Sims 4 Club Mod – How To Improve Your Club?

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Improve Your Sims 4 Club with This Mod!

Clubs are a big part of The Sims 4: Get Together. Joining or creating one opens up many new activities for your Sim to participate in. And most of them are really fun, especially if you’re doing them for the first time. Being part of a club offers many social advantages for your Sim, so it’s always good to consider joining one. But for a complete experience, we highly recommend the Sims 4 club mod!

Why do you need this club mod?

Clubs aren’t ideal. In fact, they have several issues that the community has pointed out ever since the expansion pack was released back in 2015. For example, there is an actual limit to how many members you can have in your club. This and similar issues are turn-offs for many players to join a club, including us. But with this Sims 4 club mod, you can solve all these problems and run an ideal club to your liking!

Let’s learn how to add more members to your Sims 4 club in 2021 and more!

Sims 4 Club Mod: An Overview

The club mod that we use in 2021 is called “Clubs Improvement Mods”. This is a pack of mods that can either work together or separately, depending on what you like. They offer different functions, all intending to improve the base game clubs in Sims 4. The creator of this mod is TURBODRIVER and you can check his mod at ModTheSims. 

Or follow our direct link to download the latest version of the Sims 4 club mod!

This is a very popular mod within the simming community, with over 65,000 downloads from the official page. Make sure to check the creator’s notes on how the mod works too!

The Basics

As we mentioned above, there are 4 mods within the Sims 4 club mod pack. Each of them has a different purpose and you can choose which of them you want to add or not. Here they are:

  • Invite Limit – removes the limit of the maximum number of Sims you can have per club. This number can go over 20 Sims per club, but you’ll need to purchase the “Capacity Upgrade 2” perk.
  • No Gatherings – stops the automatic gatherings when Sims move to a new location as a group. Note that this doesn’t impact the scheduled club gatherings which should work exactly as before.
  • No Generated Clubs – stops the automatic creation of new clubs when you have less than 5 clubs in your world. This lets you keep things organized.
  • Club Points Cheat – it allows you to use a new cheat that adds club points to a club that is currently in a gathering. The new cheat is “clubs.give_club_points <points>”. To add 100 points, for example, you can use this cheatline “clubs.give_club_points 100”.

It may seem like much, but the Sims 4 club mod is a very simple tool. All you need to do is select the mods you want to use for your club and then that’s it. All of these functions are pretty useful, but only you know what your club needs!

How to Install the Mod?

You can install the Sims 4 club mod just like any other mod or CC. If you’re new to the game and haven’t done this before, make sure to follow these instructional steps.

  • 1 Step: You need to download the mod from the link we provided above.
  • 2 Step: Extract the downloaded mod using WinRAR, 7zip, or a similar program.
  • 3 Step: Copy the extracted file and paste it into your Mods folder inside your Sims 4 destination.
  • 4 Step: Start the game and check the option that allows script mod and custom content.
  • 5 Step: Restart the game if needed.


The club mod is a very convenient extension for managing your clubs in Sims 4. The lack of control over your clubs is something that many simmers find annoying in Get Together. But with this tool, you can finally solve all those issues.

We hope we helped you to add more members to your club in The Sims 4 in 2021! Happy simming!

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