How To Find And Grow Strawberries in Sims 4?

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About Strawberries in Sims 4

Strawberries are kind of a meme within the Sims 4 community and not without a reason. They’re almost impossible to find when you need them, but they’re plentiful when you aren’t looking for them. There are a few reasons that strawberries are good for, none of which include making your Sim fed. And so, in this post, I’ll tell you how to find and grow strawberries in Sims 4!

But before we do so, I must mention that simmers are very conflicted when it comes to acquiring strawberries. Some find them quickly and easily while others swear that they can’t get any strawberries unless they grow them. However, I’ll tell you what has worked the best for me in my own experience, so you can try the tips for yourself.

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How to Find Strawberries in Sims 4?

First of all, there is no proven data that suggests that strawberries can’t be found in any of the Sims 4 worlds. In other words, you can find strawberries simply by walking around your neighborhood. However, there are a few worlds and locations that happen to spawn more strawberries than usual.

The places with the highest chance of spawning strawberries in Sims 4 are Magnolia Blossom Park, Willow Creek (commercial district, Pendula View, Courtyard Lane, Foundry Cove) and Sylvan Glade. So if you want to find strawberries, visit these places!

Now, there is no guarantee that you’ll find strawberries in all of these locations. Like many other things in the game, the spawning of strawberries is based on RNG. This means that it’s all random, so there are no rules and no exact spawn timers.

But if you own the City Living expansion, then there might be a better option for you.

How to Find Strawberries in City Living?

If you own City Living, then you might be familiar with the vendors that appear in the different community lots. Well, when the vendor is up in the art district in San Myshuno, you can visit it and buy strawberries right there. 

Of course, there’s no RNG involved here, so it’s a sure way of finding strawberries in Sims 4.

But, what about growing your own strawberries?

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How to Grow Strawberries in Sims 4?

And if you want to plant and grow your strawberries, then you must have the Seasons expansion pack installed. But if you do, here’s what you need to know.

First of all, the seeds for growing strawberries can be extremely difficult to find. However, they can also be bought through the Seasonal Spring seed packets. Purchasing seed packets is the easiest way to get your preferred seeds, including strawberries. 

Seasonal Spring seed packets contain strawberry seeds, so you can buy them and plant them right away.

What Are Strawberries Good for in Sims 4?

If you didn’t know, strawberries can influence the gender of the baby in Sims 4. Normally, the gender of the baby is randomly determined. But if your Sim eats strawberries while pregnant, then there’s more chance that the baby will be female. 

Actually, consuming strawberries is very effective if you want to have girls instead of boys. Some players find, grow, and keep strawberries when they want to have more female Sims in their household. For me personally, strawberries almost always work in determining the baby’s gender to female.

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Strawberries are definitely worth it in Sims 4. Even if you don’t plan on having female babies any time soon, they’ll be pretty handy when you do so. When it comes to finding strawberries, only luck is involved. But if you own City Living or Seasons, you can get them in a better way.

Happy simming!

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