40+ Autumn CC and Mods: Have an Unforgettable Fall Season In The Sims 4!

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Feel the cozy vibes of autumn with these carefully curated autumn CC and mods for The Sims 4 and let your Sims enjoy the beauty of the fall season like never before. Explore the list below!

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The changing leaves, the crisp air, and the pumpkin-spiced everything—autumn is such a season of warmth and charm. And now, you can bring that same cozy ambiance to your Sims‘ world in The Sims 4. While the game already offers various seasonal experiences, we’ve handpicked a selection of autumn CC and mods to enhance your gameplay. Get ready to immerse your Sims in the beauty and festivities of this wonderful season!

Sweater Weather Collection

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Let Sims embrace the change of the season by bracing for colder weather! But fret not, they can keep themselves all snug and cozy by donning the pieces from this Sweater Weather autumn CC pack, which contains tops, dresses, jeans, hair, and of course, sweaters!

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Free September Set

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Most of LeoSims’ creations have now been set to private, but luckily, we get access to this Free September Set, an autumn CC pack that features books, clocks, a wall magazine rug, floor art pieces, a sofa, and so much more!

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SxC Pumpkin Soup


Want better and more original outfits for the fall season? Take a look at this Pumpkin Soup Set, which boasts 9 autumn-themed clothing items. The fantastic set draws inspiration from mermaids, elves, fairies, vampires, and witches.

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Cozy Fall Set #1


Enjoy this Cozy Fall Set, which offers new furnishings for your Sims’ spaces, including the Marble Endtable, the Mini Pampas Grass, and the Armchair with Pillow. Find all these under the Comfort, Surfaces, or Clutter category!

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Pumpkin Stew


What is more perfect for the chilly weather brought about by the autumn season, than a hot and steamy bowl of Pumpkin Stew? Yum! Serve this delightful meal to your Sims by downloading this autumn CC from Balkanika.

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Fall 2022 – Portrait & Landscape Wall Arts

1 2

If you prefer more elegant decorations for the fall season, then check out this Portrait and Landscape Wall Art from creator Sims4Luxury. Every piece is priced at 8 simoleons. Great steal, right?

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Happy Fall Collection

tumblr 36ab26647606599abb7f780caf21acac 4da0b83a 1280

The autumn season is also quite an exciting time for toddler Sims as it lets them play with fallen leaves and take pleasure in the cooler breeze of the season. Make sure that they don’t only feel good for autumn, but look good as well, with the clothing pieces from this Happy Fall Collection!

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Starbucks Coffee Set (Singles & Bulk)

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Creator CoatiSims brings us this delightful Starbucks Coffee Set for the game! There are plenty of flavor variants available, but for the autumn season, they have three delectable flavors such as the Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel Mocha, and Fall Blend.

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Pumpkin Patch – Deco Sims

Photo 2022 10 24 11 43 09 PM copy scaled

Are you creating a wonderful Sims story for autumn, wherein you need decorative Sims to fill your background scenes? Look no more and download this Pumpkin Patch Deco Sims! There are over 9 decorative Sims in this cool little autumn CC pack.

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Hot Drinks Seasonal Selection

Fashion Style Brand Mood Board Photo Collage 8

Check out another cute and cozy creation from Littlebowbub! Called the Hot Drinks Seasonal Selection, this gives you all-new drinks in the game, such as the Salted Maple Caramel Latte, the Hot Toddy, and the Pumpkin Spice latte. These drinks can be made using the tea and coffee machines!

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Last Minute Invite

tumblr b785de7cadfbb0aa003ea8bfef032e1d f2dd3195 1280

Inject creative and fun fabrics into your Sims’ autumn fashion with this Last Minute Invite CC pack from Biffybobs! The set includes animal print and plaid threads, ripped tights, and flared jeans—casual pieces that look so good for the fall season!

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Schleepy’s Halloweeness

tumblr cd8e0754b766785892645932da0f41ff 50302863 1280

For Simblreen, Schleepy gifted their supporters with this Halloween Pose Pack for kittens and puppies in The Sims 4! Yep. Your Sims’ little furry friends will definitely look adorable for the autumn season, all because of this pose pack!

