The Sims 4 Partihaus Household: The Party Animals of Windenburg

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Windenburg is an old mountain town with rolling hills, evergreen forests, and beautiful crumbling ruins. Despite its age the world is far from old-fashioned though, and there are a number of households full of young sims ready to make the town their own. The most wild household by far is Partihaus, which is chock full of sims looking to have a good time!

sims 4 Partihaus
The Sims 4 Partihaus Household

This foursome is a group of party animals who are all about drinking, dancing, and flirting! Marcus invited Eva, Jade, and Paolo to move in with him and together they set up a colorful party den in the old Factory One building of Windernburg’s business district.

They love to hang out together and even started their own Partihaus club that meets at The Narwhal Arms, which is fortunately close enough to stumble home from after a night of pounding cocktails and seducing other sims.

While each roommate has specific gender interests when it comes to romance, they’re all willing to experiment and woohoo with sims of any gender which just adds to the potential debauchery this household can get up to! Keep reading to learn all the details about each member of the infamous Partihaus.

Marcus Flex

Marcus Flex

Marcus Flex is the eldest sim in Partihaus, having recently aged up to an adult. He is unemployed, though as an NPC he can often be found working as a trainer at gym lots. With 4 Charisma points and 7 Fitness points, it’s the perfect place for him to utilize his talents. His life aspiration is “Friend of the World” and he wants to make and keep as many friends as possible; having 3 live-in buddies certainly helps!


  • Bro – Marcus loves watching sports, and has a special sense of camaraderie with other Bros. He’s the type of sim to have a football party and paint his face in his favorite team’s colors, or camp outside for 11 hours to get tickets to the championship game.
  • Active – No surprise due to his fitness skill, Marcus is an active guy. He loves working out at the gym and even has a punching bag in his bedroom so he can exercise the moment he wakes up! He leads the Powerhouse workout club and when he’s not hitting the dancefloor, he’s hitting the weights.
  • Noncommittal – Being noncommittal isn’t the best trait to have when you want to make & keep friends. Marcus becomes unhappy being stuck in the same job for too long, and he avoids monogamous romantic relationships like the llama flu! He’ll bail on plans without a second thought.

One can’t help but wonder if Marcus invited the others to move into Partihaus with him so he could get away with not paying rent, as he’s not the type of guy to be tied down to a job. Being so much older than the rest of them with no career success only adds to that suspicion.

Eva Capricciosa

Eva Capricciosa

Eva Capricciosa is a charismatic young adult with a bit of gold digger in her. She’s the kind of sim who will set up dates with multiple people just to get a free meal or gift out of them, and with the “Serial Romantic” aspiration her main motivation is to find a handful of gullible partners to spoil her. Since she’s unemployed it’s safe to assume she expects them to pay her way through life because she “deserves it.”


  • Hot-Headed – Eva has a short temper and will blow up with little provocation. Anybody brave enough to date her will have to walk on eggshells around her so as to not set her off, and if they do, apologize. With gifts. Expensive ones.
  • Materialistic – This sim likes the finer things in life and considers shopping a form of self-care. She wants the biggest and best of everything, but she sure isn’t willing to work for it! For her love is money, so if you want to prove yourself to her you better be willing to pull out your wallet.
  • Romantic – She’s a lover, and knows how to charm the pants off another sim with just a wink and a smile. Just as her passion makes her hot-headed, it also makes her a wild partner and the kind of person who can soften even the most fed-up partner into giving her another chance. And then another. And then another…

Eva’s perfect life would involve living in a fancy house with a small army of admirers all vying for her hand, showering her with gifts and attention. Her calendar would be full of plans with all sorts of interesting paramours that she could string along until her patience runs thin, only to replace them with someone new when she’s done with them. She is surely the most volatile member of Partihaus.

Jade Rosa

Jade Rosa

Jade Rosa is by far the most motivated and responsible member of Partihaus. She’s business savvy and aspires to become a “Mansion Baron” living in a huge, fancy house. Jade is a young adult currently employed as an office assistant and her salary makes her the breadwinner of the household, though that’s not saying much when half of her roommates are freeloaders.


  • Ambitious – She’s got a take-charge attitude that should suit her well in the business career. Jade is the one that formed the Partihaus club and is its leader; she’s the roommate making the itinerary for nights out, keeping on top of the grocery shopping, and calling the repairman when something breaks.
  • Neat – At the end of the night when the party’s over, Jade is the one you’ll find cleaning everything up. Just because she and her friends are party animals doesn’t mean they have to live like animals; she wants their home known as a factory, not a pigsty!
  • Outgoing – As a club leader and someone hoping to climb the ranks at work, Jade wants to make a good impression on everyone she meets. Friendly, charming, and personable, she’s the one making sure the new guy at the office comes out for Friday night happy hour and inviting the wallflower at the club to join her and her friends on the dance floor.

Compared to the rest of Partihaus, Jade has a very level head on her shoulders and is slated to reach her dreams much faster than her roommates. Hopefully she can inspire the rest of them to get their acts together because once she’s ready to strike out on her own, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of Partihaus descends into chaos!

Paolo Rocca

Paolo Rocca

Paolo Rocca is a young adult sim with aspirations to become a renowned “Bodybuilder”. Despite it being considered “half” of a job, his position as a locker room attendant is a good first step into the world of fitness fiends and he is the only other member of Partihaus with a job. Not only does he lift weight, he pulls his own too!


  • Bro – Like his roommate Marcus, Paolo is a total sports head. You can find him shouting at the TV in his local sports bar with his cronies, and getting emotionally invested in the careers of his favorite athletes. He’ll never say no to a tailgate party!
  • Active – While Paolo is a bit on the scrawny side, he enjoys working out and is committed to putting in the work to bulk up. He can often be found utilizing the fitness equipment in Parthaus and is also a member of Marcus’ Powerhouse club.
  • Music Lover – If bodybuilding doesn’t work out for Paolo he could easily fall into a music career. He loves listening to all sorts of music and is on his way to becoming a pretty good DJ, which could prove helpful as a side gig if he needs to bring in a few more Simoleans.

Paolo likely agreed to move into Partihaus not just for the atmosphere, but to use Marcus as a mentor for his own fitness goals. They have very similar personalities and are members of the same clubs; it makes you curious if Paolo does more than look up to Marcus and in fact wants to be like him. Let’s hope that Marcus isn’t taking advantage of his young mentee (and his rent money).

Let’s Mix It Up!

image 263

If you want to give Partihaus a bit of a remix, check out these links for some nifty makeovers!

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3. Factory One Reno by Littlepirate213

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This CC-free reno keeps the essential feel of the original Factory One lot but has updated it to look more like the factory it once was. See interior pictures and get download info here.

4. Factory One – Improved! by Kristina!

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This renovation of Factory One adds a new bedroom, two small pools, several bathrooms, and heaps of personality. Each room has a different theme and looks far more lived in than the vanilla build. Get more info and download this renovation here.

5. Narwhal Arms by Simdaisies

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This no-CC renovation turns the Narwhal Arms into a row of downtown shops where the nightclub is hidden below and accessed through a secret entrance. How creative! If you want to make Partihaus feel more exclusive, you should definitely add this to your game.

Final Thoughts

While on the surface they just seem like a bunch of sims who love a rowdy get-together, the members of Partihaus are all unique individuals with different personalities and things that drive them. Now that you know them better you can choose to help or hinder them in reaching their aspirations, and give them a bit of a spruce up while you’re at it. Have a great time dancing the night away with these characters!

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