Maps Mods: Beautify Your World with These 5 Mods!

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Do you find the vanilla maps in the Sims 4 to be a bit dull? A maps mod can really change the look of the game and make everything so much nicer!

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Map screens in the Sims 4 serve several purposes for gameplay. On the surface they might seem like an unimportant feature, but they can tell you plenty about a world before you even load into any of the lots. At first glance, the map gives you an impression of the weather climate you can expect, and mousing over the different neighborhoods will give you information about what type of lots you can expect to find there, as well as the amenities offered outside of buildable areas such as parks and fishing holes. The time of day portrayed on the map screen also tells you what kind of “vibe” the place has, as darker maps are usually reserved for the more ethereal and mysterious areas of the game. Finally, looking at the map will show you how large the world actually is which influences what you may or may not want to build there. Overall, maps come into play a lot more than you think. Using a maps mod gives more variety to this underappreciated part of the game, and might make you learn to appreciate them more!

5 Map Mods Upscale Your World View

We’ve found some of the best and most beautiful maps mods to elevate the look of your game. Whether you want a Maxis-match style or something completely different, there’s a mod for you!

1. High Quality Maps Replacement by SimMattically

image 81

On the surface this maps mod might not seem like it does anything, but it makes a huge difference in-game! SimMattically took all of the vanilla game maps and, using AI, upscaled them to HD quality. Take a look at this comparison of Moonwood Mill to see what I mean:

image 82 edited
Seeing it in such high-definition, how could you not want to explore?

You can see that with this maps mod installed, the Sims 4 vanilla maps are much sharper and of higher quality. While it’s not a life-changing difference it absolutely makes everything look much, much nicer and allows you to really appreciate all of the little details the Sims team put into designing each map. You might even discover something you never knew was there before because it was too blurry to discern! If you want to upscale the look of your worlds, get the mod here.

2. Better Maps by Arnie

image 84 edited

Arnie is the talented mind behind the (sadly discontinued) Brookheights Mod and has made his modified maps available as standalone packages. I’m a particular fan of the hazy blue effect he added to Sulani which really transports you to the warm, sunny humidity of being on a tropic beach!

Unfortunately, Arnie has left the Sims 4 modding community for bigger, better things and so his maps mod only applies to the following worlds:

  • Del Sol Valley
  • Forgotten Hollow
  • Granite Falls
  • Magnolia Promenade
  • Newcrest
  • Sulani
  • Willow Creek

But, if you’re willing to go without for the other worlds, or you’re okay mixing and matching from different creators, it’s definitely worth downloading the maps he’s completed. You can download the Definitive Edition of this maps mod by going here.

3. Map Replacements by 20th Century Plumbobs

image 83

This set of maps mods are epic! Every location has been given a shifted perspective which really lets you appreciate just how big some of the worlds are, plus their saturation has been amped up and weather has been applied to some of the locations. The new map of San Myshuno for example makes the city look so much more alive and brimming with activity, from festivals to nightlife to penthouse parties well into the early hours of the morning! I would definitely go clubbing here, would you? You can get all of the map mods (including an amazing Dark Version of Strangerville) under their Patreon tag here.

4. Fanart Maps by derShayan

image 85

Originally a team effort between DerShayan and NoirSims, this maps mod gave world view a complete makeover with an almost watercolor-like appearance. It makes each map look like the pages of a storybook, and for players who like their game to be particularly fantasy-oriented, it’s a great mod to help immerse you into that kind of mindset.

NoirSims unfortunately disappeared from the modding scene with little explanation so the maps mod currently only goes as far as Evergreen Harbor, but it was announced recently that DerShayan has teamed up with artist Angel Adrián Treviño to reignite the project! They are currently working on completing the missing maps and have remastered Newcrest and Magnolia Promenade for their Patreon patrons to test out.

image 86
The remaster is looking great so far!

The original completed maps are available for download here. Keep an eye on DerShayan’s blog for updates on the progress of the reinvigorated Fanart Maps project if you’re as excited about it as I am!

5. Medieval Map Replacements by MissChipsa

image 87

And finally, whether you’re a historical sims player or you just really miss the Sims 3 Medieval, you will absolutely adore these map replacements! They have been completely redesigned to look like artwork from the Middle Ages and include details like wooden ships, ancient towers, cobblestone paths, and more! There are currently 14 maps available for free on her Patreon page (search for “maps”) so while you won’t be able to replace every single map in the game right away, it seems that this is a current and ongoing project so be sure to check back often for new content!

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, downloading a maps mod can have a surprisingly strong effect on your gameplay experience. Whether you’re using an HD upscale and learning to appreciate nuances you’ve never noticed before, or changing your maps to look like they came from a completely different time period, the world maps serve as the first impression you get when visiting an area. Modifying their appearance will change how you look at the worlds and maybe even the whole game itself. Hopefully you’ve found a new favorite on this list!

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