Custom Postcards Mod: Craft Creative Cards In The Sims 4!

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Heads up! There’s a new mod that allows our Sims to craft and send custom postcards to other Sims! Read about this nice little mod below.

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What is The Custom Postcards Mod?

There is a cool new Sims 4 mod in town! The Custom Postcards mod, released just this first week of May 2024, is launched by fellow simmer and mod creator, NerdyDoll. While in the process of creating a handful of new stuff for their other existing mod for The Sims 4 (known as the Aviodora mod), they ended up crafting an entirely new mod which adds customizable postcards in the game! Learn all about its awesome features below.

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Craft Custom Postcards For Our SIms

Sending postcards costs 20 simoleons each. We can choose any recipient for these postcards, as long as our Sims already know these recipients personally. The name and the message of the card can then be fully customized. However, the name can only include a maximum of 30 characters while the message is at 400 characters max. When sending postcards, our Sims can choose from 100 postcard designs, grouped according to these categories:

  • Love Postcards
  • Anniversary Postcards
  • Wedding Postcards
  • Baby Postcards
  • Graduation Postcards
  • Congratulations Postcards
  • Thank You Postcards
  • Happy Birthday Postcards

How To Send a Custom Postcard

Sims can easily send other Sims a customized postcard, through the following procedure!

  1. Purchase a mailbox from Buy/Build Mode.
  2. Place the mailbox on the lot.
  3. Click on the mailbox and choose “Send Postcard”
  4. Select a recipient for the postcard.
  5. Then, choose a postcard design. The design can be filtered through the chosen category in the upper right corner.
  6. Write a name for the postcard, and fill in the message details.
  7. After confirming, wait for the notification called the “Postcard Delivery”

Receiving a Custom Postcard


When Sims receive a custom postcard, it will go straight to their inventories. Clicking on the postcard will allow them to read the message it contains, and receive a buff! Then, they will also be able to pin and display these postcards on the wall. Alternatively, our Sims can place these cards on the fridge using the specific fridge and board CCs that come with this mod. These included items are called the “Crisponix Splendid with Postcard Board Holder CC” and the “Fridge Postcard Board”. Simply search for these two in Buy/Build Mode!

How To Install The Custom Postcards Mod

Adding the Custom Postcards mod to our game is super thrilling because it lets our Sims communicate with such a thoughtful gesture! To install this nifty mod, follow these easy steps:

  1. Install this required mod: Core Library by Lot51.
  2. Head over to this page and click on the download button.
  3. Once downloaded, extract the ZIP file and paste it into your Sims 4 Mods folder.
  4. Then, make sure that the use of mods and custom content has been enabled in the game settings.
  5. To be familiar with using this mod, watch the tutorial video below:

Conclusion: Send Custom Postcards Away!

Letting our Sims create and send their customized postcards to other Sims is a simple way for them to show their appreciation and support in many occasions in life. Sims on the receiving end of the gesture will not only have a keepsake to cherish, but also get positive buffs! What a win, right? Let us know if you have tried or if you want to try this mod, in the comments below. Happy Simming, our dear Simmers!

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