How to use this Sims 4 police mod to keep your sims secure!


Welcome to our post on the best police mod for the Sims 4!

Have you ever felt that police officers in the game just don’t cut it? They feel so non-existent! And with the disappearance of burglars, the game became too safe. Thankfully, you know that you can get thieves back with our Sims 4 burglar mod! But now that they’re back, you just need to add some more realism to this game. Because, when you have played the Sims 4 for so long, you’re bound to become bored. But don’t worry, we have got you covered! We’re introducing you to the best police mod for the Sims 4!

This mod does come with some drawbacks though, as it will make the game harder to play. Now, your sims will need to be wary of any dangers around them. However, you always have the cops to back you up! The mod’s name is Extreme Violence and it will add plenty of things to your game. This includes guns, murderers, and new 3D models!

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So how does this police mod work on the Sims 4?

The modder who brought us this mod is the same one that gave us the Sims 4 passionate romance mod! So, you can be sure that they have some interesting things in place. Let’s look over what this police mod will bring to your Sims 4 game!

New police interactions

First of all, now you’ll receive notifications each time the police are close to the scene. Since you can now witness and perform crimes, you have the option to call them. Maybe you caught your spouse on the new dating app, or they ruined your favorite lipstick. Doesn’t matter why you want to do it, but you can now hold them at gunpoint! But, be careful, sims in the area will try and alert the cops!

This police mod for the Sims 4 also introduces gang members. We bet that they would look awesome with our gloves cc! Those members will autonomously kill other gang members and police officers. Life in blue isn’t so easy now on the Sims 4! Each gang has a different way of killing police officers. For example, HardWood members will kill them from above!

With this mod, you can let your sim’s inner criminal wreak havoc. Maybe they want to look cool or they just want to afford some nice furniture cc. Whatever the reason, now they can do as they please. But it does come with consequences! Don’t worry though, you can escape most of the trouble by just teleporting or resetting your sim!

We hope that you liked today’s mod. Even though the Sims series was targeted at children, it’s loved by a number of adults. It’s only normal for modders to want to bring some seriousness into the game. We don’t know about you but we loved it! How did this mod work for your game? Let us know down in the comments!

Happy Simming!

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