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Wondering what the deal is about the mysterious Plasma Fruit from The Sims 4? Read this guide to learn more!

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Plasma Fruit In The Sims Series

Plasma Fruits are plantable items that could satisfy a Vampire’s thirst and could be used to create a variety of dishes and drinks in The Sims 4. These mystical fruits first appeared in The Sims 3: Late Night, wherein Sims can purchase them from the local grocery store and grow them in their backyards. Later on, Plasma Fruits were reintroduced in The Sims 4: Vampires, exhibiting the same functions, but with added features. Continue reading below to learn more about this special fruit dedicated to our fanged fellows in the game.

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What Do Plasma Fruits ANd Plasma Trees Look Like

It’s important for you to be familiar with the appearance of the Plasma Fruit and the Plasma Tree, so you can distinguish these from other fruits and plants that you encounter when playing the game.

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  • Plasma Fruit – The Plasma Fruit looks like a bright pink apple. It has a strange sparkle on it, making it look luminescent even during the night. Like other fruits in the game, it’s small and compact and can easily be placed in the inventory. Sims can eat the fruit or plant it in the planter.
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  • Plasma Tree – Meanwhile, the Plasma Tree is a short, gnarled tree with purplish sprouts on its branches. When it has reached its mature stage, it glows with a strange light at night.

How To Get Plasma Fruits

How exactly does your Sim get their hands on the Plasma Fruit? There are two easy ways to do this.

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  • Via The Computer – Sims who have the Vampire Lore skill can conveniently order Plasma Fruit Seeds from the computer after reaching level 8. It is available for 300 simoleons per packet, under the Vampire Secrets selection.
  • In Forgotten Hollow – If you want some easy harvest, let your Sims visit Forgotten Hollow because there are Plasma Trees all over this world. The easiest area is at Vladislav Straud’s mansion. Your Sims can find the trees in the woods behind his mansion.

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How To Use Plasma Fruit in The Sims 4

The Plasma Fruit is a pretty essential item to have in the game, especially since it has multiple uses for your Sims.

1. Use It In Regular Cooking Recipes.

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If you’re not planning to use it for any vampire-related things, your Sims can incorporate it in the various recipes they create. If a recipe calls for an “Any Fruit” ingredient, your Sims can then use a plasma fruit for it!

2. Make Meals And Drinks For Vampires.

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Your Vampire Sims can create the following meals and drinks using the Plasma Fruit:

  • Plasma Fruit Salad – Eating this will quench the thirst of your Sims for blood. If prepared with high cooking skill, this will give your Sim the Delicious Vampire Dish moodlet and grant +1 happiness. One plasma fruit is equal to 8 servings of Plasma Fruit Salad.
  • Plasma Jane Drink – Drinking this will also help satisfy the thirst of your vampire Sims. It can also provide the Smooth Sipping moodlet and grant +1 happiness.
  • Sunlight Reversal Cocktail – A piece of Plasma Fruit plus 2 garlic are the ingredients for this cocktail. When drunk, this will give your Vampire Sims the Daywalker’s Delight moodlet, and they will have the ability to walk outside and gain energy from the sun for 4 hours.
  • Draught of Reconfiguration – If you want to reset the vampire powers of your Sims, they can concoct this drink using 2 Plasma Fruits, 2 garlic, and 2 wolfsbane.
  • Fizzy Plasma – With a juice fizzer, your Vampire Sims can craft some delicious Fizzy Plasma.
  • Plasma Nectar – 3 Plasma Fruits are all your Vampire Sims need to create the Plasma Nectar.

Be careful about non-Vampire Sims eating meals or drinking concoctions created with Plasma Fruits. They will get the “Foul Fruit” moodlet if they consume any of these, and will feel super uncomfortable for the next 30 minutes.

3. Cure the Vampires.

If your Vampire Sims have become unhappy about their situation, you can let them drink a powerful cure. With Plasma Fruits, they can prepare the Ultimate Vampire Cure. They would just need 10 pieces of the said fruit, 10 garlic, and 10 wolfsbane. Drinking this concoction will free them from their vampirism.

4. Keep Growing More Fruits.

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The best thing about the Plasma Fruit is that your Sims can grow it in their backyards. This is a great decision especially if you have a Vampire Sim who prefers to snack on these fruits and use them in their meals and drinks, instead of sucking their teeth on humans. To plant these, simply purchase a planter. Over time, you can grow an entire garden of Plasma Trees.

Plasma Fruit Cheat

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Plasma Fruits are quite expensive at 300 simoleons each, and if your Vampire Sim is going to depend solely on these to satiate their thirst, you would need a stash of them all the time. Thus, if you want to have instant Plasma Fruits, use the hidden objects cheat! Enter testingcheats true, then type and enter this cheat:

  • bb.showhiddenobjects 

After you have used the cheat code, type in ‘Plasma’ in Build Mode, hit the search button, and you will find the Plasma Fruit and the Plasma Packs. Now, your Vampire Sims will never get thirsty again.

Wrapping It Up

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The Plasma Fruit is a powerful item in the game that is deeply entwined with the existence of Vampire Sims. These bright pink apple-like pieces can be a great alternative for quenching their thirst, can help them acquire other vampire abilities, or can even cure them of vampirism itself. In short, it’s a super essential fruit to have.

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