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Let your sims finally wear their favorite toe socks and barefoot shoes thanks to these great HD feet mods.

HD Feet

As The Sims franchise has progressed over the decades we’ve seen a marked increase in the quality and detail of our sims, but they’re not quite lifelike just yet. Because these games are meant to be played on a variety of different machines, EA has to make compromises in terms of where they focus on high-quality, detailed items because not every PC will be able to handle high-end graphics. It’s a running gag in the Sims community because of how demanding The Sims 4 can be.

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Do you smell something burning?

Along with the “clay” hairstyles of the base game, one of the most egregious examples of where the game has dialed-back graphics is in how sims’ feet look. They’re kind of blocky with no space in between toes, and even though the Spa Day refresh brought mani & pedicures to the series for the first time, feet were still left in a Lego-like state.

HD Feet for Perfect Podiatry

Creators have found ways around these boring, blocky feet and there are multiple methods to implement them into your own game so you can choose what works best for you!

1. HD Feet (V.10) by Necrodog

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Necrodog has been releasing variations of HD feet mods since the days of The Sims 2 and is considered by many players as the be-all-end-all modder for high quality feet. He’s now up to version 10 for The Sims 4 which includes default replacement HD feet for infants, as well as feet for all other ages. They’ve been built to work with the vanilla toenail polish so you don’t have to download anything extra to give your sims a new pedi. Download them here, and keep an eye on Necrodog’s pages for updates in the future.

2. Maxis’ High Res Feet by Senni

image 4

Senni actually found these feet within The Sims 4‘s own game files, which for some reason were only tapped for toenail polish uses. So, they went ahead and extracted the files, making them default replacements for the in-game vanilla feet. They’re a good medium between HQ feet and Maxis match if you’re looking for higher-quality toes without anything extreme. You can find these toesies on ModTheSims.

3. Feet 7V Remaster by MAGIC BOT

image 5

MAGIC BOT is another creator that has been refining & perfecting their HD feet mods for a while, releasing V.7 earlier this year. This is a pretty extensive collection featuring default replacement feet, several types of toenail polish, and two different non-default versions in different degrees of being tiptoed. Perfect for your Barbie doll sims! See more photos and get all the details on the feet here.

Looking for more CC for your own Barbie doll sims? Check out our faves.

4. Detailed Feet by Redhead Sims

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Redhead Sims has several different offerings when it comes to HD feet for sims, with default and non-default options available for you to choose from. If your computer is on the older side, non-default feet is a good choice because you can upgrade the sims you care about without dedicating resources to the feet of NPCs and other sims you’ll never play with. You can browse the collection of different feet mods by Redhead sims here.

5. Detailed Feets by Dissia

image 7

If you’re not worried about most of your sims but want to let your TF/YAF/AF sims show off in sandals and other open-toed shoes, these detailed feet by Dissia might just tickle your fancy. Though it only focuses on the feet of one specific sim body type, it’s a decent compromise if you want to experience HD feet without wasting processing power on sims who you never plan to see barefoot. You can find these tootsies on TSR.

6. Female Feet V2 by Murphy

image 8

This pair of gorgeously detailed feet for TF/YAF/AF scale it back even further, being available only as a wearable like any other in-game shoe. If you want sims to have beautiful bare feet you can pop these on as desired, and keep the lower end Maxis feet for other uses. If you’re after the HD look while also wearing open-toed shoes keep an eye on the next 2 entries on this list.

7. Madlen Adrianna Feet by MJ95 (Madlen)

image 9

An easy way around having HD feet active at all times is by downloading CC shoes that have those HQ toes as part of the “shoe’s” mesh. While you may think you’re looking at a pair of bare feet with delicate jewelry adorning them what you’re actually seeing is a pair of shoes shaped like feet. Just like non-default replacement feet, put these on in lieu of other shoes and your sims will have the HD feet look without the extra work on the part of your computer. Get them on TSR.

8. Flip Flops Collection (Remake) by DallasGirl

image 10

Another example of feet-as-shoes, this collection of flip flops from DallasGirl is just one set of many amazing HD feet-shoes she’s created. We particularly like these though because she added versions with optional toe rings, which is an accessory you rarely if ever see on sims’ feet. There are also slider-compatible versions if you want that extra height. After you download this fantastic set be sure to check out her other shoe downloads and stock up on those sexy sandals!

Expand your sim’s shoe wardrobe with these 20 stunning sets of heels!

9. Wearable Maxis Feet by SimmingLena

image 11

Because of the way socks in The Sims 4 behave over feet meshes, if you use an HD feet replacement then every pair of socks you put on your sim will become a pair of toe socks. While this is cute for some socks, it looks really weird a lot of the time. SimmingLena added these wearable Maxis feet to the “slippers” category of CAS which will change the mesh back so socks properly display on shoeless sims with the added bonus of fixing distorted lines around the sim’s ankles. This is a great solution if you like having default replacement HD feet but want sims to be able to wear socks, too.

This mod was designed to be used with Necrodogs’ feet but I’ve also tested them with Senni’s and MAGIC BOT’s and confirm they work as they should; they’ll likely work with any default feet you choose to use. If you can’t find the feet in the “slippers” section make sure to remove the outfit category tag from the top of the CAS menu; the feet won’t show in every category by default.

If you’d rather change the outfit tags on these wearable feet so they show for all outfits, you can learn how to do it with our guide to using Sims 4 Studio.

10. Foot Width Slider by Ice-Cream for Breakfast

image 12

Our final mod works in tandem with HD feet to give more realism and a wider range of feet sizes to your sims. An ideal option for sims who are non-gender conforming or those with especially large or small feet, this slider will help you hone in the proportions of your sim’s body for the perfect fit. No more teetering on too-tiny toes or stomping around in hobbit feet unless that’s specifically what you’re going for!

Final Steps

With these mods your sims can show off their pedicures with pride and definition. Say goodbye to horrible, blocky toes and get your sims stepping into the modern day with clearly defined, high quality feet. Strut in those sandals and feel the sand between your toes! No matter what your computer can handle, there’s a mod here that will give you the beautiful feet you’ve been looking for. Find your favorite, have fun and happy simming!

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