Sims 4 Stuck on Loading Screen Reasons and Solutions

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If your Sims 4 game is stuck on the loading screen and it doesn’t go any further, you’ll need to get creative in order to finish playing. There are many ways to fix this issue but it will take some effort. Let’s take a look at what causes the Sims 4 loading screen, and how you can fix it.

sims 4 stuck on loading screen

Why Am I Stuck On Loading Screen In The Sims 4?

Many players have complained about being unable to play the Sims 4 due to this problem and whatnot. Gaming errors are a big concern for most gamers. If you experience any other issues when you are playing, don’t hesitate to look for solutions. Let’s look at some of the possible causes of this error.

Possible Causes

The loading screen in the Sims 4 is the part where you enter your game. It takes a while before you can actually start playing, and it’s frustrating when you get stuck on the loading screen. It is important to know what causes this and what to do in order to solve this issue.

  • Not enough disc space:
    • One of the reasons that might cause Sims 4 to load is if they have reached their storage limits. This might be due to how big your game world has become, how many objects are in the world, or because the size of your saved games folder has been set too large for your system.
  • Too many mods installed:
    • Sims 4 may take a while to load, especially if you have a lot of mods or lots of saved games that you want to load at the same time.
  • Corrupted files:
    • A common cause could be corrupt files in your game. Make sure that you have backed up all your content and then re-install it.
  • Computer’s specs:
    • The game might be too old/too recent for your computer’s specs. Try updating your graphics card drivers or running Sims 4 on compatibility mode (if you’re using Windows).

Fixes and Solutions

Sometimes, you have to get creative when looking for a solution to the Sims 4 loading screen. You can use some of these methods if this is happening to you.

  • Restart your computer and go back to game – Make sure your computer has more than enough RAM.
  • Make sure your graphics card is up to date – If it is a Nvidia card, try updating it with new drivers.
  • If you’re still stuck, then reinstalling the game is your best option in most cases. Reinstalling Sims 4 and trying again is always ideal before contacting help from EA or anyone else as this will fix any leftover problems that were left behind when you uninstalled it in the first place.
  • If nothing works out, then you might have to wait for an update to come out to try again.

Tips to keep your game running smoothly

The Sims 4 is notorious for its bugs, glitches, and crashes during gameplay that sometimes even lead to the game being unplayable or crashing altogether. Below are some basic tips for getting out of these situations whenever your game is struggling.

  • It is recommended that you lower the graphics settings lower than their recommended level if they have problems loading screens other than this one.
  • Close programs that you don’t need playing games with as they can cause crashes while playing.
  • Keep your CPU’s power usage percentage under 60%.
  • If your game has loads of these types of bugs, then it is best to contact Sims 4 customer service and ask them how they can fix them. They may even provide assistance if they are willing to help you flush out those.
  • Last but not least, if your computer runs slow or crashes often, consider upgrading it.

There are cases where you’ll get stuck on the loading screen of The Sims 4 without any clear reason. But we hope this article has provided you with some of the common causes and solutions to fix these errors.

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