The Sims 4 Mod Improved Relationships

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Love is a complicated but beautiful thing, and relationships are exactly the same. No matter how committed to romance your Sims are, there are times where things work out and others when they don’t. Despite EA’s best efforts, relationships often lack a bit of dynamism and spark, so it takes good Sims 4 mod improved relationships to bring it to the game.

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The Original Sims 4 Mod Improved Relationships

The namesake of this article is an essential 2019 mod by content creator Zero, which dramatically changes the dynamics of relationships in The Sims 4. Currently, romantic interactions work on a ‘snapshot’ basis, which is to say things are what they are at the present moment without accounting for what happened a second ago. Zero’s Improved Relationships mod changes this around by adding buffs based on the stage each relationship is in and how Sims feel about each other.

How this works in practice is, Sims that enjoy spending time together will become happier, then flirtier, until it escalates into a relationship. At that point, if things keep going well they’ll continuously improve, but if they don’t, they’ll initially get bored of dating and then become tense as their affair becomes more of a chore. At this point, either things improve, or they break up. Similar logic applies to marriages, hot and cold relationships or enemies with benefits. On top of that, there are consequences after the relationship ends as well – Sims that broke up after a relationship can feel angry or saddened when around each other, depending on how their affair ended.

This delightfully complex mod can be found at Zero’s Patreon page.  

First Love, by LittleMsSam

There’s nothing quite one’s first love. That first taste of warm feelings and a special connection during childhood leaves a mark like no other, so it’s only natural that this would be replicated in The Sims 4.

Modder LittleMsSam has created a system where children who build a high level of friendship will have a new item on their menu labelled as “First Love”, with a one-time option to bite the bullet and confess the crush. If things work out, these Sims now have a new relationship status called “First Crush”.

From then on, the relationship can slowly grow based on how much time they spend together. If things escalate to “First Love” level, more options become available like exchanging phone numbers, hugging and visiting. If you choose to give out your number, it enables options to call or text. All of these can further the relationship until the options to monkey around and later stargazing shows up.

If things keep going well, your Sims reach the make-or-break of their first love: they can ask to become their boyfriend/girlfriend. The two outcomes possible are success, in which they finally reach “First Love” level, or failure, which still allows an option to still be friends should they want to salvage what they had before. Touching, isn’t it? You can read more about it and find download links here.

“SimDa” Dating App by LittleMsSam

It might not be the most romantic thing ever, but it’s undeniable that dating apps have become an integral part of the dating world in the twenty-first century. Like most real aspects of life, there’s always a talented Sims modder ready to port that into the game, and this time it was LittleMsSam again.

This mod is called “SimDa”, a dating app that combines functionalities from real life’s most popular offerings into a single package. Sims have the option to search for a Specific Date, for more serious endeavours with compatible people hoping for long-lasting love, the excitement and surprise of a Blind Date, or the One Night Stand, a perfect option for uncomplicated woohoo with no strings attached. All of these options are available through the phone.

For those feeling a bit more adventurous, it’s possible to enable hook-up calls from NPCs, adding an element of unpredictableness to SimDa. Another cool feature is the ability to use its chat function on computers and tablets.

There are a lot more nuances and options to this mod which you can find here, together with download links.

Romance Options to Mix With Sims 4 Mod Improved Relationships

Beyond the options presented here, we recommend checking out other ways to improve romance in The Sims 4 further on this list. Enjoy, and good luck in the game of love!

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