The New & Amazing Create A World Tool For Sims 4

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Why We Desperately Need the Create A World Tool

Let’s face it – The Sims 4 is now an old game. It was released back in 2014 with only two worlds, Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. Over the years, The Sims 4 developers added more worlds via expansion and game packs. Some worlds were more exciting than others, but all of them are kind of similar to each other. And that’s why the Create A World Tool is the perfect solution for The Sims 4!

Why is the Create a World Tool such an amazing idea for the game?

It lets us create new and unique worlds, for starters! Seriously, the ability to create a new world from scratch has been the dream for many of us veteran simmers. Shaping the environment, ordering the neighborhoods, building the looks… there is much to do here!

But the best reason why we desperately need the Create a World Tool is that it will bring freshness to the game. It will add another layer of depth to Sims 4. And it will open the gates for so much diversity! Everyone could create their own perfect world and not be stuck in Brindleton Bay, for example.

So, how can you get the Sims 4 Create a World Tool?

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Everything You Need to Know About the New Create A World Tool for Sims 4!

What is the Sims 4 Create a World Tool?

The Sims 4 Create a World Tool is a new mod by TwistedMexi. It’s still in the development stage, so we can’t really download it and play with it right now. However, the amazing creator herself has recently shared positive news that the tool will come out soon!

TwistedMexi is one of the most respected and the most beloved mod creators within the Sims 4 community. She has created awesome mods in the past, so we believe that her new Create a World Tool will be an awesome feature too!

TwistedMexi herself has given the Create a World Tool the codename Project Raven. She informed us that she’s been working on the tool for 2 years and that it’s almost ready for us to test it!

But TwistedMexi has also shared a trailer with us quite recently. It shows us all the beautiful ways we can change the worlds in Sims 4. Check this YouTube trailer video to see what’s in the Create a World Tool!

What Can You Do with the Sims 4 Create a World Tool?

TwistedMexi’s Create a World Tool doesn’t come without limitations, but they’re far less than you think. 

For starters, the mod will let us completely change the look of a world in Sims 4. What does this mean? Well, it means that you’ll be able to delete pretty much everything from a world and then start building new stuff on your own.

And the only limitation that you might have a problem with is the fact that you won’t be able to reshape the layout of the actual world. This means that you can change everything on the surface of the world, but not its basic shape.

For example, let’s say that you will use the Sims 4 Create a World Tool on Sulani. In Sulani, you could delete all the houses, trees, and rocks, but not the lots and the lot sizes. The actual map will remain the same, even though you can build whatever you want on all possible lots. You can also insert rocks and trees of your own, which is enough for many simmers.

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How Can You Support the Development of the Create a World Tool?

Because TwistedMexi is working on this by herself, she needs all the possible help she could get from us. She runs a Patreon page that you can use to donate to her and support the development of her mod

Honestly, I’d like everyone to be able to support TwistedMexi for the Create a World Tool. This is one of the most ambitious mods we’ve ever seen for The Sims 4, so we’re all dying to try it out! 

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