The Most Gorgeous Hair Redesigns of Moonflowersims for The Sims 4!

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Talented CC creator Moonflowersims, formerly known as Missparaply, is famous for her beautifully-designed hair retextures for The Sims 4. In this article, we curated several of her best works, which you could download and enjoy in the game! Check out our list below!

Sims 4 Missparaply Hair CC!

Handpicked Hair Redesigns from Moonflowersims!

We all love the default hairstyles available in The Sims 4, but sometimes, it helps to have refreshing new hair shades and textures available, which our Sims could flaunt! In this list, we have handpicked our favorite hair recolors and retextures from the Tumblr page of CC creator Moonflowersims, also known in the past as Missparaply! This brilliant creator has been making hair redesigns for years now, craftily transforming hair meshes from other CC creators and those that are found in the game. Check out her best works below!

15. Retexture of Nightcrawler Hairs


If your Sims have always loved rocking lengthy hairstyles, then these beautiful, retextured tresses are for them. Moonflowersims provided 65 new redesigns of these 5 hairstyles from CC creator Nightcrawler. Make sure to download the original meshes before downloading this Moonflower retexture, or else, the latter won’t work! Here’s your download link for the mesh and recolor download.

14. Undercut Mohawk Hair Recolor

Sims 4 Missparaply Hair: Undercut Mohawk!

Ah, who doesn’t love the Undercut Mohawk hair? It just comes oozing with confidence and style! Moonflowersims took the Undercut Mohawk Hair from The Sims 4: Island Living and transformed it, providing us with a variety of 65 new colors. She also provided a package for extra flower crown colors, which you can find in the Hats section. Make sure to have The Sims 4: Island Living installed! Go and download this hair recolor here.

13. Island Living Hair Recolors


Look like a total babe and complete your Sulani beach look by wearing these fantastic Island Living hair recolors from Moonflowersims! The CC creator revamped a few of the Island Living hairstyles by recoloring these into 65 dashing hues. Now, there are natural and unnatural shades to choose from! But, for these recolors to work, you would need to have The Sims 4: Island Living installed. Here is the link for these hair recolors.

12. Island Living High Cone Pony hair

And so, another Island Living Hair makes it to our list of the best Moonflowersims hair creations! Let your Sims get this awesome updo right now! Our cc creator has recolored the High Cone Pony hair in 65 new swatches and provided a custom thumbnail for it. Take note that for these recolors to work, it requires The Sims 4: Island Living to be installed in your game! Head here to download this hair CC.

11. New Sea Gaze Hair Retexture

tumblr inline psbli556YT1sc2k1v 500

Let your Sims sport this pretty double-bun hairstyle with side bangs! This one is an old hair retexture from Moonflowersims, which has been pulled out from her archives, but it still works great in the game! The original mesh comes from New Sea Gaze and Moonflowersims skillfully presented us with 65 new recolors for it. Come and click this link to download this hair retexture!

10. Maxis Match hair Recolors


Get these four charming hairstyles in a variety of Moonflowersims recolors! Original hair meshes are from CC creators Grimcookies, Greenllamas, Kotccat, and Pinkpatchy, while the hair textures are from The Sims 4. Moonflowersims provided 65 fabulous shades, all with custom thumbnails, to further improve the hairstyles. Keep in mind to download the original meshes first! Go and download the original meshes and these hair recolors here.

9. Island Living Flower Crown Hair Recolor

Allow your Sim to look like the ultimate beach goddess by letting them sport this gorgeous Flower Hair! It is an original mesh introduced in Island Living, richly recolored by Moonflowersims. When placed in the game, it comes with its own custom thumbnail and provides a package for extra flower crown colors in the Hats section. Make sure to have The Sims 4: Island Living installed for this recolor to work! This is the link for this flower crown hair recolor.

8. Discover University Hair Recolors


Moonflowersims selected 8 incredible hairstyles that come with The Sims 4: Discover University and provided 65 new natural and unnatural shades for these hairs. Now, your college sims can sport their rocking hairstyles in so many new hues! Please note that you would need to have the Discover University expansion pack for this hair CC pack to work. Head to this link to download these hair recolors.

7. Leahlillith Make Up Hair Retexture

tumblr pr73szOfGG1tw1icfo1 500

This retextured hair is the bomb! Your Sims will definitely feel gorgeous in showing off this feminine hairstyle in this retextured shade. Moonflowersims reworked the original mesh of Leahlillith Makeup Hair and made it available in 65 colors, with a variety of solids, ombres, and dark roots. Make sure to download the original hair mesh, which already includes the hair scrunchie, for this CC to work! Here is the link for this hair CC.

6. Hair Recolors of Imvikai Hair

tumblr 019d81c5c01575c93b9b38f001ffad1c d3a69122 500

Moonflowersims selected 8 hair meshes from CC creator Imvikai and recolored these into awesome shades. She came up with 65 natural and unnatural colors for these distinct hairstyles, which include both curly and straight types and long and short lengths. You can download the meshes first before proceeding to download the recolor. The hair meshes and hair recolor are available here.

5. Island living Long Tight Curls Hair

This is a hair retexture of the original Island Living Tight Curls hair in the game. Moonflowersims retextured it and made it available in 65 colors. This, of course, requires the Island Living expansion pack to work. Take note that there is a separate package for the extra flower crown colors, which could be found in the Hats section of CAS. This hair pack is available at this link.

4. Nightcrawler Divine Hair Retexture

If you like a high ponytail hairstyle for your Sims which would be suitable for their sporty activities, you’ll love this CC pack. It is a retexture of the hair mesh by Nightcrawler Divine. Moonflower made it available in 65 colors with solids, ombres, and dark roots. Please note that you have to download the original hair mesh for this retexture to work! The said original mesh and hair retexture can be downloaded here.

3. Leahlillith Kyra Hair Retexture

tumblr pqy4bojhwz1tw1icfo1 500

Glam up your sim’s outfit with this fabulous hair retexture! Moonflowersims revamped another creation of Leahlillith, giving us 65 refreshing colors of this cute straight hair with sparkling clips. Keep in mind that the hair accessories come with the original mesh so make sure to download that first, before this hair retexture CC! Here is where you can download this hair CC.

2. hair and Hairbands Recolor


This is another revamping that Moonflowersims did for Imvikai’s original hair meshes. She chose quirky and fun-looking hairstyles from the said CC creator and gave these a twist, making these available in an array of 65 bright swatches. She also created custom thumbnails for each hair and made sure that the recolors are compatible with the base game and with hats. Click this link to download this hair CC recolor.

1. Recolors of Grimcookies and Savvy Hairs


For our top entry in this list, we have the recolors of Grimcookies and Savvy hairstyles. Moonflowersims borrowed these 8 stunning meshes from the said CC creators and masterfully rendered 65 varieties of natural and unnatural shades for these hairs. Now, your Sims can show off these alluring tresses in different bursts of color! Go ahead and download the original hair meshes and these hair recolors here.

In Conclusion

So that’s it! We hope you enjoyed this top 15 list of the ultimately gorgeous hair CC by Moonflowersims because we also took great delight in handpicking her best hair compositions for you! Go and follow Moonflowersims’ blog on Tumblr so you can be updated about all her works. Please bookmark our page as well, to keep track of the latest news and to be informed of the greatest mods and custom content for The Sims 4. Happy playing, our dear Simmers!

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