More Fascinating Secrets From The Sims 4

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The Sims 4 has been around for quite a while now, but plenty of Simmers are still discovering a lot of unexpected and incredible secrets in the game. View our article to learn about them!

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Here Are More Secrets in The Sims 4

We have shared with you some secrets and hidden easter eggs when it comes to playing The Sims 4, and now we are back with more! The game has been released since 2014, yet many Simmers on Reddit who have been playing the game for a long time are still discovering a lot of cool surprises in the beloved game. Check out if you know these astounding facts below!

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1. Burning Vlad’s Statue

Sims can take down a powerful vampire like Vlad. Err, well, his statue at least. If you have Spellcaster Sims, they can learn the Inferniate spell and cast it on Vlad’s statue in Forgotten Hollow. It will burn! Then your Sims will have the satisfying sight of the statue crumbling into ashes, and watching Vlad’s power vanish into thin air. But be warned, the statue will respawn each time your Sims return to the world.

2. Mood-based Meals

We’ve shared with you in the past that angry Sims can cook Flaming Spaghetti, but this is not the only mood-based meal they can create. Energized Sims can whip up a high-energy protein plate that will fuel their adventures, while playful ones can spread joy with their gummy bear pancakes. And as for flirty Sims, they can bake a batch of heart cookies, which is the perfect way to win over their lover Sim’s heart.

3. Dead- and Dread-Loving SIms

Sims with the Gloomy trait will be drawn to the paranormal. They will have an inspired mood if there are ghost Sims around the house. Not only this, Gloomy Sims also hates cheerful Sims. Watch out for their disgusted reactions when cheerful Sims do their happy little things, which proves how these two personalities totally clash.

6. Grim Reaper In The Water

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credits: @onlyabidoang

If your Sim, unfortunately, meets their end by drowning in the ocean, the Grim Reaper will show up with a little customized surprise. He’ll be wearing a pair of goggles to protect his eyes from the salty water while he reaps the soul of your Sims. Then, he’ll be placing your Sim’s urn on a lifebuoy (ooh, the irony…).

4. Slob Sims

Sims with the Slob trait, are not afraid to let themselves really loose. Yep! Did you know that they’ll happily pee in the shower (which empties their bladder needs, yes.. but still..)? Plus, they’ll get annoyed if there are Sims around the house who try to clean up. These Sims are seriously not afraid of living with filth.

5. Strange TV Channel

Have you ever experienced an odd channel appearing on the TV of your Sims? Well, it happens when you place the satellite dish obtained from the Scientist Career on your lot. Yup. Placing this satellite dish will let your SIms watch an exclusive and bizarre programming channel!

7. Reading A Book In Public

Your Sims can also experience the thrill of sharing their literary masterpiece with other Sims, through a public performance. If they have a microphone and a copy of their book in their inventory, they can read their book to other Sims! Try this in a large audience of Sims and watch out for their reaction.

9. Death Flower Arrangement

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credits: @onlyabidoang

If you want to speed up a certain Sim’s life cycle, consider giving them a fatal flower arrangement with the scent of Death Flower. This dangerous scented flower arrangement has the power to make Sims age up, sometimes even causing them to become elders overnight. So make sure you don’t accidentally give it to an elder, or they might just end their life on the spot!

8. Hamster Ghosts

Have you ever heard of Rabid Rodent Fever? Well, if one of your Sims contracts it and dies, they might come back as a giant hamster ghost. They will become adorable and mischievous spirits that will roam around your Sim’s house, Just be careful not to get your Sims too close, or these hamster ghosts might nibble on their toes!

10. Celestial Crystal Crown

Did you know that there is a Celestial Crystal Crown from The Sims 4: Get Famous pack which is super cool? This 100 Simoleons crown can be combined with different crystals that will grant your Sims unique abilities, such as increasing their creativity, boosting their charisma, and many others Use it wisely with your selected crystals!

11. Eulogy For Dead Sims

When a Sim passes away, your other Sims can actually pay homage to their life with a heartfelt eulogy. They can use the City Living podium to address an audience of Sims and to share their fondest memories of their departed friend or family member. Through this way, Sims can have an avenue to express their sorrow and celebrate the life of the dead in a way that truly honors their memory.

13. Bearcula’s Missing Reflection

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credits: franklynray

The Bearcula Stuffed Toy is a mysterious and beloved toy for kids that came with The Sims 4: Vampires. But have you ever noticed something strange about it? Bearcula has no reflection in the mirror! This intriguing fact raises the possibility that this bear might be a vampire, as vampires also do not have any reflections in the game.

12. Breakups on Love Day

On Love Day, the annual holiday in The Sims 4 dedicated to love and romance, your Sims can take advantage of a unique and mischievous opportunity. They can craft a fake breakup letter using the mailbox and send it to unsuspecting Sims outside the household. This will cause friction and chaos to the relationships of other Sims!

14. Dead Pets in Deadgrass Isle

Are you aware that on the secluded island of Deadgrass Isle, located in the world of Brindleton Bay, a spooky but endearing phenomenon occurs at night? The spirits of deceased pets are often sighted here, wandering the island. This seems to be a reference to Stephen King’s famed novel, “Pet Sematary”.

16. Relationships With Things

If your Sims have purchased the talking toilet, called Potty Mouth 2.0, and the Lin-Z smart speaker, they can unexpectedly build relationships with them. You heard it right! Interacting with these sassy and sometimes even rude devices makes a hilarious household for your Sims, especially if they live by themselves.

15. Activities in Sulani

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credits: @memoirsofasim

Sulani is a paradise for sunbathing and swimming for Sims, and it’s also a hub for vibrant community events. Each day, there’s something different to do here, such as fishing competitions, island celebrations, town BBQs, and turtle hatchings. With these distinct gatherings, your Sims can experience the island’s lively spirit.

17. Microwaved Water Is a No-No

Henford-On-Bagley Sims will definitely make a face when they drink water that has been microwaved. Well, there’s a reason for that. Microwaving water in Henford, a world based in rural England, is considered a culinary no-no! So your Henford Sims will express their disapproval with disgust. So, just let them stick to drinking hot water prepared from the electric kettle.

18. Flea Market Finds

The Flea Market also is a treasure trove of hidden gems. This bazaar sells career-specific furniture that can otherwise only be unlocked by reaching certain career levels. Let your Sims look out for items like the Astronaut chair that can increase creativity or the Tech Guru sofa that boosts their focus.

20. Community Support in Sulani

The people of Sulani are known for their kindness and generosity. When your Sim is hungry or grieving, did you know that Sulani neighbors will come knocking on the door, bringing food or offering their condolences? This shows their full support in times of need. In such ways, these make Sulani a truly heartwarming place to live for our Sims.

19. Cauldroned Meals

Did you also know that the Paramount Cauldron and the Cauldron of Excellency, objects introduced in The Sims 4: Ream of Magic, can be used to cook food? Sims can prepare a big batch of Mac n Cheese and Chili and Cioppino. But the best thing is, unlike normal food, these cauldron-prepared food doesn’t spoil. Thus, these are a convenient and delicious option for Sims on the go!

Conclusion: Bring These Secrets To Light

We can all admit that The Sims 4 is filled to the brim with secrets and hidden gems. After playing this game for years, we still keep finding new surprises that we genuinely find endearing or make us laugh. If you haven’t tried these secrets yet, go and bring them to light in your next gameplay. And, if you have also discovered something unexpected, funny, or outright unbelievable in The Sims 4, let us know in the comments below! Kindly follow us on our social media pages which we have linked as well. Happy simming, Simmers!

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