Preteen Mod: Explore an Exciting New Life Stage for the Sims 4!

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Navigate the wonders of growing up with the awesome Preteen Mod for The Sims 4! This mod adds a new age group to your game, offering new and exciting prepubescent adventures for your Sims. Read on as we unveil all of the features of the Preteen Mod below!

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Experience The Fun Of Prepubescence With The Preteen Mod!

Having a preteen life stage in The Sims 4 is great, as it helps our Sims in their transition from their childhood to their teens. Luckily, there is an existing Preteen Mod for us Simmers, which has been around for quite some time. The Preteen Mod was originally created by ItsKatato. As of today, the mod is still published on the said creator’s original website. However, after ItsKatato was absorbed into the Maxis team, fellow simmer and modder a.deep.indigo has adopted the Preteen Mod as well as its add-on pack, the First Crush Mod, and has been constantly updating these two ever since.

What Are All The Features Of The Preteen Mod for The Sims 4?

So, in this list, we are going to let you in on all the incredible features of the Preteen Mod, as well as of the First Crush Mod, its add-on pack. Make sure to check out the last item on the list! Trust us, it’s something you want to try out in the game!

1. Children Turn To Preteens On Their Birthday.

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Once your children blow those birthday candles out, they will move up to the Preteen life stage, instead of becoming a teenager. A pop-up will appear saying that your kid is going to experience a few changes “for the next couple of years.” Ooh, sound exciting, right? After this, you’ll be able to choose another

2. Prepubescent Changes Will Definitely Happen.

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Once your Sims enter the Preteen stage, they will be getting voice cracks that will sound evident each time they talk to other Sims. They will also be going through phases a lot more often than teenage Sims do, causing them to experience a whirlwind of moodlets here and there. So don’t be surprised if they’re all smiles at one point, and very angry the next.

3. Hygiene Will Be a Top Priority for Preteens.

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Since your little Sims are going through a lot of bodily changes during their transition period to their teenage years, they will be experiencing a lot of preteen issues such as having dry skin or exhibiting unhygienic odors. To solve this, simply let your Preteens use products that will leave them and their body feeling fresh and happy, such as a body lotion, a body spray, or a deodorant! These products will ensure that they have supple skin, give them a confident moodlet, or slow their hygiene decay.

4. You Can Adjust The Height of Your Preteens.

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Preteens are no longer children, yet still not teens, so they are in that awkward state of growth. Compared to teens, preteens are much smaller in build—but you can control their height. Simply go to the Preteen menu, and click settings. Click the Preteen base, and select the Reset Height or the Shrink (Height) options to manually alter how short or tall you want your prepubescent Sims to be. Pro tip: This heigh modifier also works for non-Preteen Sims!

5. They Can Attend Middle School or Junior High School.

Screenshot 2023 06 28 180938

If you choose the Middle School version of the mod, you will get a younger version of Preteens who will get to attend a Middle School in the game. However, if you choose the High School version, then you’ll have older Preteens who will be attending a “Junior” High School, through a rabbit hole. And, if you have The Sims 4: High School Years installed, you’ll be able to follow your Preteens as they navigate the halls of their Junior High.

6. Preteens Can Have Their First Crushes.

Screenshot 2023 06 28 181314

If you have chosen to play the High School version of the Preteen Mod while also installing its add-on pack, the First Crush Mod, you will be able to unlock sweet little interactions for your prepubescent Sims. Through this add-on mod, your Preteens will be able to experience the exciting rush of young love! Yes. They will be able to have silly, little crushes on a fellow Preteen.

7. They Can Do Online Interactions With Their Crushes.

Screenshot 2023 06 28 181554

Through their phones, your young Sims can do virtual interactions such as “Follow Crush on Simstagram”. Selecting this will show the available Preteens and selecting one of the Preteens will allow your Sim to have a crush on this certain Sim. A popup will appear saying that your Preteen “has developed a crush on (insert Sim’s name here).” After which, they can now stalk and also unfollow their said crush if they want to! By stalking, they will be able to learn a few traits about their crush, and by unfollowing, they can have the chance to have a new crush.

8. Preteens Can Go on a Cute Little Date.

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Apart from engaging in online interactions, your Preteen can take socialization to another level by asking their crush out on a date. There are three types of dates that they could go on; a group date wherein they can hang out with friends, a chaperoned date with someone else to go with them, or a normal date where there are just the two of them. The dates will then commence on a rabbit hole.

9. Hey, Preteens Can Even Flirt, Too!

Screenshot 2023 06 28 174843

After going out on dates and spending some sweet quality time with their crushes, there are other interactions that your Preteen Sim can do to improve their relationship with their crush. Yet, these are a lot more toned down compared to the teenage and adult interactions we know of. Interactions such as flirting, confessing, hugging, and exchanging numbers are still present for Preteens, but asking someone to be their boyfriend or girlfriend has been changed to “Ask to be a sweetheart.” Awww, our hearts!

10. They Can Journal Their First Crush Experiences.

Screenshot 2023 06 28 175248

After experiencing the blissful state of experiencing their first crushes, your Preteen Sims can choose to write about them in their journal. Simply click on the journal, and choose the option “Write About Crush…” Just remember to hide the journal so the parents of your Preteens won’t see them, or else, prepare to be teased about it!

How Do You Install The Preteen Mod?

The Preteen Mod is easy to install in the game, just follow these easy steps below.

  1. Make sure that you have The Sims 4: Snowy Escape and The Sims 4: Parenthood packs installed in your game.
  2. To download the updated version of the Preteen Mod and its add-on, the First Crush Mod, head on over to this Patreon post of a.deep.indigo. As we’ve mentioned earlier, a.deep.indigo has already adopted these mods, thus, the original website of ItsKatato no longer provides the proper link for these.
  3. In the said Patreon post, click the “Download Now” button to proceed. Clicking the button leads you to a popup page wherein you can choose to donate any amount to support the work of a.deep.indigo, but this is optional. If you want to skip this step, just click the “No thanks, just take me to the downloads” button. If your download still does not start, simply click here.
  4. After downloading, select whether you want to choose the Middle School version or the Junior High version. Only include one in your mods folder.
  5. Once the Preteen Mod and the optional add-on mod are in your mods folder, you must also install the following required mods for everything to work properly in the game: General Pie Menus by a.deep.indigo and the Mood Pack Mod by Lumpinou.
  6. Finally, make sure to enable the use of mods in your game by clicking on Options, then Game Options>Other>Enable Custom Content and Mods.

Final Verdict: Is The Preteen Mod Yay or Nay?

Well, there you have it! The Preteen Mod for The Sims 4 is a definite YAY in our books. This mod brings a much-needed life stage between being a child and a teen in the game, allowing our Sims to take on their prepubescent adventures. The mod also introduces a lot of cool concepts that very much mirror real-life events, like those awkward bodily changes and the sweet experience of having first crushes. So, don’t miss out on the fun– install this mod and delight in playing with your preteen Sims. Happy playing simmers!

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