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Do you want a deeper experience of tattooing your sims than just going straight into CAS? If you’re looking to give your game just a touch more realism or you want to bring tattoo parlors into the world of The Sims 4, you’ll find the right tattoo shop mod here.

Tattoo Shop Mod
Sims 4 Tattoo Shop Mods!

The Sims 3: Ambitions introduced non-CC tattoos to the world of The Sims for the first time, giving sims the option of going to a tattoo artist to get some ink or learning the skill themselves to perform on others. It was a welcome change to see tattoos included as part of The Sims 4 base game, which can be added (or removed) anytime with a quick trip into CAS.

In real life, it’s not that easy. Getting a tattoo can be quite an experience and even though it typically involves some pain, many people will go back for more and more of them because the outcome is worth it—this author has 9 tattoos herself! While there isn’t a way currently to share that experience with your sims, tattoo shop mods allow you to come somewhat close. We’ve got a list of mods for you to try out that will bring tattoo shops into your game in multiple ways.

8 Tattoo Shop Mods You’ve Gotta Try

Send your sims to a tattoo parlor or build a shop of your own with these great tattoo shop mods!

1. Tattoo Artist Career by Marlyn

image 29

This fully fleshed-out career path includes 10 levels, promotion requirements, and 35 different chance cards with 135 possible outcomes and accompanying buffs! Marlyn didn’t cut any corners when crafting this mod, and you can download it here.

Here are more of our favorite CC career Mods!

2. Tattoo Shop Mini Pack by Bill L

image 24

This little pack has deco tattoo shop CC like flash, signage, and even a tattoo gun. It perfectly captures the vintage tattoo aesthetic that’s been popular for a number of years. Head here to get this deco set.

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snootysims tattoos2 1

3. Tattoo Parlor by AroundTheSims

image 22

This set has pretty much everything you need to build your own tattoo parlor! Beautiful flash, a tattoo gun in multiple colors, ink, sanitary equipment, and more can be found with this set. The pièce de résistance? A tattoo chair that is actually a Get Famous styling chair! Your sim may not be able to get a tattoo in this seat but it’s the closest we can get with in-game mechanics. I’ve had this set for years and highly recommend it.

Thinking about buying Get Famous? We’ve got all the details.

4. Tattoo Shop Sign by Harlequin Eyes (That’s me!)

image 23

Coming a little closer to home now, I’ve had this tattoo shop build in my game for years but was never able to find a good sign for the building. So, I made my own! There are 6 different swatches in various styles to suit whatever vibe you want to have for your shop—they look great on windows, too. I hope you like them!

5. Tattoo Shop Pose Pack by Sim-plyreality

image 28

This set comes with 12 poses of sims getting tattooed on various parts of their body, plus a consultation pose and a waiting area pose.

There’s also a bonus pose for children getting their ears pierced with a piercing gun (sidenote: piercing guns are terrible and you should never trust a real tattoo parlor that does piercings with a piercing gun—fortunately it doesn’t make a difference in the world of The Sims 4).

Check out the other poses and download them here.

If you want to give the Pose Player mod a try, take a look at our guide.

6. Tattoo Parlour Posepack by Lavander.s4

image 27 edited

A set of 12 poses for a sim getting a forearm tattoo, accompanied by a friend/partner who goofs around while they wait. I was not able to get the tattoo gun for this set working properly, but the tattoo gun from Sim-Plyreality’s pose pack fits perfectly.

You can take a look at the rest of the poses and download them here.

7. Functional Tattoo Chair by FTuga197

image 26

Originally converted from The Sims 3 by Simour, FTuga197 tuned the chair to work like a mirror. If you click on it you’ll get the option Make a Tattoo which will bring you into CAS to add/remove tattoos. You could put this chair on any community lot and have an instant tattoo parlor as part of your build! Get the tattoo chair here.

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8. Rabbit Hole | Tattoo Shop by KawaiiStacie

image 25

KawaiiStacie is behind some amazing CC that has transformed The Sims 4, and this tattoo shop mod is no exception. You’ll find 2 different styles of sign that you can click on to give your sims temporary or permanent piercings and tattoos—they’ll disappear for a bit and you’ll hear relevant sound effects before the sim returns with their new body modification. If you choose a temporary piercing or tattoo your sim will return with a random one, but if you choose a permanent feature, you’ll be transported to CAS to select them yourself.

The neatest feature of this tattoo shop mod is that townies will use it too! They only get temporary tattoos and piercings, but they’ll do it autonomously so your neighborhoods will actually look & feel like there’s a legit body modder working out there. KawaiiStacie used the T.O.O.L. mod to place a tattoo sign outside of one of the shops in Henford-On-Bagley so it looked like a legit tattoo shop in the town square. You can see a video of this in action and download this awesome mod here.

Learn all about the T.O.O.L. mode here.

Closing Comments

Tattoos are a creative and fun way for humans and sims alike to express themselves and while we can’t quite replicate the experience of being tattooed for our sims, with these mods we can get kind of close. It doesn’t matter if you want a more realistic way to let sims in your world get inked or you want to build your own dream studio, you can find a tattoo shop mod here that will do the trick. Enjoy this awesome CC!

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