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Nope, the emo genre isn’t a thing of the past, because it’s still relevant these days! Take a look at this list we have compiled, for the best emo CC for The Sims 4!

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Emo CC Pieces FOr Our Introspective Sims

Emo, also known as emocore and emotional, is a popular style both in fashion and music, which depicts deeply introspective themes. It started in the mid-1980s as a punk rock music subgenre and was highly favored and supported by a lot of teenage fans. It then rose back to fame during the early 2000s, through pop-punk songs released by bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and the like. Today, we’ll share our favorite emo CC pieces that are perfect for dark and edgy Sims of all ages! Browse through our entire list below.

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Goth Makeup

Download These EMo CCs for The Sims 4!

Have Sims listen to some emotional songs while donning these emo pieces!

Motionless in White Tattoos

tumblr 5ca3ff3684b90e39d4c772a2f8f10ff3 13a5ff1f 1280

These tattoos are created by Mellosakicc, in response to a request made by @emobvbfan18 on Tumblr. It’s available for all genders and can be used by teen to elder Sims. There are 39 swatches in the set.

Click here to download!

Tainted Tops

tumblr 3b63e284bc83633dfd354ef42d59b8ae 4c8e7d35 1280

Looking for sexy emo tops? This collection might fit to your liking! Called the Tainted Tops set, this has over 15 swatches and is compatible with feminine frames!

Click here to download!

Falling in Reverse Tees

tumblr 1af8926b14f077ca3a0073afc5609b0d caba47ac 1280

These Falling in Reverse Tees are available for all genders of Sims, from teen through elder ages. It’s available in 10 swatches, too!

Click here to download!

Harley Davison Top

tumblr 73e4bf27af446de9bf9c308a7171620f a8ecf189 1280

This Harley Davidson shirt is ideal for Sims who are into the emo genre! It looks stylish and simple at the same time.

Click here to download!

T-Shirt Recolor by Emo Princess

tumblr c7fe620234411510864517a09d3a5315 6eb4165e 2048

23 swatches of t-shirt recolors in emo and goth themes await your Sims with this pack from Emoprincess! Just don’t forget to download the required mesh!

Click here to download!

Punk Flags

tumblr 2d88d1d4b50cd5fe6460504b638ee741 68de2bd0 1280

Decorate rooms in The Sims 4 with these flags, to show the punk side of your Sims. The set includes 9 swatches, featuring Bad Religion,  Misfits, Anti-Flag, and the like!

Click here to download!

Little Punk CAS Vest

tumblr 7378bb2fb24dcd86a148043388779810 8025a62f 1280

Extend your Sim’s emo-ness into their pets! This little punk cat vest cc, is perfect to show the dark and edgy spirit of your little furry animals!

Click here to download!

Brackish CAS Background

tumblr eb3d011cc6e39efce39fe65ceeb43888 6fcefbc9 2048

Incorporate emo aesthetics into your CAS room in the game, by installing this Brackish CAS background! Just make sure you only have one CAS background in your folder at a time.

Click here to download!

Witness Set

tumblr 78811a602dc0679d6035dc408b4c88cf d4c18230 1280

This blouse and skirt set called the Witness Set, is both flirty and edgy! It’s perfect for teen Sims who want to express a lot of angst yet still stay cute. The blouse comes in 6 swatches and the skirt, in 16.

Click here to download!

Punky Emo Clothes CC Pack Collection For Female [MM]

axa alt public release on 10 22 aharris00britney

Channel your Sims’ inner emo vibes with this school-themed cc pack! It has over 20 new items, including 30 colorful solids, 35 graphics, and 20 denim pieces.

Click here to download!

Lunar Emo Ensemble ✰ (Clothing & Accessories: Tops, Gloves, Bracelets, Jewelry, Necklace Set)

338701 emo collection sims4 featured image

This is a cute emo collection from creator Ohmybunny! The pack boasts of cross necklaces, bracelets, gloves, tops, pants, and more.  We especially love the cross necklaces from the set!

Click here to download!

Long Emo Hairstyle [MM]

Long Emo Hairstyle

This seashell hair is an ideal style for Sims who love to hide their real selves from the world. The cc includes hat chops and is compatible with all genders.

Click here to download!

Emo Boy Layered Top: 20 Swatches, 5 Images, 4 Sleeve Colors


If you want statement shirts for your Sims that depict genuine emo-ness, this layered top set is for you! It has over 20 swatches, with 4 various sleeve colors.

Click here to download!

Tekri’s Emo Hair V1 & V2 with Fringe Overlay from Candy Shoppe


This emo hair, which comes in two versions, is from creator Candy Shoppe! The hair truly looks like a gem from the emo era, especially because of the fringe overlay.

Click here to download!

Halloween Themed Emo Doll Jumpsuit for Female

Halloween Themed Emo Doll Jumpsuit for Female

This “EMO Girl” jumpsuit with a lovely skull icon screams fabulous! It comes in 7 swatches all in all and is Base Game and HQ compatible!

Click here to download!

Scene Queen Set by Kamiiri

Screenshot 2023 03 30 155931

This emo hairstyle is part of a set. It contains two other emo hairstyles and a bunch of accessories that are honestly super gorgeous. Everything comes in a colorful palette of swatches. Oh, and it also comes with an eyeshadow CC! Isn’t this honestly the perfect set? It is.

Screenshot 2023 03 30 160000

Click here to download!

Conclusion: Emo CC

Contrary to the belief of many, emo is a style and a genre that is still pretty much alive and kicking today! Like its sister culture, goth, emo is a mainstay in the hearts of many, both in real life and in The Sims 4. Thus, a lot of CC creators still delve into crafting emo CC pieces that are suitable for our dark and edgy Sims. So, download everything on this list and enjoy! Happy simming, dear Simmers!

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