Refreshed Main Menu – A Serene Greeting From The Sims 4

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Have a more relaxed time opening up The Sims 4 with a relaxed, refreshed main menu.

Refreshed Main Menu

The Sims 4 has been around for a little while now, and those of you who have been playing since the early days know that the game has evolved quite a bit over the past near-decade. A great example of this is the game’s main menu, which has had several iterations over the years.

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An older version of the Main Menu from early 2015

While older versions of the menu had a lot of open space, we’ve seen as time has gone on that the main menu gets more and more cluttered and the more clutter that’s added the more “noise” there is vying for our attention. It can be too much! Fortunately, we’ve found a few refreshed main menu mods created by the lovely SimMattically who you might recognize from other posts we’ve shared here on SNOOTYSIMS.

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Camera Mods

A Refreshed Main Menu – Quiet The Noise

Today we’re going to show you 2 versions of the refreshed main menu mods that SimMatically has created along with a few other bonus links to keep your UI clutter-free and easier to manage. Pick your favorite or combine a few for a totally revamped look!

Refreshed Main Menu – v1.1.6

Refreshed Main Menu

Technically you could consider this two refreshed main menu mods in one, because there are multiple options to pick from. The static version of the mod allows you to choose from one of 5 new background images: a lovely garden in the early morning, a lazy river in the afternoon, a calm park at nighttime, a dark outdoor movie night (my personal fave), or the hazy, perpetual sunset of Sylvan Glade.

A second version of the mod called the “Warm Vibes” version has 4 images that the game will randomly cycle through each time you load it, featuring relaxing shots of different worlds at dusk. Both versions will remove all clutter from the Home screen while the DLC tabs stay safely tucked away in the upper left corner for you to access as desired.

Click here to download!

Refreshed Main Menu – Dynamic

Refreshed Main Menu Dynamic Version

This refreshed main menu knows what time of day you’re playing The Sims 4 and will choose the background image accordingly! The menu buttons are a bit smaller so you can fully appreciate the 5 different images that might show up in the background, and there’s no “junk” on the Home screen to distract you. The “Packs” and “Kits” buttons on the top left still work if you want to purchase more DLC for the game, but otherwise you can enjoy an invigorating sunrise if you’re a Morning Sim or a sky full of stars if you’re a Night Owl.

Click here to download!

Enhanced World Maps

Enhanced World Maps

We’ve mentioned SimMatically’s enhanced game maps before, but he’s recently released an updated version with even sharper details! If you’re already using the older version of this mod and want to update it you will need to delete the old files, as the most recent version has updated filenames and won’t automatically override the old ones.

The mod is Base Game compatible and will simply ignore neighborhoods that belong to DLC you don’t have. If you like the look of the in-game maps but wish they were a bit more detailed you’ll enjoy this one.

Click here to download!

Refreshed Loading Screen – v1.1.0

Refreshed Loading Screen

We’ve shared our favorite loading screens before but this one is special. It features 7 different in-game images that will rotate randomly each time you load up the game, with a subtle zooming effect to make it feel more dynamic. The plumbob has been moved to the lower right of the screen so you can fully appreciate the soothing images of serene forests, calming rivers, relaxing beaches, invigorating trains, and more!

Click here to download!

HOT FIX: Remove the Purchase/Cart Button

Remove The Purchase Cart Button

Is there anybody who wanted this “feature” added to the game? Players are already being advertised to when they launch the EA App and when they load the main menu up (unless you’re using one of the refreshed main menu mods!) so why did EA think players would want to be badgered even further with this button that begs us for money anytime we enter Buy/Build mode? It’s invasive, immersion-breaking, and not to mention alienating for players who might not be able to afford DLC that isn’t free. With this simple hot fix, that annoying button won’t clog up your UI an longer!

Click here to download!


The Sims 4 is a good game, and one of the main reasons for this is that it’s incredibly moddable so players can make it their own. For a lot of us this means the basic like CC clothing, new furniture meshes, and custom floors and walls, but the game lets you do so much more than that! Creators like SimMatically bring us fantastic content like refreshed menu mods, relaxing loading screens, and pesky button removers, all to make the gameplay experience more pleasant for us all. What’s your favorite background image from these new main menus? Let us know in the comments, stay calm, and happy simming!

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