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Learn Everything There is to Know About Bees in The Sims 4!

If you ever wanted to have a successful bees business in The Sims 4, then you’re one of us! Bees are extremely fun to keep, and they aren’t a much popular feature in the community. And yes, the process is a bit slow at the start. But once you get it going, bees can be a very exciting element of your Sims’ lives. 

This post will tell you all about bees in The Sims 4 and the entire beekeeping process. The only thing you need to know beforehand is that beekeeping is an activity that comes together with the Seasons expansion pack. So, you must have it purchased if you want to keep bees in The Sims 4. There are a couple of excellent benefits that beekeeping can give you, so we recommend giving it a shot.

Now, let’s jump onto the guide!

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How to Successfully Keep Bees in The Sims 4?

Starting with Beekeeping

The first you need to take care of here is to purchase Bertie’s Bee Box. This is the actual box where your bees will be living. You can find it in the Outdoor Activities sections of the Buy Mode. And you can buy as many of them as you want, depending on whether you want this to be a relaxing hobby or a full-time business.

The next thing to do is to bond with your bees. As soon as you place your Bertie’s Bee Boxes, you want to interact with your bees. They will 100% sting you and make you miserable, but that’s part of the process. You must endure these first uncomfortable moments until your bees get to know you and trust you.

To prevent stinging in the future, you can jump into the Beekeeper suit. This is an outfit that gives you temperature immunity, both hot and cold, and it also works for preventing bee stinging. However, you can’t bond with your bees while you’re wearing it. So we recommend you to use the Beekeeper suit later on when you’ve already established a friendship with your bees.

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Caring for Your Bees in The Sims 4

Bees are extremely easy to care of in The Sims 4. First of all, Bertie’s Bee Box alone provides you with useful information. Whenever you click on it, it displays a couple of important hints: what is the honey amount, what is the activity level, and how are the bees feeling? Use this information to make smarter choices about your bees.

As we said earlier, beekeeping is very slow at the start. All you do is work on your friendship with the bees, which unlocks more stuff later on. Your primary goal should be to make all your bees Calm. This is the ideal mood since it means that they won’t sting you (for mood cheats, see this post). Make sure to interact with your bees regularly. Because if you leave them alone for longer periods of time, they will get Enraged (50% chance of stinging) and even Irritated (100% chance of stinging), which is terrible for your honey production.

And the last thing to be aware of is the mites. These can be really nasty and quite harmful to your business. They appear very often, so you’ll have to take care of them whenever you can. If the mites stay for longer, your bees will get very angry. You can clear off the mites for only 15 simoleons.

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Making the Honey Money

Since beekeeping came with the Seasons expansion pack, your honey production and profit will depend on the actual season you’re in.

  • Spring – the bees are partially active.
  • Summer – the bees are very active.
  • Fall – the bees are partially active.
  • Winter – the bees are dormant.

Naturally, you can get the most amount of honey during Summer. The bees approximately produce one jar of honey per 8 hours. So, you can get up to 3 or even 4 jars of honey in a day. 

Now, the quality of the honey you’re producing depends on your own relationship with the bees. A better relationship equals more quality honey. Excellent quality honey is worth 60 simoleons. So if we calculate everything, one Bertie’s Bee Box can generate you 180 simoleons per day during the Summer.

But the greatest thing about making money with beekeeping is that you get the cash right away. If you click on a bee box, you’ll get the option to collect your cash from the box. It’s very fast, and it’s very easy.

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Benefits of Keeping Bees and Using Honey

Both the bees and the honey have many benefits in The Sims 4. 

First of all, honey is an extremely useful healing ingredient that can remove all Sim’s temperature debuffs. Then, it can make your Sim happy after eating it and even save them from Death by very cold or very hot weather.

The bees, on the other hand, are amazing as well. You can collect a swarm of bees from every box in your yard and keep it in your inventory. And you can use the swarm later on for various things. For example, you can activate it for your Sim to make them happy. Or, you can command your bees to attack another Sim and sting them. However, the most interesting is to send off your swarm of bees to collect for you a random object from your neighborhood. 


Bees and beekeeping are one of those things that we absolutely love in The Sims 4! It’s done very well, and it actually plays out really nicely in the game. It is packed with many interesting interactions and choices, so we recommend all simmers to give it a shot. And even if you want it for money-making only, it will still be interesting to watch over your bee business. 

If you get stuck at any point, visit our cheat page to find helpful solutions for your situation. Happy simming!

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