Sims 4 Club Points Cheat – Complete Guide (2024)

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Looking for a Club Points cheat to unlock those sweet Club Perks? We’ve got the best alternative.

Club Points Cheat

EA has left a range of cheats in The Sims 4 that were originally meant for programmers who were testing the game, but have proven useful to players as well. We can use cheats to place objects in odd places, give our sims a bunch of money, and even access content in the catalog that’s normally hidden. Oddly enough though, there’s no Club Points cheat.

Where’s the Club Points Cheat?!

Clubs were introduced with the Get Together expansion pack. It seems that, for whatever reason, the team at EA never felt the need to mess with Club Points in testing so we never got a cheat for it; unlike simoleons or Aspiration Points, Club Points have to be accrued the old-fashioned way. You can sort of farm them by making some of your Club’s Approved Activities easy things like socializing or using objects that sims are generally attracted to, but if you want an easy way to build them up fast you’re going to have to call in the heavy artillery: mods.

Mods For The Missing Club Points Cheat


Simmer TwistedMexi, who we’ve talked up many times before here on SNOOTYSIMS, created a mod called Club Credit. With the mod installed you can now use the Club Points cheat, which was created specifically for use with the mod. The cheat is:

tm.clubcredit x

Where “x” is a positive or negative number equal to the amount you want credited or deducted from your Club Points balance.

Clubs Improvement Mods

TURBODRIVER, the well known creator behind Wonderful Whims, has a series of club mods that include the Club Points Cheat mod. This mod gives us a new cheat:

clubs.give_club_points x

In this case “x” is the number of points you want to add to the points total for a currently gathering club.

Why Build Up Club Points?

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If you don’t play much with the Club mechanic you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. What do Club Points do, anyway? Well, they can be very useful! Collecting Club Points will give you options to enhance your Club in the following ways:

  • Status – Change the kind of impression your club makes on others by giving it a good or bad reputation, making sims nearby react in awe or fear.
  • Handshake – Exchange a secret handshake with other members to let them know you’re “in.”
  • Size – Add up to 2 more members to your club, going from 6 to 8 members total.
  • Social Bonus – Performing socials will have a greater likelihood of success if the social bonus for that socialization type is unlocked.
  • Skill Bonus – Increase how quickly your sim gains a skill or completes a task while at Club meetings.
  • Vibe – Set the mood for every meeting by unlocking the Vibe perk for that emotion.
  • Management – Get a boost or two for your gatherings, by allowing your sims to rally each other or leveraging their club influence into a better job.
  • Swag – Show off your club pride with a variety of CAS and Buy/Build items. You can even set a Club Uniform so members can show off their new gear!

Clubs are a great way to meet new sims, especially those with similar interests. They can be meant for fun such as a dance or fitness Club, or useful for completing tasks such as with a homework or crafting Club.

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Cheat Mods

In Conclusion

There really aren’t many things in The Sims 4 that can’t be manipulated with cheats, but for some reason a Club Points cheat never made it to players. If you’re a veteran of the Club mechanic or someone who’s never played with them before, you can benefit from being able to manipulate your Club Point balance. Whether you’re aiming for a cool new handshake or a sweet club banner to hang in your lair, using the Club Credit mod is a simple & easy way to rack up those points. Have your sims ever created their own club? Let us know all about it in the comments, and happy simming!

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