Sims 4 Funeral Mod – How To Have A Memorable Funeral Event

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Let your bereaved sims pay their respects their to dearly departed loved ones with Funeral mods.

Funeral Mods

While The Sims 4 is loosely modeled after real life, there are certain areas where it leans more into the outlandish and magical. Sims can walk among the Occult like it’s no big thing, Father Winter exists, and a giant evil plant terrorizes one of the worlds.

One area where the game really gets creative is surrounding death. Since the very first mainline game death has been personified via the Grim Reaper, a special character who brings sims to the afterlife when they’ve passed. Sims may return as Ghosts, allowing them to interact with the living even after their corporeal bodies are long gone. They can also be saved from the Reaper in multiple circumstances, which removes the permanency typically surrounding death.

Since this is a game series aimed partially at younger players it makes complete sense that they would want to sanitize heavy topics such as “Woohoo” and death. We’re playing the game to escape reality after all. But if you prefer a bit more realism in your game or dislike the lightness in which death is treated, you might be interested in a Funeral mod.

Funeral Mods That Respect The Dead

The following mods range from slight tweaks to full-on overhauls of the death system, and give you the option to mourn your late sims in varying degrees of intensity.

Urn Binding And Summoning

Urn Binding and Summoning

A simple mod that allows you to bind Urns and Tombstones to sims, living or dead, to make it theirs. It’s helpful for ghosts you don’t want culled from your game whose urn you might have accidentally deleted or sold, and allows you to preassign final resting places for sims who haven’t yet shoved off their mortal coil. As a fun bonus, the mod should work with CC urns so long as they’re properly tagged as an Urn.

Comments indicate that the mod is no longer functioning at 100% but it still mostly works, and it’s needed to use the Better Funerals mod we’re also sharing today so we wanted to include it anyway.

Click here to download!

Funeral Service Event

Funeral Service Event

Installing this mod will enable a new Event type, Funeral Service, that sims can throw for the recently deceased. A new interaction will enable sims to Eulogize the decedent from their tombstone/urn, which is the main goal of the Funeral Service event. There are also lesser goals surrounding providing refreshments for mourners.

Funerals can be thrown on Residential, Generic, Museum, Wedding Venue, Park, and National Park lot types and can be organized by sims aged Teen and up.

You will need this mod if you plan on using the Better Funerals mod, which requires it.

Click here to download!

Better Funerals

Better Funerals

This mod is meant to be a build-on of the Funeral Service Event mod (required) and needs the Urn Binding and Summoning mod (required) as well. It will enable your sims to give Eulogies, Mourn, and Cry at Coffins (Vampires needed), Podiums (City Living needed), and the Base Game microphone. You will need to Bind the deceased to these objects to use them, and if you’re using a coffin you’ll want to have a living sim “Claim” it so random funeral attendants don’t decide to use it for a nap! With this feature of binding to coffins, you can now even make your own mausoleums.

Click here to download!



This is, by far, the most comprehensive death & funeral mod we’ve ever seen! Mortem overhauls the entire death process from beginning to end, making it far more involved and realistic.

When a sim dies their death will need to be reported, after which point a Medical Examiner will come to retrieve the body. Sims can then choose to have a service for the deceased by selecting an Executor for the estate, at which point your sim can take Bereavement time and they’ll receive a Condolence Visit from compassionate neighbors. After the M.E. has had time to examine the body your Executer will be contacted to make final arrangements, and from here you can choose where to hold the Memorial Service/Funeral and what kind of vessel the decedent will be interred in. You will need a Funeral Home lot to properly use the mod; several are linked with the download and we also found one made by fmsednanref called Oakenstead Funeral House.

The following issues/conflicts have been reported for this mod:

  • There is an option to just “Bury Dead Sim” on the lot they died on, however this feature is currently marked as Broken on the mod page.
  • You will need to visit & properly assign the Funeral Home in Buy/Build Mode before it’s ready to be used for memorial services.
  • If you move out one Sim to a new household, that new household will not retain Mortem data; the prior household will keep this data. If the Sim moving out was registered as the Executor, this new update would ask you to assign a new Executor when you load the prior household backup.
  • Known Issues with routing in Henford-on-Bagley, where the Medical Examiner may have a hard time reaching the deceased.
  • Does not work with Zero’s No React to Strangers Death and ChippedSim’s Happy Haunts – Graveyard Mod.
  • Condolence Visit may not start up properly but no issue to play without it.

Click here to download!

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If you want to give your sims’ afterlife the same care and realism that we experience in the real world, vanilla gameplay isn’t going to do it. Death in The Sims 4 is handled like many other sensitive subjects in that it’s heavily sanitized and simplified, and while we all love Grim and his antics, sometimes realism is better. With this selection of funeral mods you can now change the way the game handles death on a sliding scale of realism, and find the right fit for you. We hope you enjoy these mods!

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