Online Schooling and More: The Education System Bundle’s Best Features for TS4!

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The Education System Bundle, created by Kawaiistacie, provides a huge overhaul to the conventional school system in The Sims 4. In this article, we have unpacked all the best features of this cool school mod, which your kid and teen sims will surely appreciate! Read on below!

education system bundle
Education System Bundle for the Sims 4!

Introducing Kawaiistacie’s Education System Bundle!

Have you ever wished that school was more dynamic and fun-filled in The Sims 4? Perhaps to have a system where it is possible to include a preschool for toddlers, online learning for teens and kids, and more realistic interactions at school?

education system bundle

Well, gone are the days when our young sims would simply be whisked away by the bus and return home looking apathetic while half-heartedly clutching their homework in hand. Now, student sims can have a proactive school life that will make them more eager to study, all thanks to Kawaiistacie’s Education System Bundle!

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The Best Features of the Education System Bundle

In the past, Kawaiistacie launched the Homeschooling mod, the Preschool mod, and the Better Schools mod. Now, the first one has been discontinued while the latter two became a part of the Education System, a mega mod bundle that combines the elements of all these earlier mods. Let’s check out what the best features are of this bundle!

sims 4 homeschool mod
Sims 4 homeschool mod is discontinued!

1. Enrolling Toddlers In A Preschool

sims 4 homechool mod

With the Preschool Mod of the Education System Bundle, you can now enroll the little ones in Preschool! Simply click on the toddler sim, and select “Sign up for Preschool”. Once you do, your toddlers can now learn! You can sign them up for school between 5:00 am to 10:00 am in the morning. Anytime before or after that time frame would be too late or too early for these kiddos. You have a choice of letting them enter a Home School, a Private Preschool, and a Public Preschool, which we discuss below.

preschool2 1

For Home School, the parent sim would be the one to teach the toddler sim. For the Private Preschool, you have to pay 50 simoleons a day for the toddler to learn. The best choice would probably be the last, the Public Preschool, wherein the toddlers can attend free classes, and at the same time, allow the parent Sims some time off for themselves. Toddlers who attend the Private Preschool would wear formal outfits while the ones who attend the Public option would simply wear everyday clothes.

2. Building Up Life Skills as a Toddler

preschool3 1

After your toddler sims finish signing up for Preschool, they would then be seen leaving the lot to take their lessons (if you selected Private Preschool or Public Preschool). Sometimes, they would leave home on their own, but there are days you’d have to send them off. They would be at school for 6 hours before they came back home. As for Home School, they would simply be staying at home, and waiting for their parents or guardians to teach them.

preschool5 1

Once the Preschool ends for the day, your toddler will be gaining skills and character values at varying rates, depending on the school they attend. If they signed up for Private Preschool, they’d learn fast about manners, emotional control, responsibility, potty, thinking, and communication. Meanwhile, if they attend Public Preschool, they’d learn quickly about empathy, conflict resolution, movement, and imagination.

3. Attending School from Home

school only pc 1

Another great feature of the Education System Bundle is the option of student sims to attend classes at home through the Online Schooling Mod. If they are feeling under the weather, or if they woke up late, they still have the opportunity not to miss a day of school. To do this, simply purchase the “School Only PC” in Build Mode. This nifty little gadget can allow them to attend online classes as well as have plenty of other school-related interactions.

online school

To access classes online, click on the School Only PC, and select “Attend Class Online”. Your young sim would then have 4 hours of learning in front of the computer, in order to make up for their missed face-to-face lessons. They could keep doing this process each day, as long as they do not want to physically go to school.

4. Studying (Plus… Flirting!) with Classmates

untitled 5

The School Only PC, as it ironically turns out, isn’t exclusively designed for school-related purposes. The said computer also offers lots of other interesting options for your student sim. If you click on the “Classmates” option, you can let teen Sims build their relationship and their school skills with their classmates by doing particular activities together. You can choose to study, do homework with, or meet classmates that your sim knows. Alternatively, you may also choose to flirt with them! Just don’t let parent sims catch them.

5. Getting Help from Student Helper Bundles

untitled 4

Aside from attending online classes and doing academic-related stuff with classmates, student sims can also avail of student offers available in the School Portal. For certain prices, the Homework Helper (50 simoleons), Study Helper (80 simoleons), and Student Helper Bundle (150 simoleons) are available to help your sims instantly gain skills or aid them in finishing their homework. Simply click the School Portal on the School Only PC, and select “Study & Homework” to access these offers.

6. Dabbling in Different Subjects and Fields


The Education System Bundle can also help student sims become more enthusiastic about school through the other school-related stuff available. With the School Only PC, your young sims may choose to dive into educational topics that are of interest to them. They can venture in on studying Culture, Business, Art, and Health & Fitness, among a multitude of topics! Even the study of WooHoo is available! Once again, just click the School Portal on the School Only PC, and select “Study & Homework” to let them dabble on these fields.

7. Gaining More Interactions in School

better school

Apart from all the cool features mentioned above, the Education System Bundle also comes with the improved Better Schools Mod. With this mod, your student sims can access a more diverse set of interactions while they’re attending class. These include tasks such as “Do Homework in Class”, “Flirt With Classmates”, “Make Enemies”, “Play Games on Phone”, and many others.

better school2

Of course, these interactions are not passive, as choosing each one corresponds to a certain outcome. For example, selecting the “Don’t listen to the teacher” option would increase the fun meter, but would stop the learning ability of your sim. Or, choosing the “Flirt with classmates” option would bring up the social bar and increase your sim’s relationship level with other sims, but it would decrease the responsibility of your student sim.

8. Leveling Up Skills From Homework

untitled 3

The Education System Bundle also comes with the Smarter Homework Mod. Through this mod, your student sims can obtain more value from doing their homework. Gone are the days when they would simply plop down the table and finish their homework with much boredom. With this mod, they can level up their skills while accomplishing their homework! Yep! They can bank in on skills such as Logic, Writing, Creativity, and others while they’re at it.

Installing the Education System Bundle

untitled 2 2

If you want to install the Education System Bundle in your game, just follow our easy steps. First, head over to KawaiiStacie’s Patreon Page, type and enter “Education School Bundle” on the search bar (it has become private since the latter half of 2023), and download the mod file. Then, head on to your downloads folder, and look for the zipped file. Unzip this file into another folder. Doing this will unpack the mod bundle, providing you with 4 separate mod folders with their respective .package and ts4script files—Preschool mod, Better Schools mod, Smarter Homework mod, and Online Schooling mod.

You can select which of these four mods to put in your game, or, you may simply choose all. To put these in your Mods folder, follow this path: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. It is worth remembering to not put .package and ts4script files too deep inside folders so that the game would be able to easily locate and read the files. Finally, make sure that the use of mods and custom content is enabled in your game settings.

Final Verdict: Is the Education System Bundle Worth Having?


Our honest opinion about the Education System Bundle is simple. We think that this mod will add great value to your gameplay! With this mod, you’ll be able to let young Sims develop more skills while doing school work and allow them to be freer to express their authentic selves with the new interactions available for school. Parent sims will also appreciate the abilities that toddlers can gain from preschool. Plus, the option of attending online classes is beneficial for students who couldn’t make it to class but don’t want to miss out on learning.

Overall, we recommend that you install this mod in your game! The best thing it can offer is to diversify the schooling options for your kid and teen sims. Happy playing simmers!

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