Thriftea: The Popular Bubble Tea Shop In The Sims 4

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Have you heard about ThrifTea, the hip and new bubble tea shop in town? Well, we’re here to dish out all the deets about it so read on!

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Get To Know The Thriftea Shop in The Sims 4

We have recently introduced you to Trendi, the new app introduced in The Sims 4: High School Years. In that article, we mentioned how Sims could use the said app to sell fashion looks that they’ve created through the Thriftea shop. Well, what exactly is this shop, you may ask?

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Thriftea is the new bubble tea shop in the game which also serves as a clothing bazaar and a cool hangout spot for Sims! In this article, we’ll reveal all the details you need to know about this hip and happening bubble tea shop for your Sims, so read on.

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Where is This Shop Located?

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ThrifTea is a new lot assignment in The Sims 4, which is specifically categorized as a “Thrift and Bubble Tea Store”. Sims can visit the trendy hangout spot by traveling to Copperdale and clicking the lot located in the Prescott Square Neighborhood, near the Lakeview Library.

What Can Sims Do In This Shop?


We’re sure that this bubble tea shop will be your Sims’ next favorite hangout spot. Although the location is quite small and cramped, there are plenty of activities that Sims can do in the place, such as the following:

  • Create Fashion Looks – Sims can browse the clothing racks available and create their fashion looks.
  • Buy Bubble Tea – Sims can choose from the selection of bubble tea drinks in the shop.
  • Buy Snacks – Snacks are also available! View below for the list.
  • Join Thriftea Events – On certain days of the week, there are events in the store that Sims can participate in.

Thriftea Drinks


Here are the drinks that Sims can order from the shop. In essence, we think that all of these selections are great, but the Chocolate Milk Bubble Tea with Cheese Foam seems exceptionally yummy!

  • Lychee Milk Bubble Tea – 6 Simoleons
  • Mango Milk Bubble Tea – 6 Simoleons
  • Taro Milk Bubble Tea – 7 Simoleons
  • Chocolate Milk Bubble Tea with Cheese Foam – 8 Simoleons
  • Strawberry Matcha Latte Bubble Tea – 9 Simoleons

Thriftea Snacks


Meanwhile, here are the snacks that your Sims can munch on! There are only 4 options available, which include a vegan dish for your vegan Sim! If we’re in the game, we’d totally love to try the Fried Chicken Slider.

  • Veggie Slider – 10 Simoleons
  • Fried Chicken Slider – 10 Simoleons
  • Hamburger Slider – 10 Simoleons
  • Corndog – 8 Simoleons

Thriftea Events


Keep visiting the bubble tea shop because they often host events on different days of the week. Here are what your Sims can expect:

  • ThrifTea Fashion Show – held every Monday and Friday
  • ThrifTea Amateur Comedy Night – held every Wednesday
  • ThrifTea Poetry Evening – held every Sunday

How To Have Bubble Tea at Home


If you cannot go to ThrifTea, yet your Sims are craving more servings of delightful bubble tea, that’s alright! You can bring the drink shop to your Sim’s house instead. Simply go to Buy Mode, and search for the ThrifTea Bubble Tea Counter. It’s available for 930 simoleons.


After placing the counter on your lot, you can also purchase some tea shop furnishings and artwork, which will go well with your ThrifTea Bubble Tea Counter. Here are some ThrifTea-specific finds in Buy Mode:

  • Pearl the ThrifTea Monkey – 150 Simoleons
  • ThrifTea Depop Mural – 20 Simoleons
  • What’s on the ThrifTea Menu? – 20 Simoleons

You have three options for interacting with the Bubble Tea Counter:

  • Tend Bubble Tea Counter – You can tend the Bubble Tea Counter and serve whoever will order drinks.
  • Hire Vendor – You can hire a vendor who will man the stall for 100 simoleons.
  • Make Bubble Tea- You can create bubble tea for yourself or your family.

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Thriftea is one of the best new additions to the game. It does not only let you drink delectable cups of bubble tea, but it also adds a few new tweaks to your gameplay. If you have The Sims 4: High School Years installed, you definitely have to let your Sims visit this awesome shop today.

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