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Education is one of the most critical parts of our lives. It is both the foundation and the stepping stone of our characters. But not all of us have the chance to receive an outstanding education or one that we really need. Public schools can be a great place for socializing, but for improving intellectually, not so much. That’s why we’re introducing here the Private School Mod for The Sims 4 – the school mod that will complete your education experience in the game!

So, what does the Private School Mod do? Well, for starters, it takes the traditional form of schooling and throws it out of the window! Instead, it gives your Sims a chance to enter the highly esteemed Simston Private School and continue their education there! Paying tuition and being taught by one of the most qualified teachers will be the boost your Sims need for a great career!

This mod got a lot of attention from the Sims 4 community after Itsmetroi did a review on Youtube. You can check her video to see how this extension plays out in the actual game. And you can download the Private School Mod directly from her page too!

Now let’s jump to see what’s in the Private School Mod!

The Private School Mod Features

Before anything else, we’d just like to mention that the Private School Mod can be a little pricy. This isn’t a big problem usually, but for those simmers who don’t like to use cheats and earn their money with honest work, it can be a bit controversial. But, however you approach the situation, we still think that our Sims’ private school is worth every penny!

How to Start the Private School Mod?

Your journey in the world of private schools starts through your phone. You will need to open the menu on your phone and find the “Schedule Headmaster visit” option. Choosing this will notify you that the Headmaster of Simston Private School will soon arrive for dinner at your house. But here comes the first problem.

It costs 500 simoleons to schedule a Headmaster’s visit. This money is non-refundable, no matter what happens at dinner! Additionally, the visit is the only way to start this mod, yet it’s not 100% guaranteed that the Headmaster will take a liking to your child and permit him a tutorship at his school! So again, if you’re using cheats, then you have unlimited tries, but if not, then you better give your best at that dinner!

The Headmaster’s visit

And the Headmaster’s visit is a whole different story. First of all, the Headmaster is punctual and always arrives at the scheduled time. He can be either male or female and is actually a different character every time you start the mod. And second, make sure to prepare your perfect dinner, and here is why.

This visit’s whole point is to present yourself, your home, and your child to the Headmaster. This means that you must be very agreeable, likable, and appear as a high-class citizen. And this also includes doing all kinds of things to keep your guest engaged and interested in your family. You will actually get a set of goals that you’ll need to hit throughout the encounter, like talking on specific topics and showing off unique possessions.

And remember those 500 cash money that you paid for the event? Well, you won’t get them back if you fail to impress the Headmaster. Our only tip for you is an honest one – try your best!

Enrolling in Private School

If the Headmaster’s visit proves to be a total success, then your kids will be enrolled in Simston Private School! The tuition costs 1000 additional simoleons, so be ready to pay upfront. Soon, the classes and the homework will start coming, and your Sims will be privately schooled!


The Private School Mod is tons of fun to play with! Having the option to skip the traditional education system has been a blessing for us here at SnootySims, so we had to share this extension with you too!

One thing that has been remarked by the Sims 4 community is that this mod doesn’t come with its own uniform! Instead, you have to find a custom made one on the internet and download it for yourself. Luckily for you, we have an awesome collection of School Uniform CC & Mods for The Sims 4. We’re sure that you’ll find the perfect one for Simston Private School!

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