Sims 4 Sentiments: A Full Guide on How They Work

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Learn how to utilize the Sims 4 Sentiments function. Create great relationships that are stronger, more meaningful, exciting, and dramatic! Enhance your gameplay experience by fully understanding how sentiments work. This article will explain the ins and outs of Sims’ emotions and how the interactions Sims have can be one of the most fun aspects of the game.

Sims 4 Sentiments
Sims 4 Sentiments

What are Sims Sentiments?

The best way to explain what Sim’s Sentiments are is to relate them to human feelings and emotions. These are the feelings that Sims have for each other. They can be good or bad and are influenced by behavior and the interactions in their relationships with each other. It is designed to mimic the way relationships form in real life. Sentiments can also work like memories. For example, if there is a meaningful moment or experience in a relationship, this can be remembered in the form of a new sentiment between the two sims.

These sentiments can be short-term or long-term. The length is affected by the intensity of the emotion. An example of this would be, if two sims went on a mountain climb together, that would create a short-term sentiment memory. However, if a Sim cheated on another Sim that would create a long-term sentiment memory. Sentiments are the foundation of the relationship experience in Sims4.

How do the sentiments work?

Sims 4 Sentiments

Sentiments reflect how Sims feel about each other. This can be acted out in positive or negative ways. For example, if a Sim has cheated on another Sim, this can create the “Furious about Cheating” sentiment. This will create powerfully angry or sad moodlets when they are around that sim that cheated. They can then use their mischievous or mean socials when with that person and friendly communication would be a no-no. Much like real life, the sim expresses their painful memories, frustration and wounds in this way.

On the positive side, Sims can fall in love when using the “Deeply in Love” sentiment, and their interactions around the Sim they love will then produce happy or flirty moodlets when around them and will be happy in social situations together. One of the interesting aspects of sentiments is that they are not necessarily mutual. So for example, in a relationship break-up situation, one partner can be happy and calm about it, while the other partner can be furious.

These are the 4 types of positive sentiments:

Adoring, Close, Enamored, and Motivating.

These are the 4 types of Negative sentiments:

Guilty, Hurt, Furious, Bitter.

A Sim can have up to 4 sentiments at once. If the Sim gains the 5th sentiment, it will replace the weakest sentiment within the current 4.

Within the sentiments there are also more individual sentiments within these types, maxing at 30 base game sentiments, although 54 more are available across all DLC packs.

Where are the Sims Sentiments located?

Sims 4 Sentiments
Sims sentiments location

The sentiments are located in the relationships panel, located at the bottom right of the screen. Here you will find all the sims that your sim has relationships with. When you click on the Sim it will display “Open Sim Profile” Here you can view all of the details for the selected sim. The sentiments are displayed at the bottom. If there is nothing there. This panel is empty because you have not had any interactions with that sim. Here you will also be able to see a second sim’s interactions with that Sim and how that sim feels about your sim. This is handy if you do not know that sim yet or if they are not in your household.

It is easy to see the sentiments when you are in conversation with another sim. This will be shown in the middle part of the conversation panel. If you click on the icon that looks like a book, this will open up all current sentiments toward the other.

list of Sims Sentiments

Screenshot 2022 05 22 at 15.50.57
Sims 4 Sentiments

Here is the list’s of Base game sentiments. Other Sentiments are obtained in DLC packs.

positive Sentiments

Sentiment name Description Type

AdoringSim 1 wants the best for Sim 2AdoringBase Game
Awed (by Lifesaving Hero)Sim 2 saved the life of Sim 1AdoringBase Game
Close after a Close CallSim 2 almost died, but the Grim Reaper changed his mindCloseBase Game
Closer after a Fun PartySim 1 threw a great party and feels closer after spending time with Sim 2 at the partyCloseBase Game
Closer from Happy MemoriesSim 1 and Sim 2 had a pleasant conversationCloseBase Game
Deeply ConnectedSim 1 and Sim 2 have a powerful connectionCloseBase Game
Deeply in LoveSim 1 is completely in love with Sim 2EnamoredBase Game
Growing Closer from Quality TimeAfter spending a long time together, Sim 1 and Sim 2 feel closer togetherCloseBase Game
ImpressedSim 1 is impressed by Sim 2AdoringBase Game
SmittenSim 1 is romantically enamored by Sim 2, getting butterflies when they are nearbyEnamoredBase Game
Open-HeartedSim 1 is feeling welcoming toward the recent addition to the family, who is Sim 2CloseBase Game
Cooking TogetherSim 1 and Sim 2 had a nice time cooking togetherCloseBase Game
Friendly AdviceSim 1 remembers when Sim 2 listened to his/her problems and shared some thoughtful advice.MotivatingBase
Friends in a time
of loss
Sim 1 has formed a bond with Sim 2 – the kind that can only come from the profound grief of deathAdoringBase

Negative Sentiments

Sentiment Name Description Type

Ashamed of a Terrible PartySim 1 threw a terrible party and is worried what Sim 2 thinksGuiltyBase Game
Awkward after a Bad DateSim 1 had a bad date with Sim 2GuiltyBase Game
Betrayed by CheatingSim 2 cheated on Sim 1, who feels betrayedBitterBase Game
Bitter about BreakupSim 1 resents Sim 2 after a bad breakupBitterBase Game
Deeply WoundedSim 1 was deeply hurt by Sim 2HurtBase Game
Dejected about RejectionSim 1 is sad about Sim 2 rejecting themHurtBase Game
Festering GrudgeSim 1 has a grudge against Sim 2, and it’s unpleasant when the two are togetherBitterBase Game
FuriousSim 1 is furious at Sim 2, and they get angry every time they see Sim 2FuriousBase Game
Furious about CheatingSim 1 is very furious that Sim 2 cheated on them, feeling incredibly betrayedFuriousBase Game
Grudging after a FightSim 1 and Sim 2 have an unfinished fight that needs to happenBitterBase Game
GuiltySim 1 feels bad about something that took place with Sim 2GuiltyBase Game
HeartbrokenSim 1 feels heartbroken and hurt whenever they look at Sim 2HurtBase Game
HurtThis is similar to Heartbroken but doesn’t deal with romantic feelingsHurtBase Game
Infuriated about Cancelled WeddingSim 2 canceled the wedding, and Sim 1 is angryFuriousBase Game
Resentful about DivorceSim 1 feels resentment after Sim 2 divorced them, and is bitter toward their presenceBitterBase Game
SaddenedSim 1 and Sim 2 once had a strong relationship, but it faded awayHurtBase Game
Sims 4 Sentiments

DLC pack list

If these sentiments aren’t enough and you want to get more, you can do this via an expansion pack. This is a list of the packs available with added sentiments.

  • SD – Spa Day
  • SE – Snowy Escape
  • DHD – Dream Home Decorator
  • CoL – Cottage Living
  • MWS – My Wedding Stories

You can download them here:

We hope this information is helpful to encourage you to create fantastic relationships with your Sims. Sentiments are an amazing feature that brings near real-life scenarios and an extra dimension to your Sim characters.

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