Pursue Fitness And Wellness With The Healthy Living Mod!

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The Healthy Living mod is a collaborative work from creators Pandasama and Adeepindigo. It focuses on optimizing our Sims’ wellness and fitness through an array of new gameplay tweaks. Learn more about the mod in this article!

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Get To Know The New Healthy Living Mod!

Pandasama and Adeepindigo are two well-known mod creators for The Sims 4, who have produced realistic mods that help improve our Sims’ lives. In the past, we have featured other mods from these creators, but now, we are going to focus on their recently launched collaborative work, known as the Healthy Living mod! What does this mod offer? Well, it provides our Sims with all-new activities related to fitness and wellness, like health club memberships, meal delivery services, diet and calorie changes, and so much more. Read below, to know more about the features of this mod.

What Are The Features Of The Healthy Living Mod?

Healthy Living is a mod that is bursting to the brim with so many features. Basically, what the mod does is introduce a slew of new health systems within the game. We’ve explored a few of these below!

1. An All-New Health App is Available.


There is an app introduced in this mod, called the Simwealth Health Club Hub. It’s the one-stop shop for different health-related offerings, classes, and programs for our Sims. It’s where they could access these features:

  • Simwealth Health Club Membership
  • Sage Carrot Healthy Meal Service
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Health Club and Spa
  • Simwealth Health Club Store

These can range in a variety of prices. For example, the Gym workout is priced at 50 simoleons per session, while the Health Club and Spa visit goes for 100 simoleons.

2. Sims Can Shop For Supplements, Fitness Gadgets, And More.

At the Simwealth Health Club Store, our Sims can buy tools and supplements that can aid them in their healthy lifestyles. These transactions are all online, so no need to visit a physical shop! Sims can get items such as the SimFit Smart Watch, which can help them track metabolism, weight, and muscle mass. Here are other items that can be purchased:

  • Belladonna Protein Meal Shakes
  • Belladonna Weight Loss Supplements
  • Flex Bros Supplements
  • Kiloway Smart Scale

3. Gyms And Spas Have Received Fresh Updates.


Sims are now required to have memberships when they enter gyms and spas. However, it’s all worth it as these places have received major redesigns! Upon entering these facilities, we can now see front desk staff, nutritionists, and other NPCs who now have distinct interactions. Sims can also choose to enter into the Personal Fitness Training Program or the Weight Loss Program.

4. There’s a Yummy Health Food Service In Town!

As mentioned above, Sims can avail of healthy food delivery through the Sage Carrot Health Food Service. They can order a la carte meals and drinks or get the weekly subscription service (which comes with a trial Meal Kit Box). Depending on the choice, each meal costs 10 to 25 simoleons.

5. Sims Can Choose From A Multitude of New Fitness Classes.

One of the things we love about the Healthy Living Mod is that it offers bountiful options when it comes to fitness programs and classes! Each program or class costs 30 simoleons. But, for Sims who are members of the Simwell Health Club Membership (Single Day Membership, Signature Membership, Premier Membership), these sessions are free. Here are some of these programs and classes:

  • Aquatic Swim Class
  • Circuit Fusion Class
  • Spin Cycle Class
  • Kickboxing Class
  • Indoor Tennis Program
  • Water Aerobics Class
  • Zumba Class

How to Install This Mod?

If we want to make our Sims experience a much healthier lifestyle, we should definitely install this mod! To incorporate it into the game, follow the steps we have detailed below.

  1. Download the required mod: General Pie Menu Package by Adeepindigo.
  2. Visit this post or this post, and download the mod.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file, and place it in the mods folder of The Sims 4.
  4. There should be three files in the mods folder: the Main Mod package, the Script file, and the Pandasama meshes.
  5. Have fun playing!

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Conclusion: Let’s Make Our Sims Healthy!

It’s crucial to keep our Sims healthy. If they are well and fit, they could experience more positive moodlets each day, which could then add to their quality of life. With the Healthy Living mod, it’s easier for our Sims to achieve this process! Install this mod today and let us know how it goes for you by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. Happy playing, our dear Simmers!

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  1. Ce serait cool que les bénéfices de ce mode de vie sain soit un allongement du temps de vie à l’âge jeune adulte, ou adulte(selon l’âge où le sim a commencé), et un allongement du temps de vie en général pour les sims adeptes.

    • Ce serait cool que les bénéfices de ce mode de vie sain soit un allongement du temps de vie à l’âge jeune adulte, ou adulte(selon l’âge où le sim a commencé), et un allongement du temps de vie en général pour les sims adeptes. Ce serait bien aussi si ça leur permettait de ne plus tomber malade lorsqu’on possède l’extension “Au travail”. 🙂


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