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Newcrest Sims 4 was not always part of the base game. It was introduced after a free game update in June 2015 as an addition to other base game worlds. Newcrest was designed to offer complete freedom to the player regarding building and arranging homes in the city. Unlike many other Sims 4 worlds, this one has no community lots when you first start playing. Keep reading to discover how to build in Newcrest, and learn what to expect if you decide to move your Sims here.

newcrest sims 4

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What makes Newcrest sims 4 so special?

If you look at the Newcrest sims 4 map, you’ll notice that this whole world is one big, spacious green surface that resembles suburban areas. Although you can see city lights and buildings in the distance, these are not a part of Newcrest. This is a strictly residential area with much potential and zero public spaces. Unlike the other worlds in the Sims 4, the Newcrest has no pre-built homes or even community spaces. Instead, the entire world of Newcrest is empty and ready for you to create ground up.

starting life in Newcrest

Newcrest is purely residential and has 15 empty lots to be precise, which means that the whole world is up to you to design to your liking. To start your journey here, you can either take pre-built houses from the gallery or build homes yourself.


Since there are no community lots, the best solution to create some is to change a lot type from residential to community, and then create your own community space. You’ll be able to do this from the Newcrest World Map, by clicking on the desired lot and choosing Change Lot Type. The world features three neighborhoods, all of which are residential by default:

  • Bridgeview
  • Llama Lagoon
  • Ridgeline Drive


Bridgeview is a family-friendly Newcrest sims 4 neighborhood. It features five small residential lots, ideal for starter families and building small homes with starter budgets. Although the lots are small, the residents of this neighborhood will be able to enjoy nice views of the canal on one side, and the scenic skyline on the other side. It features a small park where Sims can picnic, and a fishing pond over the canal, ideal for developing your Sims’ fishing skills. Since this is a family suburban area, there is also a little playground with monkey bars for youngsters living in the area.

Take a closer look at Bridgeview lots here!

Bridgeview Lots in Newcrest sims 4

Midtown Meadows: Midtown Meadows is an empty residential 40×30 lot, which makes the largest lot in the neighborhood. It is located across the street from the Beech Byway and costs $3,000. 

Beech Byway: This is a 30×20 residential lot and the second-largest in the Bridgeview neighborhood. It is situated across the street from Midtown Meadows which is next to the Fern Park lot and costs $2,000.

Fern Park: Measuring 30×20, the Fern park lot is similar in size to the Beech Byway lot. You can purchase it for $2,000. Fern Park is situated next to the small park, the only park in the area. 

Oak Alcove: Oak Alcove is one of the two smallest lots in the Bridgeview neighborhood, being only 20×15 in size. It is located behind the Beech Byway, near a fishing pond, and next to the Comfy Cubby lot. It costs only $1,500. 

Comfy Cubby: Comfy Cubby is the second smallest lot in the Bridgeview neighborhood. Its size is 20×15 and the price is $1,500. It is located next to the Oak Alcove and not far from the fishing pond. 

Llama Lagoon

If you’d like to turn a residential lot in Newcrest into a community space, this is the perfect neighborhood to do that. Unlike Bridgeview, residential lots in Llama Lagoon are large enough to build spacious family homes or community buildings. However, although the lots in this Newcrest sims 4 neighborhood are large, there are no special amenities Sims can enjoy.

Llama Lagoon Lots

Twin Oracle Point: The largest lot in the neighborhood, and one of the biggest Newcrest sims 4 lots with an area of 50×40. You can purchase it for $8,500.

Rippling Flats: The second largest lot in the Llama Lagoon neighborhood. It covers an area of 40×30 and costs 3,000.

Avarice Acres: With an area of 40×30, this one is the same size as Ripplign Flats, and it costs $3,000. 

Tranquil Crescent: One of the smallest lots in this neighborhood, covering an area of 30×30. You can purchase it for $2,500.

Asphalt Abodes: The smallest lot in the Llama Lagoon neighborhood with the lowest price. It has an area of 30×20 and costs $2,000.

Ridgeline Drive in Newcrest sims 4

Ridgeline Drive has five medium-sized residential lots. It features a few picnic spots and grills, ideal for gatherings and socializing in nature. While there are not many amenities, there is a walking and jogging path located just behind residential lots.

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ridgeline Drive Lots

Optimist’s Outlook: This lot is the largest one in Ridgeline Drive, with a 40×30 lot size. It is located at the end of the Hillside Highland lot, and you can purchase it for $3,000.

Sandy Run: The second largest lot in the neighborhood, measuring 40×20. Its price is $2,500. 

Civic Cliffs: One of the three smaller lots in Ridgeline Drive. Its size is 30×20 and the cost is $2,000. Civic Cliffs are located between the Cookout Lookout and Hillside highlands lot.

Cookout Lookout: It covers an area of 30×20, and you can buy it for $2,000. This lot is located between the Sandy Run and Civic Cliffs lot. Nearby, you’ll find a space for chilling and grilling with neighbors. 

Hillside Highlands: This is a 30×20 lot, with a price of $2,000. It is located in between Civic Cliffs and Optimist’s Outlook lot.

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