19+ of The Best ANTO CC Packs for The Sims 4!

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ANTO is known for creating fresh and fabulous 3D hair and custom accessories for The Sims 4. With this ANTO CC list that we prepared for you, you can check out the trendiest hairstyles and most luxurious accessories that we handpicked from his creations!

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19+ of The Best ANTO CC Packs for The Sims 4!

Get to Know the CC Creator ANTO

Hailing from Spain, Antonio is a supremely talented CC creator for The Sims 4. More popularly known as ANTO, he has been developing custom hairstyles and accessories for The Sims 4 for several years now. In creating his excellent CC pieces, ANTO experiments with 3D meshes and hand-paints the CC details with textures and alphas. Being one of the most active CC creators for The Sims 4, ANTO often releases his creations on Patreon, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

ANTO CC: His Best Creations

In this list, we have gathered the best creations of ANTO for the Sims 4, which includes stylish hairstyles and classy accessories for your Sims. Don’t forget to check out number 20, it’s our top pick for this list!

1. Noelia Hairstyle

noelia1 1

Let’s begin this list with the Noelia Hairstyle. If you’re a fan of long and curly hair for your sims, you shouldn’t miss this one. ANTO made the gorgeous hair stand out by pulling out one side of the hair back and displaying the larger volume of curls on the front. It’s available in 60 colors.

Download this ANTO CC here.

2. Teardrops Hairstyle


Channel the inner Ariana Grande of your sims with the Teardrops Hairstyle from ANTO, which was inspired by Ariana’s appearance in the music video, Rain on Me. The Teardrops Hairstyle comes in 60 colors. To serve as highlights, ANTO also created colored strands for this hairstyle, which you can find under the Hats section.

Have sims sport this pretty ANTO CC, by downloading here.

3. Fringe Pack 1

fringe pack 1

The Fringe Pack 1 includes a collection of fringes in mixed styles and cuts for your Sims. You can choose from 10 styles, including full bangs, and side-swept fringes. Teens to adult sims can have these fringes, just take note it is required to have the Chromatic Collection 1 pack for this particular ANTO CC Fringe Pack 1 to work.

This pack of fringes is downloadable here.

4. Cardi Hairstyle (Collaboration with SAVAGESIMS)


Check out the intricate loops and hoops on this Cardi Hairstyle! The Cardi Hairstyle was inspired by the wig worn by the popular artist Cardi B in one of her videos and is a collaboration between ANTO and SAVAGESIMS. The hairstyle comes in 60 colors and has alternative variants, the Chain Reaction and the Domino hairstyles.

Obtain this glorious ANTO CC here.

5. Julia Earrings


Now, we’re in for some accessories! For number 5, we have Julia Earrings, which is another delightful creation from ANTO. This set includes large and shiny looped earrings that are available in 7 colors. Teens and adults can wear the Julia Earrings, and they are compatible to be worn with hats.

Get these earrings here.

6. Theo hairstyle


The Theo Hairstyle features soft and shiny straight locks that are medium-length. ANTO created this elegant, layered hairstyle in response to fans requesting longer male hair in the game. It is also inspired by one hairstyle in The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack. The Theo Hairstyle is HQ-compatible and is available in 60 colors.

Access the Theo hairstyle through this link.

7. Iris hairstyle


The Iris Hairstyle is much like the Noelia Hairstyle, as it features long and exquisite curly locks for your Sims. However, this one is much shorter in length and has tinier curls. Both sides of the hair are also displayed in front of the shoulders, perfectly framing the face of your Sims.

Enjoy this Iris ANTO CC, by downloading it here.

8. Lauren Hairstyle


Want a chic-looking hairstyle for sports or fitness events for your Sims? Then let them wear the Lauren Hairstyle! The said hairstyle features swept-up, lengthy hair with side bangs and double braids. It comes in 60 colors and is HQ-compatible.

The Lauren Hairstyle is available for download here.

9. Craig Hairstyle


If you loved the Noelia and the Iris Hairstyles we introduced above, then you might also like this Craig Hairstyle! Created with lustrous small curls, the Craig Hairstyle is a medium-length hair perfect for Sims who want a face-framing cut with a little volume. ANTO developed this hairstyle as a response to “curly hair for guys” requests.

