The Sims 4 Club Mod – How To Improve Your Club Experience?

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If you want to improve the Club experience from The Sims 4 Get Together, give these club mods a look.

Club Mods

Get Together is the second expansion pack for The Sims 4 and focuses on group activities with a major focus on social Clubs. With Clubs, you and up to 7 other sims become part of a group with specific meeting locations, accepted behaviors, and more. Clubs can have up to 5 different activities that will boost the amount of Club Perk Points your group has, and those points can be spent on upgrading the Club. It’s a great way for your sims to meet new people and try activities they haven’t tried before!

Like most things in The Sims 4 however, modders have found ways to improve on the concept and give players more control over the Club experience. Today we’re going to go over a series of Club mods made by Turbodriver, the creator probably best known for his WonderfulWhims mod series.

Club Mods For Bigger, Better Get Togethers

A collection of mods known as Clubs Improvement Mods, these packages can be mixed and matched as you like. You don’t need them all installed if you don’t want them so you can tailor the club mod experience to your play style.

No Invite Limit

This mod makes 2 big changes to the Club system. Firstly it allows you to select an unlimited number of sims when inviting them to join your Club, and secondly, it removes the limit on how many sims can be in a Club once you’ve unlocked both “Capacity Upgrade” Perks from the Club Perks menu.

It’s advised that you don’t have more than 20 sims per Club though, to prevent a major drop in game performance. This limit will vary depending on the capabilities of the machine you’re playing on.

No Gatherings

Traveling with a group of sims when 2 or more are in the same Club will autonomously start a Club Gathering, and that gets annoying very fast when you just want your sim to hang out with a few people who happen to be in the same Club as they are. This mod will prevent those spontaneous Club Gatherings from happening, but it doesn’t affect NPC sims gathering for their own Club meetings.

No Generated Clubs

The game will automatically generate new Clubs if there are fewer than 5 of them in the world save. This mod is meant to prevent new Clubs from populating autonomously if there are fewer than 5 available, so you don’t have to worry about strange new Clubs popping up out of nowhere.

Some players have reported that this Club mod needs to be updated and that it causes Clubs to be completely deleted, even if your sim is part of them. It’s unknown if the mod itself is the cause or if it’s due to a conflict with other mods so if you use this one, proceed with caution.

Club Points Cheat

A nifty little mod that finally gives us a cheat code for manipulating our Club perk Points balance. Enter the cheat clubs.give_club_points x where “x” is the number of points you want to give the Club, simple as that!

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Looking for a Club Points cheat to unlock those sweet Club Perks? We’ve got the best alternative.

Club Points Cheat

In Summary

Using these Club mods you can tweak the Get Together game mechanics to better suit the way you want to play. Have bigger Clubs with more sims while not obligating those sims to start a Gathering every time a few of them want to hang out together. Delete Clubs you’re not into without worrying about the game creating more of them. Overall, just have more fun with the Club mechanic and more flexibility to explore how it all works. Do you have a favorite default Club? What’s your favorite Club that you’ve ever made? Sound off in the comments, and happy simming!

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