Amazing Ways to Go Green with Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle!

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Eco Lifestyle is a fantastic expansion pack for those looking to go green in the Sims! From adding a career, to amazing content and an excellent neighborhood, this pack has it all! Check out the details below of what Eco Lifestyle has to offer!

sims 4 eco lifestyle

what comes with the Eco Lifestyle Expansion pack?

With this being an Expansion Pack, that means we get a bunch of new in-game content! There is an amazing new neighborhood called Evergreen Harbor, as well as some new building pieces and even some new Create-A-Sim things!


1) The New World of Evergreen Harbor

Screenshot 83
(Grims Quarry Top left, Port Promise bottom, Conifer Station Top Right)

Evergreen Harbor is the new city that is added to the game! It features the three neighborhoods of Grims Quarry, Port Promise, and Conifer Station. Each bit of the neighborhood is unique in its own way! The best thing about each of these neighborhoods is that they show off the Eco Footprint and how that works.

Check out more about Evergreen Harbor and its little neighborhoods here!

2) NAPS, Water/Electric Shutoff, Eco Footprint


Another new addition is the addition of different Neighborhood Action Plans (or NAPs). These are very unique cause your Sim can vote on things to Improve or downgrade their neighborhood. The trick is though that your neighbors must vote for the same thing in order for it to pass! Voting for the action plans happens every Friday from 8 am through Monday at 6 pm by clicking on the mailbox and using Influence points (They will be shown at the bottom of the NAP page). If you want to repeal a plan in place, you will need to gather 5 votes from neighbourhood Sims in order to repeal.

Two of the main plans that will affect your game are Power and Water Conservation. If Power Conservation is the action plan, the power will shut off every Thursday (in-game calendar, not real-life calendar) from 9 am-9 pm. Water conservation works the same way! The water will be shut off every Wednesday from 9 am – 9 pm.

The Sims Wiki page did an amazing job of breaking down these action plans in full detail here!

Another thing to add alongside the NAPs is Eco Footprint. Eco Footprint is described as the pollution levels in the neighborhoods. You will see this in a level below the Play/Pause button at the bottom. Green means everything is good and the neighborhood is very eco-friendly. Neutral means things are alright, but more could be done. And lastly, Industrial. This one is the worst because it means that there is too much pollution in the air. Sims will cough and have a moodlet that is Uncomfortable (Gross Air).

3) Build/Buy Items added!

Coming along with Eco Lifestyle is some new build/buy items. These items include new doors, windows, roofing, wallpaper, and more! You can add a solar roof, grass roof, or even corrugated metal. There is some new fencing, as well as flooring added. Everything in this build mode can increase your eco-footprint!

As for buy mode, this pack comes with new beds, bath items, decor, and adding in Solar Panels (Both roof and ground), a windmill, Generators, and even a dew collector! There is a generator that even helps with water conservation, as well as a recycler to get parts to add to your generators.

4) new Create-A-Sim Items!


Eco Lifestyle brought in many new Create-A-Sim items. New Hairstyles, clothing Articles, Shoes, etc. This pack has super cute pieces of clothing as shown above in the photo.

There are also a couple of new traits and aspirations added as well. The new Aspirations are Eco Innovator and Master Maker. Eco Innovator can be found under the Nature aspiration, and Master Maker is under Creativity. Along with these aspirations come new traits. Your sim can now have Green Fiend, Recycle Disciple, Freegan, and Maker as a trait.

Final Thoughts

As a person who drives an Electric car and has solar panels on her house, the Eco Lifestyle pack is awesome. I really love what they did with the game and all the new content they added. It has definitely been fun making more eco-friendly builds and learning more about this Expansion Pack. I encourage everyone to get this pack and check it out for themselves!

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