This Sims 4 Burglar mod brings Burglars back

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Welcome to our post on the best burglar mod around for the Sims 4

One of the things that sims lovers noticed on Sims 4 is the lack of burglars. Gone are the days when we all had to install an alarm in our houses to fend off thieves. But that’s not really a good thing, as it lowers the game’s overall realism. A modder, though, was kind enough to develop a really nice burglar mod for the Sims 4! The mod’s name is Life Tragedies and the burglars are only one of its features. It has murders, kidnappings, even guns! As you might have guessed, these burglars are a step higher than the ones you’re probably used to. Let’s see how this burglar mod works and what it can bring to your Sims 4 game!

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How this burglar mod works on the Sims 4

As we said before, burglars are not the only thing this mod will bring into your game. Prepare to face violent sims with guns that might end up targeting your household. It also includes other tragedies, like bullying, car accidents, etc. But, you can always turn off tragedies for a sim you like a bit more through the mod’s menu.

Now, there’s a chance that a burglar will break into your sims’ houses and attempt to steal both their money and furniture! However, they might also get violent and shoot members of your household. You can always have your bulky sims attempt to fight them off! But, if their athletic skill isn’t high enough, it might turn against you. You can also attempt to call the police to fend off the burglars. Or, you can choose to become a burglar yourself!

With this mod, your sims will also be able to talk about their recent incident. They can share the story with their friends and family. This will surely help them get over the psychological trauma. You can also choose how often such tragedies will happen in the game through the mod’s menu. That’s definitely handy!


We hope that you liked today’s burglar mod for the Sims 4! It’s nice to see modders bringing back things from the previous games. It just satisfies our inner nostalgia! Don’t forget to share your experience with this mod down in the comments!

Happy Simming!

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