Sims 4 Club Points Cheat – Complete Guide (2022)

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Are you wondering how to get club points with the club points cheat? Don’t look further, we have all the information for you!

Clubp Points Cheat

Can You Use Cheats for Adding Club Points in Sims 4?

Getting club points in Sims 4 is not easy. There isn’t a base-game cheat that you can use to quickly add thousands and thousands of club points. However, there are other ways to get a cheat that would give you an infinite amount of them. And in this guide, I’ll talk all about how you can download, install, and use the Sims 4 club points cheat!

Club points can be incredibly valuable to you. Not only are they a cool way to track the progress of your club, but you can also use them to unlock club perks. Club perks may include a simple handshake animation between its members. Or, they can help you increase the size of your club.

But farming club points in Sims 4 without a cheat is a tiresome job. I’ll admit it, it’s not the most exciting part of the game and you’re better off using the mod I’ll talk about here. 

However, I’ll also give you a guide on how to earn club points in Sims 4 the regular way. So even if you don’t want to use a cheat you’ll still be able to increase your club points in no time.

For those of you that don’t own the Get Together expansion pack for Sims 4, I’d recommend you to buy it. Clubs are a really fun addition to the game, even more so if you add a mod or two to improve their system. You’ll even be surprised by what your Sim may achieve there!

That said, let’s see how you can use the Sims 4 club points cheat in 2022!

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How to Add the Sims 4 Club Points Cheat?

TwistedMexi’s Club Points Cheat Mod

Simply put, you need the Club Points Mod by TwistedMexi to cheat your way to more club points in Sims 4. This is currently one of the few extensions we have as simmers that solves this issue, so I recommend using it first.

TwistedMexi is a popular Sims 4 modder and most of the community knows her. I’ve reviewed dozens of her mods here on SnootySims and I respect her a lot. I especially love her club points cheat since it’s such a quality-of-life change for my gameplay.

You can download the Sims 4 Club Points Cheat Mod by TwistedMexi from this link.

After you download and install this extension, the cheat becomes available for use instantly. You only need to launch the game and activate it. And because of that, it’s the easiest mods and cheats to use for Sims 4 in 2022!

Here’s what you need to do.

After opening the game with the mod installed, open your command console box with CTRL + SHIFT + C and type the cheat tm.clubcredit amount. The “amount” section needs to be changed for an actual number that represents club points. In other words, put the number of club points you want to get with this cheat.

For example, if you type tm.clubcredit 500, then 500 club points will be added to your game. Keep in mind this won’t remove the actual hard-earned points that you already have. It will only add new points on top of them whenever you use the cheat.

And lastly, the cheat has no usage limit! You can retype the tm.clubcredit 500 cheat line as many times as you like. Or simply insert a bigger number so you won’t need to retype it more than a few times. 

And that’s how the mod works!

Sims 4 UI Cheat Extension

If you’ve never heard of or used the Sims 4 UI Cheat Extension, I have an extensive guide about it here. It explains everything you need to know about it, including a download link where you can find the mod. But without further ado, this is how you can use the UI Cheat Extension to add club points in Sims 4.

The first thing to do, of course, is to download the Sims 4 UI Cheat Extension from this Patreon page. This is a creation by weerbesu who has created many similar and useful extensions for the game. 

Once the mod is installed, you can launch the game and start experimenting with it. The first thing you’ll notice is that you can do pretty much anything you want with the UI Cheat Extension. And its biggest strength is the fact that it replaces all cheats for the game so you don’t need to type them anymore.

Instead, you’ll get an interactive screen where you can choose to add as much as you like of whatever you want. For example, if you click on your simoleons, you’ll be able to add the exact sum you want. 

Similarly, you can use the UI Cheat Extension to add as many club points cheat as you want. So instead of typing an actual cheat (like with the TwistedMexi’s mod), the UI Cheat Extension allows you to click and add points. This is a much easier way to do this, but it’s a large mod and it has many other functions besides adding club points.

However, the UI Cheat Extension is a convenient tool for many different things. Skills, careers, needs, and money can all be increased by using it, so I totally recommend it!

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How to Install Mods in Sims 4?

If you’re a brand new player or you’ve never installed mods before, this will be a guide on how to do so. I will give you instructional steps here and explain how you can make sure the mod you’re trying to add will work. 

The first step is to download the mod. In our case here, I’ve given you the download links to both the UI Cheat Extension and TwistedMexi’s mod. Follow them to their respective pages and download the contents.

Once you have the mod downloaded, right-click it and extract it. On Windows 10, you won’t be required to use an external program for this. But if you’re on another operating system or simply an older version of Windows, you might need to install something like WinRAR or 7zip.

Now, copy the extracted files and paste them into your Mods folder. The Mods folder should be located in your game’s directory or where you have installed the game. For most players, this will be Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. But if you’ve set a different installation path, then the folder might be elsewhere.

Finally, you need to launch The Sims 4 and enable script mods and custom content. This is a box you need to check in your game settings, so make sure to do it before you start playing. Otherwise, the mod might not appear in your game.

And that’s how to download and install the Sims 4 club points cheat mod too!

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How to Earn Club Points in Sims 4?

If you generally don’t like using cheats, you can also earn your club points the regular way. This doesn’t require you to download and install anything except the regular game.

So, how can you earn club points in Sims 4?

Any club activity by any club member that works towards achieving any of your club’s goals will reward you with club points. In other words, when someone in your Sims club (doesn’t have to be your Sim) does something that progresses a club goal, your club gets club points.

So the best way to earn club points is to do club activities that are listed in your club. But keep in mind that you can only earn club activities while a club meeting is underway. If you do club activities outside of the club, then you won’t get club points for it.

Once you have enough club points in Sims 4, you can purchase some of the club perks. There are plenty of perks to choose from, divided into 8 subcategories: 

  • Club Status – affects how other Sims perceive you when you introduce yourself
  • Club Handshake – lets you choose how Club Members greet each other
  • Club Size – upgrades the capacity of your club
  • Skill Bonus – boosts the speed of earning skills while in a Club Gathering
  • Social Bonus – improves the chances of the chosen social while in a Club Gathering
  • Club Vibe – gives a boost of the chosen moodlet to all club members
  • Club Management – affects how long the club gatherings last and the club members’ career performance
  • Clothing and Decor – lets you choose from plenty of CAS accessories and furnishings


As you can see, getting club points is not the hardest thing to do in Sims 4. You can definitely do it without a mod, but it’s much much slower. That’s why I recommend you to use one of the Sims 4 club points cheat from this guide. 

Thanks to these extensions, you’ll be able to add as many club points as you want to the game in an instant. Here’s a YouTube video showcasing you how to use TwistedMexi’s mod to do this.

Good luck!

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