Top Mental Health Mods – How To Make Your Sims Depressed and Anxious

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Have you ever wanted to make mental health a real issue for your Sims? If you have, then mental health mods are the solution. Keep on reading to discover what the best mods for mental health are!

sims 4 mental health mod
Top Mental Health Mods – How To Make Your Sims Depressed and Anxious

Why Do you need a mental health mod in Sims 4?

Our Sims have relatively rich emotional lives. They experience a wide range of moodlets that affect how they feel, perform, learn, and connect with others. We’ve seen them experience blues and get sad over a breakup, or get super agitated and angry at others countless times.

However, while these emotions affect their daily lives, they snap out of them after a few hours. They can’t really get depressed, have ADHD, get diagnosed with mental illness, or seek professional help to deal with these issues. This is when mods can step on the scene to save the day. Mental health mods can make mental health so much more realistic, bringing genuine health challenges for Sims to deal with, from wanting to sleep depression away to having panic attacks.

Mental health is a sensitive and important topic, and mods are just animated, Sims 4 versions of disorders, treatments, and mood issues. So, if you’d like to install some, this is the place to find the best mental health mods. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

1. Mental Wellness mod by Plumlace

talk about

If you are looking for a simple yet effective mental health mod, you have to check this out. It 5 mental health issues: major depression, generalized anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. They work as infinite buffs, and short-term buffs, and will affect Sims’s needs and how they operate in their day-to-day life. So, don’t be surprised if a depressed Sim wants to sleep the day away!

Sims can not only feel the symptoms but also get a proper diagnosis, therapy, and medication. Your Sim will be assessed by a professional via a call and can share their deepest thoughts and feelings. Everyone needs to vent sometimes, so therapy will be accessible to everyone, diagnosed or not. Once diagnosed, Sims will start showing the following symptoms and long-lasting buffs:

  • ADHD(Bored Buff) – Sims will randomly switch between being hyper-focused and energized and being bored. ADHD meds will help stabilize them. 
  • Bipolar Personality Disorder (Random Buffs) – Their moods will shift erratically and unexpectedly. 
  • Generalized Anxiety (Tense Buff) – Sims will have panic attacks and anxiety, and their needs and moods will be unstable. 
  • Major Depression (Sad Buff) – Sims will be sad and cry, and their needs and moods will fluctuate.
  •  PTSD (Random negative buffs) – Sims will experience it all – sadness, anger, anxiety, and nightmares. 

Whatever the diagnosis, make sure your Sims take medication for their condition to alleviate the symptoms, but expect some subtle side effects. Get this mental health mod here.

2. Mental Health Mods by similarity

Simularity has created a few fabulous mental health mods, that work wonders, especially when installed together. Diagnostics, mood disorders, therapy, and medications – it’s all covered in a few smaller mods. However, these are all separate modules, and you can totally install only the ones you like. So, without further ado, let’s get introduced to mental health traits, psychotherapy, and medication mods.

Clinical Depression Trait

clinical despression trait

Living with depression is never easy. Even the simplest tasks seem like a burden and take away a lot of energy. Well, this trait is a Sims version of depression and it affects all Sims, from children to older. Your Sim’s will to live and motivation will almost always be low, making it difficult for you to play them.

The depression mod can manifest in different intensities, from mild depression to severe clinical depression, and everything they do will be impacted by how low they feel. Depressed Sims will have a strong urge to self-soothe through sleep or drinking, and may find it hard to socialize.

This mental health mod adds a few depression buffs that will impact how Sims relate with others and go about their day. For instance, they can get a ‘Loss of Interest’ buff disinterested in everything, or an intense ‘Feeling Hopeless’ that will them downright miserable and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At their best, they will have mild sad moodlets of lingering depression, and at their worst, they will feel completely worthless. Get the mod here!

Agoraphobia Trait

agoraphobia trait new

Sims can now dread being in large crowds and open spaces, to the point where it becomes paralyzing. Agoraphobics will find it hard to leave their homes and not get overwhelmed or panic. In a way, this trait takes the Loner trait a step further and makes it more difficult for Sims to connect with strangers.

Besides random panic attacks, Sims will also get bouts of social anxiety, be scared around strangers, stressed when not at home, but also happy when they stay inside. This trait will make them happy when they are around their pets or friends. Making friends will be a nightmare for them and they are highly likely to feel embarrassed in social situations.

This mental health mod also includes agoraphobia-related buffs. For instance, Sims can get an ‘Alone in the Crowd’ buff that makes them extremely stressed out and scared when they are around strangers or a ‘Panic Attack’ buff which is even more intense. However, unlike the depression mod, this one comes with a few happy buffs, too, so agoraphobic Sims can get into happy moods when around loved ones or at home. To get the mod, go here!

Bipolar Trait

bipolar trait

Thanks to this mental health mod, Sims from teens to elders can now have drastic mood swings that impact how they function and relate to others. Their moods will change randomly, making it hard to predict their behavior. Sims will have episodes of mania with special wants, where they feel super stoked about life, are upbeat, and feel great, but also episodes of depression, where they are more likely to experience a wide array of negative moodlets.

Every mood swing is followed by changes in needs decay. Because bipolar disorder is characterized by unpredictability, Sims will be more autonomous to do things when triggered by emotions, making it more difficult for him to navigate them. This mental health also adds custom buffs, that range from feeling super energized, when manic, to extremely sad when a depressive episode hits. Stress, emptiness, and bouts of paranoia are just some of the buffs you can expect to see in your game.

