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Welcome to our post on the best Sims 4 bank mod!

People love bringing realism to their Sims 4 games. So, we all turn to mods to satisfy our needs as you probably know. What you might not know about, is that there has been a bank mod around for the Sims 4! Now, you can play through various financial situations that you could only think about in the past. Your sims can have bank accounts and even owe money! But, it’s on your hand to decide how this mod will work on your game. This mod is called SNBank and let’s see how it simulates a real-life banking system.

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How this Sims 4 bank mod works

This mod offers various features to enhance your Sims 4 games. First of all, you can create bank lots which your sims can visit, just like in real life!

Bank lots

With this mod, you can add bank lots to your game. Now, when a lot has the bank trait, your sims can fulfill their banking needs in person. Just edit any kind of lot and add the bank trait to it. But, it doesn’t have to be just that! It can also be a multiple-story building that has a floor that acts as the bank.

Sim bank accounts

Now, every sim has their own personal bank account! Gone are the days where every sim shared their cash with the rest of the household. They can also schedule direct deposits whenever they receive money from their careers. They will also be able to pay for stuff directly from their account.

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Taxes and Services

Realism has its price! Just like in real life, your sims will pay taxes based on their properties. However, this comes with some nice bonuses. Now, your sims will be able to apply for welfare and benefits programs to help them through their financial struggles. As an addition, male sims will now have to pay child support, should they want to leave their families!

We hope that you liked today’s mod! Finally, you can now bring some more life to your sims’ unique stories. We look forward to hear your sims’ stories and how this mod helped you! So, don’t forget to share your experience using this mod with us down in the comments!

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