Elevate your sims’ looks by donning this ANTO CC, available here.

10. Downpour Hairstyle


Get that laid-back but embellished look for your Sims with the Downpour Hairstyle, another ANTO CC inspired by the tresses of artists from the Rain on Me music video. Take note that the layers of this hair are intricately designed, and have detailed waves, thus, the hair comes in high poly. The hairstyle is also available in 60 colors.

Have fun with this alluring hairstyle, available here.

11. Ginevra Earrings


We have more accessories for you on this list! Meet the Ginevra Earrings, an essential piece of jewelry that your Sims must have for their next glamorous night out or dinner date. The Ginevra Earrings is a large double-hooped dangling earring that comes in 9 colors. It could be worn by teens to adult sims.

Grab these gorgeous ear loops here.

12. Luke Hairstyle


For number 12 we have the Luke Hairstyle, a beautiful short-length hair that is tied with a half-bun. Fun fact: This hairstyle is personally inspired by featured creator ANTO, as this is the hairstyle that he used to achieve for himself in the past! The hairstyle is HQ-compatible and comes in 60 colors.

Add the Luke Hairstyle to your game by downloading it here.

13. Angela Hairstyle


Another hair art from ANTO CC! This one is called the Angela Hairstyle. It features a lengthy and layered mane with glorious fringes that frame the face, as well as two side buns on top. If you ask us, this will look totally chic on girly gamer sims, or teen sims in high school!

Acquire these awesome strands by downloading here.

14. Fringe Pack 2


If you loved the Fringe Pack 1 that we introduced to you earlier, then get ready for another awesome set of bangs! The Fringe Pack 2 features all-new fringes in an assortment of styles and cuts that will complement more hairs in the game. The fringes come in 100 colors and are suitable for teens to adult sims.

Have fun in the game by incorporating these fringes, available here.

15. David Hairstyle


We have more uniquely-crafted ANTO CC hairstyles for you! This one, called the David Hairstyle, is a semi-short hair that features tiny, textured curls that extend on the front of the face as fringes. This one is perfect for Sims who want more face-defining locks. It is available in 60 colors as well.

Get your hands on this hairstyle, by downloading here.

16. Karla Hairstyle


For number 16, we have the Karla Hairstyle pack, which consists of 4 hairstyles and colored bangs for your Sims. Your Sims can wear the bangs with or without color. According to ANTO, this one is a Pinterest-inspired summer hair pack! Additionally, the pack is HQ-compatible, comes in 60 colors, and is for toddlers to elder sims!

The Karla Hairstyle is available here.

17. Minerva Hairstyle


If you’re searching for a hairstyle that fits the Disney Princess getup, then download this Minerva Hairstyle for your sims. This one is a long, braided hair that features delicate fringes on the sides. Wearing this with a frilly dress would complete your sim’s summer look! Like the others, the Minerva Hairstyle is HQ-compatible and comes in 60 colors.

This ANTO CC is downloadable here.

18. Sofia Hairstyle


If you love luscious long locks which exhibit a sexy but laid-back vibe for your Sims, then check out this Sofia Hairstyle for number 18. This hairstyle incorporates long, wavy, and voluminous strands that exude the beach babe look. The Sofia Hairstyle is also HQ-compatible and comes in 60 colors.

Get the Sofia hairstyle here.

19. Ezekiel Hairstyle


If you want a hairstyle that is simple yet still exudes that extra oomph factor, then you have to get this side-shaved hair, called the Ezekiel Hairstyle. It is created by ANTO in collaboration with creator Balmain4sims. The Ezekiel Hairstyle comes in 27 colors and is HQ-compatible.

Get this hairstyle here.

20. Ciara Hairstyle


The Ciara Hairstyle is a charming and elegant hair that your Sims could wear. It features long, sleek fringes on the front and a ponytail on the back. We think that it’s the go-to hairstyle for both day and night events, as it is perfect for corporate meetings in the office, and weeknight parties as well!

Grab this endearing hairstyle here.

Final Thoughts

ANTO is one of the top CC creators out there for The Sims 4. With this list, we hope that you were able to appreciate his spectacular works, and download these creations for your game. As always, we here at SnootySims will keep on striving to feature excellent CC creators for you, our dear simmers!

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