The good news is, Sims can help themselves feel better by writing in a journal to process emotions, cry it out in bed, take a relaxing shower, or give themselves a good pep talk. Get the mod here!

Seasonal Affective disorder

seasonal affective disorder trait

So many people are affected by SAD, and now our Sims, aged from teen to elder, can get SAD too. SAD is as sad as it sounds and stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. This mental health mod will make Sims particularly vulnerable and prone to extreme moods in winter and summer.

When cold days kick in and serotonin supplies drop, Sims will experience wintertime blues, but they can also have random summertime sadness. These two seasons will affect their needs and decay, shifting their sleeping and eating patterns. They will get random sad buffs, some more intense than others. For instance, they can get mild sadness in winter or summer or have summer mania, which makes them tense, irritable, and anxious throughout the day Download the mod here.

mental health medications

mental health medications

To help Sims with the above-mentioned personality traits feel better, Simularity has created a special medication mod that goes perfectly with other mental health mods. Medications are meant to alleviate mental suffering and bring more balance into affected Sims’ lives.

Sims can order medications for their condition via the Computer and Order option, just like the would-boy medication if they have some of the in-game illnesses. Once purchased, just make them take a sip of benediction directly from your Sims inventory, and they should feel a lot better. They can purchase three types of mediation:

  • Antidepressants: Sims who feel a little (or very) blue can take them every time they get a sad or bored buff. This medication works both for depressed and bipolar Sims.
  • Anxiety relievers: This is the medication to opt for when Sims get nervous, scared, embarrassed, and stressed. It will work wonders for agoraphobic Sims, but also any Sims who feel very distressed and panicky.
  • Mood Stabilizers: This one will help Sims feel more stable, relieving all angry, bored, sad, stressed,d but also extremely energized buffs. Works terrific for the Bipolar trait.

You don’t have to have Mental Health Traits by Simularity for medications to work, as they can also help Sims with in-game buffs. To learn more about it and get this mod go here!

Psychotherapy mod

psychotherapy mod

Everyone needs to vent sometimes! This mental health mod by Simularity is a solution for all Sims who are going through something, not just those who have mental health issues! Depressed Sim can use it to relieve their sadness, but so can mentally balanced and overall happy Sim if they feel uncomfortable about something. All they need to do is reach for the phone and book a session. Like in real life, therapy isn’t affordable for everyone, so only Sims who can cash 250 simoleons per session will be able to book it.

A psychotherapy session can result in five buffs which ensure that the process is more gradual and realistic. Not every session will be successful and make Sims feel better, so they may need to another appointment to work through their psychological baggage.

Only successful sessions will eliminate their negative moods. If everything goes well Sims can even get rid of one of their current fears. Most of the time though, therapy is uncomfortable, so Sims can have intense sessions that make them even more triggered, sad, drained, and angry. Therapy isn’t for everyone, and if no progress is made, Sims will get the ‘Waste of Time’ buff. To get the mod, go here!

4. Schizotypal Personality disorder by voidddd

MTS Voidddd 2137171 Capturadepantalla35

You can now make your Sims schizotypal. This mod adds the Shyzotypal trait to the game and is a good Sims 4 version of this personality disorder. Sims will experience swift and irrational mood alternations, which will be expressed through schizotypal buffs. They can have epiphanies, have existential dreads, feel alienated, enter into a state of psychosis, and feel bliss from being connected with the Universe.

These Sims will sometimes be on high alert around people, and this can cause them to feel tense and be hyper-alert to their environments. The disorder will alter everything in their life, from their social relationships to how often they sleep or shower. Get Shizotypal mental health mod here!

5. Divergent Sims by a.deep.indigo


Divergent Sims is an extensive mental health mod that brings neurodiversity to the game in a big way. There are 25 new mental health issues Sims can face, from eating disorders and learning disabilities to anxiety and mood disorders.

The coolest part about the mod is that it impacts Sims of all ages, including infants! Disorders and disabilities are interconnected and change how their experience in the world accumulates over time. Sims can have a few of those at once. The most affected are the youngest, because like in real life, the older Sims get, the more self-regulated and aware they become.

The mod can randomly choose whether Sims will be neurodivergent or neurotypical or whether their self-esteem will be low, neutral, or high. There is a natural progression of mental health conditions as Sims grow up, so youngsters who have some sort of mental health difficulty can grow up to have learning disabilities or some sort of neurological difficulty. Even if everything went fine in early childhood, Sims can still develop mental health illnesses as they grow up.

There is a bunch of treatment options Sims with difficulties can opt for, all depending on what difficulty they have and what feels right. They can choose behavioral, group, physical, play, or speech therapy, or opt for medications, such as antidepressants, antipsychotics or anxiolytics, or mood stabilizers. And all can have side effects! Medication, diet, and working out can also help.

These are just key highlights! To learn more about this fabulous mod, you can go here! To get the Divergent Sims mod by A.Deep.Indigo, scroll down a bit and download the public version on this page!


This was our selection for the best mental health mods for the Sims 4. All are incredible in their own right and some may work well when installed together. Some mods may coincide in themes tough, so have that in mind when choosing what to install to avoid potential conflicts. Either way, you get to pick which ones work for your gameplay! Happy Simming!

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