Become a Magical Djinn With The Djinnify Me Mod!

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We can let our Sims become powerful and immortal Djinns in The Sims 4 with this interesting Djinnify Me mod! Read more in this article.

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What Is The Djinnify Me mod?

The Djinnify Me is a new mod from NeedCoffee4That (also known as NC4T), who is the creator behind other amazing gameplay mods such as the Be a Burglar and Begging mods. With this latest launch, our Sims can go on an exciting adventure—the path towards becoming a powerful and immortal Djinn. In Arabian mythology and culture, Djinns are considered spiritual beings with supernatural abilities who can disguise themselves through a myriad of forms. How interesting, right?!

Features of the Djinnify Me mod

Becoming a Djinn will grant our Sims a slew of magical powers. But this is just one of the features of this mod! Learn more about its other features below.

1. The Djinn Adventure

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The mod revolves around our Sim’s journey to become an immortal Djinn, which involves a lot of text-heavy story details in the process. Our Sim has to travel to different places and take on specific tasks to accomplish this one true goal. Every task would then require them to build on their skills, and finishing each would unlock a new piece of their story. Once the story is complete, they will become a Djinn.

2. It Starts With a Tome.

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If we want our Sims to pursue the path to becoming a Djinn, it is super easy! We just need them to purchase the Dusty Old Tome from the Rewards Store for 2,000 simoleons. Reading this mysterious old book will unlock an aspiration questline called the “Dijinnify Me!” From thereon, the journey to being a Djinn begins.

3. Djinns Can Have Magical Abilities.

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The magical abilities of Djinns in this mod are pretty much reminiscent of the powers of Genies, an occult life state that has been introduced in The Sims 3: Showtime. When our Sims become a Djinn, they will be able to do these to other Sims or objects:

  • Induce a Deep Sleep – Lets other Sims succumb to sleep
  • Induce Hallucination – Lets other Sims have hallucinations
  • Use Telepathy – Learn traits, romantic or woohoo preferences, or secrets about other Sims
  • Possess Mind – Lets our Sim mind control another Sim
  • Ignite Passion – Makes a Sim fall in love with our Djinn
  • Cleanse – Cleanses our Djinn or our target Sim, cleans the floor, or cleans other objects
  • Conjure Food or Make Fresh – Let our Sims conjure food or make spoiled food fresh again
  • Repair – Magically repairs a broken object
  • Djinn Teleportation – Teleports our Djinn to a specified location

4. They Can also Gain Self-Powers.

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Djinns don’t just have the ability to wreak havoc on other Sims or to make great stuff, like food, out of thin air. They’re also known to possess powerful self-abilities, such as the following:

  • Djinn Meditation – Helps our Djinn meditate to replenish energy
  • Disguise Yourself / Remove Disguise – Toggles the blue skin color of our Djinns on or off
  • Always Teleport / Disable Always Teleport – Toggles the ability of our Djinn to teleport everywhere.

How to Install The Djinnify Me Mod?

To incorporate the Djinnify Me mod into The Sims 4, take note of the steps below:

  1. This mod requires us to have these Sims 4 packs installed to our game:
    • Island Living
    • Snowy Escape
    • Spa Day
    • Vampires
    • Jungle Adventure
    • Realm of Magic
  2. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the post to download the said mod.
  3. Once downloaded, extract the ZIP file and paste it into your Sims 4 Mods folder.
  4. Then, make sure that the use of mods and custom content has been enabled in our game settings.
  5. If there are any issues encountered while using the mod in the game, join this Discord Server.

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Conclusion: Become The Best Djinn In The Game!

The path to becoming a Djinn in The Sims 4, through this Djinnify Me mod, is a long and arduous one. However, once our Sim reaches this goal, they can become ultimately powerful! Thus, the entire Djinnify-ing adventure is actually worthwhile! Go and install this mod, and let us know how it goes! We are on social media (links below) where you can follow and message us. Happy simming, Simmers!

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