Breakup Over Text Mod: A New Way Of Ditching In The Sims 4!

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Sims can now ditch their baes in a new way using this Breakup Over Text Mod! It lets them eliminate all the relationship drama through just a few clicks on the phone. Read all about this juicy mod below.

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Get To Know the Breakup Over Text Mod

We all know how messy breakups can be in The Sims 4. When our Sims begin to lose all the spark, and there are endless, irreconcilable fights in the relationship, sometimes, it makes sense to let our Sims say goodbye. However, these breakups can become quite awkward, especially face-to-face ones! The confrontation can become filled with heavy emotions and tearful farewells. Fortunately, there’s a new mod that will help our Sims prevent further breakup dramas. Read about it below!

What Are The Features Of The Breakup Over Text Mod?

The Breakup Over Text mod, simply known as the Breakup mod, is a new game tweak from fellow simmer and creator, Thatssojordy. Just this May 23, 2024, they announced the details of this mod through a post on X (formerly Twitter). See the full post below.

According to Thatssojordy, they came up with the concept of the Breakup Over Text mod out of boredom, while scrolling on Reddit at 2:00 AM one day (they are a self-confessed coffee addict!). It seems that this mod was one of the most requested modifications by other Simmers. Thus, its creation! Now, let’s explore what this mod really does in the game!

1. Sims Have To Be In A Relationship.

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Of course, to initiate a breakup in the first place, our Sims need to be in a relationship with another Sim (i.e., Significant Other, Engaged, Married). If they’re not currently committed to someone, the breakup interaction will not even appear. Also, relationships with mistresses and paramours do not count.

2. The Breakup Will Happen Over Text.

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Once our Sims decide to break up with their lovers, they can do it through a few clicks. Just access the phone, and head on to the Socials tab. Scroll down and select the “Break Up Over Text” interaction. Pick the unlucky Sim to say farewell to, and it’s all done. No more unnecessary and awkward drama for both parties!

3. There Will Be Messy Feelings.

After the breakup, there will be buffs for the involved Sims, which will last for 2 Sim days. The dumper might have a boost of confidence and liberation, or they might also feel tense and awkward, while the dumpee might experience sad and embarrassed moodlets, which are grim reminders of the relationship’s end. In a way, these are all realistic emotional aftermaths of a breakup that happened over text.

How to Install The Breakup Over Text Mod?

The Breakup Over Text mod lets our Sims prevent face-to-face drama in their relationships by ending things with their lovers through text. Of course, these breakups would still entail a lot of heartache for both parties, but it lets them deal with their parting much more quickly! To install it in the game, follow the steps below.

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  1. Download and install the required mod: XML Injector.
  2. Visit this Patreon post, and download the said mod.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file, and place it in the mods folder of The Sims 4.
  4. Have fun playing!

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Conclusion: Shall Sims Break Up Over Text?

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any Sim tears that are shed as a result of the Breakup Over Text mod. Use this mod responsibly on Sims and remember, even in the digital age, all breakups can sting! Happy simming, dear Simmers!

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