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Autumn Flavor Collection

Autumn Flavor Collection

As the autumn season envelopes our Sims into a whirlwind of cozy vibes and warm sweaters, let this Autumn Flavor CC pack become their go-to decor for their houses! There are pumpkin soups, pumpkin lattes, donuts, pumpkin creams, and other stuff in the said pack!

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Concert at the Campsite

tumblr 8961fca63102c937e662b56d9fe3d491 5743a0d1 1280

Campsites are such chill locations where it’s awesome for our Sims to hang out. Well, what about enjoying a concert show or two, too? With this Simblreen gift, Sims can enjoy concert shows on a 20×20 Mid-NoWhere lounge in Windenburg!

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Pumpkin Outft Set

Incorporate the charm of pumpkins into your Sims’ outfits with these pieces from creator RIMINGS! There are over 70 swatches of cute tops, bottoms, and hats, all featuring cute pumpkin details, in this autumn CC pack!

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Is It Autumn Yet?

tumblr e1b1410e022763d64cb7a362ca8b89d5 ff14f944 1280

Prepare for the autumn season by letting your Sims don the pieces from this Is It Autumn Yet mini set, which features coats, sweaters, and jeans. The coat comes in 23 swatches, the sweater comes in 20, and the jeans come in 10.

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Autumn Vibes

tumblr 567e0d0d68074bb1582ef59ce4d47840 9c62fbb2 1280

The Autumn Vibes Pack lets your Sims wear spectacular fall season threads, including 4 patterned pants and 2 tucked tees (high tuck and low tuck variants). All the outfits have solid autumn swatches.

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Autumn Picnic Poses

tumblr 7c3a3489647bb5fcfea3d96f2450b010 43b3ce5a 1280

Take super cool snapshots of your Sims by using these 3 autumn season poses from the Autumn Picnic Pose Pack! Just remember to also download the stated mods in the post of creator Fairlylocalcoward.

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Pumpkin Patch Mini Kit

tumblr 8eff280a2edcbd24fe4588d62c5af7b6 8273ccfd 1280

This autumn CC mini-kit unveils 10 items for your pumpkin decorating sesh. It has over 6 pumpkins and 4 decor items your Sims will like! Plus, this mini-kit is a perfect pair for the Pumpkin Patch Lot Trait that we also included in this list.

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Autumn Dream Set


With the Autumn Dream Set, you’ll get a pack of furniture and decorations that will fit the charming mood of fall. With this autumn CC, you can get access to a chandelier, table and chairs, a plate set, sofa and pillows, and even a console table. Great!

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Pumpkin Spice Coffee Set


Grab these limited-edition autumn-themed drinks, which will certainly match the sweater weather. In the pack, you can find cold pumpkin drinks, pumpkin spice coffee pods, cold chocolate drinks, and coffee creamers!

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Orange Pumpkin Harvestable & Plant

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Have a bountiful autumn harvest with this Orange Pumpkin plant from creator BrazenSims! With this harvestable, your Sims can grow a luscious orange winter squash that is perfect for the season! Plus, you can also purchase the produce from groceries.

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Halloween Molten Lava Cookies

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The autumn season is also all about fall-themed goodies such as these delightful Halloween Cookies! These yummy bites are made from molten chocolate and come in cute and creepy Halloween-themed designs.

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Pumpkin Pie Spice Milled Ingredient

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Instead of letting your Sims instantly consume some ready-made Pumpkin Spice Latte drinks or Pumpkin Spice-based dishes, why not let them make their own meals and concoctions by having access to the Pumpkin Spice ingredient itself? Yep! With this milled ingredient, they can use Pumpkin Spice in the recipes they create!

Click here to download!

Pumpkin Patch Paintings


During the fall season, it is important to decorate Sims’ houses not just on the outside, but also on the inside! Fill their walls with these Pumpkin Patch paintings which totally scream “It’s harvest season!”

