Sims 4 sale offers 3 Compelling bundles (Save up to 50% on packs)

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Happy Halloween season, simmers! While a lot is currently being cooked up for Project RENE and there’s a new expansion pack coming for the Sims 4, we’re always desperate for any chance at a sale that we can get! Luckily for us, there’s now a HUGE Sims 4 sale on EA! So, yes, do get excited and read on to learn all about those hot deals!

sims 4 sale
Sims 4 Sale Ending Nov 2!

Sims 4 hot deals ending November 2nd – Time to shop!

Almost everything’s on sale, excluding all Sims 4 kits and and the Horse Ranch expansion pack and the latest Home Chef Hustle stuff pack.

Expansion packs:

If you’re on a budget and wondering what expansion packs you should prioritize, definitely give this rundown a read. Click the images for their respective shopping link.

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123607

Growing Together is on sale for 29,99€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123613

High School Years is on sale for 24,79€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123616

Cottage Living is on sale for 19,99€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123622

Snowy Escape is on sale for 19,99€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123626

Eco Lifestyle is on sale for 19,99€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123629

Discover University is on sale for 19,99€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123633

Island Living is on sale for 19,99€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123637

Get Famous is on sale for 19,99€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123641

Seasons is on sale for 19,99€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123647

Cats & Dogs is on sale for 19,99€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123651

City Living is on sale for 19,99€

Screenshot 2023 10 22 123700

Get to Work is on sale for 19,99€

Oh and yes, Get to Work is also on sale for 19,99€.

Game Packs:

The following cool game packs add some pretty new experiences. If you’ve been on the lookout to buy any, now is your chance. Everything is on sale for 13,99€.

game packs sims

Stuff Packs:

How many of these Sims 4 stuff packs do you already have? It’s time to grab as many as you can while the sale’s still ongoing. The new Home Cheff Hustle stuff pack is NOT on sale. Buy it here!

stuff packs sims 4


No one can deny the power bundles have on us, gamers. A smooth killer to our pockets, and yet we’re in love with them. Luckily for us, this sale brings home 3 interesting bundle deals.


image 47

The bundle includes Cats & Dogs expansion pack, Parenthood game pack and My First Pet stuff pack. A lovely combination to all pets’ lovers.

image 48


Screenshot 2023 10 22 145056

If you still don’t have Seasons, what are you waiting for? It’s a dream come true ever since it was released. The bundle includes it, Parenthood game pack and Laundry Day stuff pack.

image 49


Screenshot 2023 10 22 145046

Last but not least, we have ourselves a bundle for those simmers who spend countless hours building in the Sims 4. The bundle includes Cottage Living ep, Dream Home Decorator game pack and Tiny Living stuff pack.

image 50

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