lot)

Bedrock Strait

With Bedrock Strait, you’re getting a pretty nice neighborhood, filled with cozy homes and inexpensive properties. While it might seem less exciting than a few other neighborhoods on this list, it can become the perfect home for a humble Sim. There are four fishing spots, a community garden area for lounging, a well for frog searching, and a few picnic spots.

A grilling table is also available here if you’re looking to enjoy the great outdoors. This is one of the largest areas in town. Therefore, this Sims 4 Oasis Springs neighborhood has five residential lots. This is where you can find the cheapest Sims 4 Oasis Springs house.

Bedrock Strait lots

  • Pebble Burrow – The only empty lot in the neighborhood, located near a fishing pond. If you decide to purchase it for $1,500, you’ll be able to build on a decent 30×20 lot. 
  • Nookstone – A cozy uninhabited one-floor house with a small backyard. It occupies a 20×15 lot, and you can get it for only $13,019.
  • Sandtrap Flat – An empty house that occupies a 30×20 lot. It has one floor, and a decent backyard and you can purchase it for $16,982.
  • Agave Abode – An empty house with a 20×15 lot and a small backyard. It has one floor and is available for $18,239.
  • Slipshod Mesquite – A one-floor house occupied by the Zest family. With an estimated value of $25,519, it is the priciest one in the neighborhood. The lot size is 40×30 and its backyard is spacious.

Parched Prospect

This Sims 4 Oasis Springs neighborhood has a bit more style to it, which justifies the prices of properties in the area. In terms of neighborhood amenities, Parched Prospect feels like the ideal type of place that will be exciting for kids and a younger crowd. There is a community park close to the Springscape lot, and this park has a space-themed playscape. In addition for those who like to chill, there is also a picnic table for relaxation. It features five residential and no community lots.

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Parched Prospect lots

  • Dusty Turf  – An empty 30×20 lot you can purchase for $3,500. 
  • Raffia Quinta – A one-story empty home you can purchase for $39,072. The lot size is 20×15.
  • Vista Quarry – A one-floor uninhabited home on a 30×20 lot. Its price is $48,023.
  • Springscape – A spacious uninhabited home built on a 30×20 lot. It has one floor, and backyard space, and is available for $64,678.
  • Cacti Casa – The largest and the most expensive home in the neighborhood. It occupies a 40×30 lot, has one floor, and is home to Roomies household. Its value is $74,701.

Skyward Palms

Skyward Palms is the second priciest neighborhood in Oasis Springs, so it’s best to have a deep wallet before looking towards this area. This area manages to justify its elite status with two beautiful lakes with fishing spots included in each. In addition, there is an amazing water fountain in the neighborhood, and benches that can be found around bordered by roads. If you’re a curious cat, there are lots of collectibles scattered within the region, too. The neighborhood includes only four lots, all of which are residential.

Sims 4 oasis springs Skyward Palms Lots

  • Arid Ridge – The only empty lot available in this Sims 4 Oasis Springs neighborhood. The lot size is 40×30, and its value is $5,500.
  • Granada Place – An empty home with two floors and a backyard. It occupies a 30×20 lot and you can get it for $116,860.
  • Sultry Springside – A two-floor home occupied by the Caliente household, one of the richest Sims 4 Oasis Springs families. It’s a rich-looking home built on a 30×20 lot, with a price of §146,560.
  • Rio Verde – One of the priciest homes in Oasis Springs. It has two floors, a nice backyard space, and the lot size is 40×30. The price of this stunning home is §175,822.

Acquisition Butte

The wealthiest neighborhood in Oasis Springs has two homes right in front of each other and an amazing view in the middle of the desert. However, amenities are pretty sparse here with only the areas around the two lots and an abandoned mine that leads to an interesting secret lot called the Forgotten Grotto. Being the priciest and the most luxurious neighborhood here, it has only two lots, both of which are residential.

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sims 4 oasis springs Acquisition Butte Lots

  • Affluista Mansion – A rich, spacious three-story home built on a 50×50 lot. This is the home of the Landgrab family. The property value is §227,609.
  • Yuma Heights – An unoccupied mansion with three floors built on a 40×30 lot. This is the most expensive home in the whole city, with the price being §311,508.

Mirage Canyon

This commercial neighborhood is designed with modern architecture and very interesting things to see. However, it has a decent number of fishing spots, a fountain, enough tables and chairs to host an event, barbecue grills, loads of interesting collectibles, and an awesome playscape with a pirate theme and monkey bars. There are four lots, all of which are community lots.

Mirage Canyon lots

  • The Futures Past Museum – Features exhibited objects and paintings. However, it has some easels for visitors to practice Painting skills, too. 
  • The Solar Flare Lounge – A classy space for socializing and performing. It features a bar and sets of tables for drinking. There are also a violin, a guitar, and a mic for performances. 
  • Burners and Builders Gym – A Sims 4 Oasis Springs place designed to help you get shredded and stay fit. It features all your Sims needs, from punching bags and treadmills to showers and locker space. 
  • Rattlesnake Juice Bar – A place with loveseats, tables, chairs, and a bar. Perfect for meeting up with fellow Sims. 

sims 4 oasis springs Desert Bloom Park

Desert Bloom Park is a neighborhood within Oasis Springs that lies in the heart of the desert. There is one main park, some interesting paths, and wilderness areas that can be explored. You can play some chess at the chess tables, or improve your fishing skills at the pond. Here you Sims can chill in the indoor lounge at the bar, or just enjoy the desert atmosphere of the area.

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Forgotten Grotto

Although not a Sims 4 Oasis Springs neighborhood per see, Forgotten Gotto is a worthy mention. It can be accessed through an abandoned mine. The mine is found deep within the Desert Bloom Park and the Affluista Mansion in Acquisition Butte. It contains some amazing stuff like onions, mushroom plants, interesting rocks, frogs, batfish, and some mystical stuff we won’t spoil!

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