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Fall Photo Room

fall room eevee

Meet the Fall Photo Room, a decor set that will give your Sims’ spaces that much-needed autumn vibe! With the hay stacks and pumpkins in this pack, this will be the perfect decoration for your barns!

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Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

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Get these warm and delicious pancakes for your game! These goodies are flavored with Pumpkin Spice and everything nice. Surely, your Sims would like to take a bite or two!

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Functional Pumpkin Spice Candle


Looking for a decorative yet functional autumn CC? Check this Pumpkin Spice Candle out! It serves as a great table decor and is fully functional. You can light it, extinguish it, and set its light color and intensity like a regular lamp or table light.

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Witching Hour

witching preview

Beware of the Witching Hour, an enchanting set that will definitely bedazzle your Sims! This awesome set contains spellbook stands, potion bottles, hanging herbs, cauldrons, rugs, and other bewitching stuff.

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Pumpkin with Spice CAS Collection

tumblr f4556024cdd3fe10ebd76e2527c37c22 c7828ad9 1280

The Pumpkin with Spice is an autumn CC set that is filled to the brim with exciting CAS goodies, including an eyeshadow, a lip gloss, and body freckles. Download now and find out how this collection will look on your Sims!

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Pumpkin Spice Set

638293420728702989 1

Get this Pumpkin Spice Set for your Sims, a set of autumn-themed clutter that is just what you need to decorate your Sims’ working spaces. The set comes with a pumpkin spiced coffee, a donut, and a pumpkin!

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Evelyn Decor


Come and check out this lovely autumn CC set from creator Soloriya, which grants you access to new pieces such as functional candles, wreaths, table sculptures, cedar cones, and decorative candles.

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Starry X Scorpio Fall Poses

Photo 2022 10 21 1 01 44 PM copy scaled

Creators Scorpio.Whims and StarrySimsie collaborated to produce this wonderful Fall Poses set, which brings 10 new poses to the game. You would need to have pumpkins, piles of leaves, and some accessories that are all stated in the post.

Click here to download!

Pumpkin Patch Lot Trait

2022 10 14 19 11 04 390 daisies by shadysims

Of course, the autumn season would not be complete without your Sims visiting a pumpkin patch where they could shop for freshly harvested pumpkins and sip some hot pumpkin tea drinks. Well, with this autumn mod, you can now assign the “Pumpkin Patch” traits to Sims’ lots!

Click here to download!

A Touch Of Autumn Cushions

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Sometimes, a great autumn day simply involves cozying up on a nice and warm couch with cozy pillows, such as these ones from creator Philo! With over 8 swatches, these cute autumn CC pillows will definitely become an essential object for your Sims’ homes.

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Fall Korean Style


With this Fall Korean Style Set, your Sims will get 45 swatches of pretty dresses that are perfect for the season! The dresses come in a variety of solid colors and patterns, all in new meshes. Plus, these pieces fit all kinds of body shapes!

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Fall Flannels

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This season is really all about wearing the comfiest clothes, such as flannels! Good thing this autumn CC set includes 10 flannel pieces that will make your Sims feel cozy as they perform their fall activities.

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Nutmeg Cider Set

main shot

Oh, we just love this huge autumn CC set, which includes over 26 new objects for the game!  You can enjoy featured stuff such as the Pineapple Cutting Board, the Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Donut, the Ceramic Stove, the Maple Leaf Pillow, and many more.

Click here to download!

Autumn Pieces

Poster principal

Splash some color into your Sims’ autumn wardrobe with this Autumn Pieces set. This features 9 colorful fall items, including a turtleneck sweater, a knitted vest, a tiered mini skirt, and long sleeve-cropped tops!

Click here to download!

Final Thoughts: Enjoy The Season with These Autumn CC and Mods!


We hope that you enjoyed this list of amazing autumn CCs and mods. Go and download these delightful finds as you sip your hot cup of pumpkin spice latte, and don’t forget to share your Sim stories, autumn-inspired builds, and cozy moments with us! We are on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok, where you can follow and message us! Or, you can simply leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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