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If you’ve been searching for sim masks if your sim has been injured by dust recently or if they suffer from dust allergies and gas, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll explore the best Sims 4 gas mask custom content. It will keep your Sims safe from gas and allow them to walk freely without getting hurt.

gasmask sims4cc

Protect your sims with Sims 4 gas mask

What do you do if your sim suffers from allergies to dust? If they are suffering from allergies to dust, just bring them gas masks. It will make their lives much easier and save them.

Here are some of the most unique gas masks that for sure will make everyone wonder where they came from. And the good news is that they’re all for free. Enjoy!

Toskasims sims 4 mask

Sims 4 gas mask

We will start with this black mask, suitable for adult Sims characters. This Black mask with mouth vents has a double filtration system. It keeps air entering the mouth and nose clean, preventing poisoning and protecting against the effects of toxic gases. It is designed for lovers of black, and you can check out the download link from here.

MahuyuFull Gas Mask Half

Sims 4 gas mask

It has an air vent for the mouth as well as a double filtration system to prevent poisoning and protect against the effect of toxic gases. The mask is very suitable for Sims Boys and Girls as it comes in many shades and styles.

The mask comes in completely black color, covering the eye area with transparent lenses. It can be completely black or red depending on the design. We highly recommend you download it for your characters to use in the game, you can get it from here.

Protect Your Sim

Sims 4 gas mask

Initially, this wonderful creation comes in two designs: a complete gas mask covering both the face and eyes with transparent lenses. And a gas mask that covers the whole face except for the eyes area. This gas mask is one of the most beautiful masks in the game since it can be worn by teenagers, adults, children, and others.

In order to protect your Sims characters, especially teen and elder sims we recommend that you download this mask because it has a double filter system from the mouth area. Simply click here to download this mask.

Plasma mask (unisex) Dansimsfantasy

 Plasma mask (unisex) Dansimsfantasy

The mask comes in different attractive swatches and offers a wide range of options for both male and female Sims characters, providing high protection technology from dust and gases. With the full coverage of the eye area, your sim can still see through the mask.

If your characters suffer from allergies, this mask will offer them great protection. Feel free to download it here, don’t worry it’s all free.

Mother War full Gas Mask

Mother War Gas Mask- Sims 4 gas mask

The mask consists of a tube that carries oxygen and fresh air to the gas mouth, as well as an opening at the mouth that allows exhalation. It is fixed around the head with several ties. The mask is only suitable for females between the ages of teenage and middle-aged, as it has a somewhat scary appearance that would be suitable for war. It has eye openings to facilitate visibility. To download this mask, click here.

Toskasims Gas Mask 4to3 conversion

Toskasims Gas Mask

It is suitable for all Sims of all ages, and for both sexes. Definitely your Sims will stand out as this mask comes with full coverage except for the eyes, and it has a tie around the neck to keep it in place. Your sims characters will be well protected with this mask, and don’t worry there are holes for breathing, download it now from here.

We hope you enjoyed this list of Sims 4 Gas Mask custom content for your characters. Check out related content by visiting the links below. See you soon!

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