Your Complete Guide To Finding and Planting Dragon Fruit

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Are you interested in growing rare plants or earning for living from gardening? Dragon fruit is one of your best bets if you want to grow a profitable garden. If you want to learn more about it, read on to discover how to get it and grow it!

sims 4 dragon fruit

What is dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit is a purple exotic fruit that looks like Pitaya and is one of the plants that isn’t commonly found in Sims 4 worlds. This is one of the rare plant species and one of the most valuable ones when sold. It is harvested in the fall and its base value is $250, so it can be a nice source of side income.

One harvested dragon fruit, given the plant is healthy and nourished, can give you up to $695. This one is a slow grower, so once it’s planted, you can expect to harvest after 4 days (96 hours). So, if you want to make a living from gardening, it’s worth the wait. Besides being difficult to acquire, it is also a key ingredient in grafting a Cow Berry, or Cow Plant, another super rare plant.

How to create dragon fruit?

How do you get a dragon fruit in Sims 4?

Being a rare plant, dragon fruit can’t be so easily obtained. There are two main ways to get it: by grafting, or by purchasing rare seed packets. If you are lucky enough, you can also find it when visiting one of the San Myshuno Festivals, especially the Spice Festival.

Buying seed packets is an easier route compared to grafting. You can purchase them using your household computer or planter, or, get them in the build mode in Outdoor Activities. Let’s see how to obtain them in more detail.

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getting dragon fruit from seed packets

Dragon fruit is found in Rare Seed packets, which cost $1000. However, to purchase one, your Sims will have to be level 10 in Gardening. On top of that, buying rare seed packets is a gamble, as each packet has different rare plants, and getting this fruit isn’t always guaranteed.

If you are lucky to have found a seed, congrats! You can plan it by placing the seed on the ground or the planter box, clicking on the seed, and selecting ”Plant”. To ensure it’s juicy and healthy, don’t forget to tend to it regularly (water, spray for bugs and fertilize)

seed packets for grafting the dragon fruit

Alternatively, if you want to graft it, you can purchase Strawberry and Snapdragon packets. To get the, purchase these seed packets:

  • You can get a Strawberry in uncommon seed packets: Farmer Flowers and Fruit packet for $75 and in Seasonal Spring Plants packet for $100. 
  • Snapdragon is a common plant and is available in the Seasonal Fall Plants packet for $100, and Seasonal Spring Plants for $100. 

To unlock these seasonal spring and fall seed packets, you will have to reach level 4 gardening skill. You can find both plants in the free world, and collect them when you bump into them. Some of the best places to search for the two species are Willow Creek, Windenburg, and Newcrest.

cheat to max out gardening skill

To get seed packets, graft, and take cuts needed for dragon fruit, Sims will need to level up their Gardening skill. To skip to the best part and max out the gardening skill, you can use a cheat. Activate cheats with testingcheats true, and then type in stats. set_skill_level Major_Gardening 10. It will allow you to not only take cuts and graft plants but also purchase rare seed packets. However, this cheat is only optional!

To get more useful cheats that will help you grow dragonfruit faster, check out gardening cheats guide!

Grafting dragon fruit

To graft it, your Sims will have to reach at least Level 5 in Gardening Skill to be able to take a cutting from plants and graft. On top of being good at gardening, to graft this fruit, you will need a strawberry and a Snapdragon.

You will use Strawberry as your base plant, and take shoots from Snapdragon. Once you have both, go to a healthy Snapdragon plant, click on it, and select ”Take Cutting”. Then, click on the Strawberry plant and select ”Graft…” and choose Snapdragon from the menu. You will get a spliced plant that will give you a chance of harvesting the desired fruit. Such spliced plants will not only give you the dragon fruit but also the strawberry, which was the base plant for grafting.

can’t harvest the dragon fruit?

Once planted, you will need to wait for 96 hours to harvest the fruit. After that, you should be able to harvest it by clicking on the plant, and selecting ”Harvest” or ‘‘Harvest All”. This will place the fruit in your Sims’ inventory so that they can sell it.

However, since the gardening overhaul before Seasons release, there have been some troubles with growing rare spliced plants. With this change, the chance of getting rare harvestables was diminished. So, if you have trouble seeing the expected fruit on your spliced tree after successfully grafting and growing a plant, check out Spliced Plant Bug Fix by Carl. The mod will help you fix issues if dragon fruit trees just can’t seem to give you harvests.


Planting this exotic fruit is a fine investment. Your Sims can secure themselves financially solely by growing a dragon fruit farm. However, this is a rare plant. Planting, growing, and harvesting it can take a bunch of time. Still, it is a lifelong investment and a fun process if gardening is your thing. You get to decide what to do with it!

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