Girls Trip Social Event Mod: Have A Fun Night Out!

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This newly launched mod incorporates a Girls Trip Social Event in The Sims 4! Our Sims can book this fun trip with their friends to experience the best time of their lives. Explore this article to know more!

Social Event Mod

Meet The Girls Trip Social Event Mod

We always anticipate the arrival of new events in The Sims 4, may it be official ones or mods! These schedulable occasions make the monotonous lives of our Sims more exciting and give them something to look forward to. Thus, when mod creators release these event mods, we’re always psyched! One such example is the Girls Trip Social Event, a newly launched mod from creator Wicked Pixxel! Let’s learn more about it.

What Are The Features Of The Girls Trip Social Event Mod?

The Girls Trip Social Event mod lets our Sims book a fun experience with their friends. Check out all the features of the mod below!

1. Sims Can Book A Girls Trip!

Screenshot 2024 04 17 205638

Our Sims can now have a new interaction and social event in The Sims 4, called the Girls Trip. When using the computer, our Sims can select the “Book a Girls Trip” interaction, which will then give them a positive moodlet that will last for 3 full days! Apart from this interaction, we can also let them have the actual Girls Trip social event.

2. Close Friends Can Join In.

Screenshot 2024 05 15 124904

To experience the social event, make sure to first assign a venue (generic, residential, bar, nightclub, lounge, museum, or park) to have the Girls Trip lot trait. Then, simply access the phone of our Sims, and select “Plan a Social Event” in the Socials tab. Choose the Girls Trip from the roster, and decide whether it would be a goaled event or not.

Screenshot 2024 04 17 210444

The Girls Trip would cost 1,800 simoleons. We should assign the Host, and up to 8 friends for the Guests. After this, we can now select the place to conduct the Girls Trip! We recommend a nightclub or bar, so our Sims can have some drinks while having their catchup.

3. There’s A Lot Of Interactions Available.

Screenshot 2024 05 15 124810

Once the Girls Trip commences, our Sims and invited friends will meet up at the assigned location. Clicking on a Sim will reveal the Girls Trip social pie, which includes plenty of interactions, such as:

  • We look amazing
  • This is what we needed
  • I could use a drink right now
  • Let’s do something fun today
  • What are we feeling for dinner?

4. Sims Can Earn Rewards For The Girls Trip.

Screenshot 2024 04 17 211021

If we have chosen a goaled event when planning the Girls Trip, our Sims can earn rewards for completing the event. This is relatively easy, as our Sims only need to perform the 9 available interactions under the Girls Trip menu within the given time. Yup! They can then get bronze, silver, or gold medals!

How to Install This Mod?

Let’s gather our Sims up and let them have a night to remember with the Girls Trip Social Event mod by Wicked Pixxel. To play it in The Sims 4, we can follow these steps!

girls trip social event the sims 4 1
  1. Visit this post to download the mod.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, and place it in the mods folder of The Sims 4.
  3. Make sure that the use of mods is enabled in your game settings.
  4. Read this troubleshooting guide for any issues encountered while playing the mod.
  5. Have fun playing!

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Conclusion: Have A Fun Girls Trip!

Our Sims often juggle a lot of stuff in their lives—their careers, families, personal pursuits, and other daily duties. It is thus vital to let them book a delightful trip now and then, to help them unwind and melt all those stresses away. With a mod like the Girls Trip Social Event, our Sims will be able to have a great time catching up with their close friends anywhere they want to, whether in a museum, park, bar, lounge or even a nightclub! It’s a mod that is both simple and thrilling. Make sure to check it out, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below. Happy simming, dear Simmers!

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