40 Powerful Black Sims 4 CC Clothes For Bold Look!


Are you a fan of black aesthetics? Well, if black is your favorite statement color, then these black Sims 4 CC clothes are precisely what you need in your in-game wardrobe! Keep reading to find the boldest pieces!

black sims 4 cc clothes
40 Powerful Black Sims 4 CC Clothes For Bold Look!

black sims 4 cC clothes: dresses, suits, underwear, casualwear & more!

Some Simmers like vibrant colors, some prefer pastels, and some love the allure of black outfits! Black is a mighty color. It symbolizes mystery, darkness, rebellion, and the occult, but it also represents power, allure, elegance, and style. Above all, it’s classy! Although we have quite a lot to work with in-game already, there is always space for innovative looks! This is where black Sims 4 CC clothes step on the scene.

No matter if you are hoping to find black details or all-black looks, we did some in-depth CC browsing, and we got your back. So, here come the best black Sims 4 CC clothes and pieces for Sims of all genders and ages. Let’s get into it!

Black clothes for adults

1. balenciaga black set by bergdorverse

These looks are not for the faint-hearted. Get runway ready and increase shock value with these showstopping Balenciaga wearables! This set includes a bucket back, a dramatic puffer sleeve outfit, and a sequin bodysuit. Get these black Sims 4 CC clothes here!

2. outfitopia blacking collection by simplify

With an outfit like this, your Sims will look like they’re in a popular indie band. The collection includes black Sims 4 CC clothes essentials: shoes, pants, a blazer, and a hat. Plus, you also get glasses, a nose piercing, earing, a choker, and a tattoo to complete the look. Download here!

This cc pack is actually one of our all times favorites. We also have it featured in our main clothes post which you can have a look at here!

3. antonella xmas dress by DIGGOverse

Well hello there, Queen B! This dress is a bomb. It accentuates sex appeal, it’s elegant, fashionable, and perfect for ladies who want all eyes on them. The piece comes with 5 swatches and is HQ-compatible. To get this stunning piece, go here!

4. black Rock Collection by Brinna Anton

Looking for black Sims 4 CC clothes that stands out? Now you can really push the limits with this black chains top. It’s edgy, powerful, and a great choice for Sims who don’t shy away from expressing their wild side through fashion. Download here!

5. kyla dress by SlayClassy

Satin slip dresses are always a good choice. This one is tailor-made for dates and brunches. It’s for all those classy Sims girls who hold themselves to high standards, and expect the same from others. Besides black, the model comes in 11 different styles, 6 of which are patterned. Download here!

6. male stylish shirt by lSim

This shirt is for suave men who dress to impress. A fashionable piece like this will turn an average Joe into a prince charming. Besides black with white stripes, it is also available in plain black and a few other options. If you love black clothes CC like this one, get it here!

7. milano jacket by baddieSims

When it comes to fashion, quality should always come first. This luxurious jacket is a piece every dedicated fashionista should have in her black Sims 4 CC clothes collection. The texture is incredible, and the model is ideal for cold winter months! Get yours here!

8. Niki Minaj dip black bodysuit by alecseycool

Have you seen the Dip video by Nicki Minaj? Well, this is the HQ Sims 4 version of her Dip outfit! The look is stylish, and the texture is on point. You don’t even have to be Nicki’s fan to love it because let’s be real, the look is fire. Download it here!

9. unisex black widow dress by reginaRaven

Would you like to look like a secret agent on a mission? This fabulous dress is for you. What makes it so extraordinary is that it is a unisex piece, so Sims of every gender can rock it! The dress is black, but you can choose the color of jewels, chains, and lining. Check it out here!

10. Kiro_Tech flavor collection by thisiskiro

Let’s all bow down to these mighty pieces! This set of black Sims 4 CC clothes has all the secret ingredients for those who want to pull off the ”mysterious and dark, but stylish guy” look. It includes a few details: a turtleneck, cargo pants, a jacket, and some jewelry. Get them here!

11. black Lingerie Set by Trillyke

Black lingerie is never out of fashion. In fact, it’s a synonym for seduction. This set will make any lady look and feel confident. There are 2 sets and 24 ways to mix details. And the best part? Everything is base game compatible! Get these intimate black Sims 4 CC clothes here!

12. classic black polo shirt by dart77

Polo shirts are some of the most versatile pieces, suitable for Sims men from all walks of life. No matter if you are looking for a classic dad look, or need a simple top for your punkers to match their tattoos and other black Sims 4 CC clothes, this is a shirt to go for. Download here!

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13. black heart biker set by alecseycool

This biker leather set will definitely stop the traffic! Besides being incredibly flattering and accentuating curves, it’s stylish, minimal, and nicely textured. It almost looks like real leather. If this black Sims 4 CC clothes set is your cup of tea, check it out here!

14. cut out dress by idsims

Wanna make a Sims 4 pop goddess? This dress will help you with that. Worthy of stars like J. Lo or Dua Lipa, this shimmery gem will draw admirers like moths to flame. In fact, it’s so mesmerizing, it will easily get them into VIP clubs. It’s ideal for parties and cocktail dates. Download here!

15. priest outifts by plazasims

Do you know who always wears black? Priests! This black Sims 4 CC clothes set includes 4 priest outfits, 2 of which can easily pass as everyday outfits. You’ll get two classic cassocks, a two-piece suit with a jacket, and a minimal look with pants and a shirt. Download here!

16. transparent shirt by barbieaiden

Men of Sims who love to experiment with eccentric details will be delighted to rock these. This set of transparent shirts is a must-have for creative souls who love pushing the limits with clothes. It includes 28 swatches in total, giving you a lot to work with. Download them here!

17. silence speaks pants by evellSims

If you want black Sims 4 CC clothes that’s a little extra and a little different, look no further. The model includes a short and a belt with cut-out pants, similar to those Xtina wore in ”Dirty”. The design is for teens, adults and elders, and comes with 20 interesting swatches. Get it here!

18. black couture by Rusty’s

Black couture is a black Sims 4 CC clothes set of six elegant pieces. These are a luxurious gown for the red carpet, a fishtail dress, a piece with a black skirt, a classic pinup dress, an asymmetrical cress, and a chic combo with black pants. Find more info here!

19. saint pablo yeezy sweater by bergdorfverse

Are you a fan of Yeezy? You are in luck, because this sweatshirt looks like merch from the original Saint Pablo tour. Plus, there are a few other designs available. So, if you fancy more Yeezy tops and like branded black Sims 4 CC clothes, check them out here!

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20. romee Dress by Black Lilly

Tailored for classy ladies, this two-piece dress is elegance at its finest. It just hugs the figure perfectly! Let your Sim wear it, and they will be the main character at any event. Besides the elegant black version, it also comes in a few other shades. Download here!

21. knitted top by dreamgirl

Knitted pieces like this one have been around for a while now, and we still love them. This keyhole crop top model is simple, yet stylish. It comes with 6 swatches, so you’ll have no trouble matching it with different bottoms. Check it out here!

22. the beauty black collection by simsplify

Every guy who likes being presentable and cares about how he looks will be delighted to have these in his closet. This look is a nice balance of sporty and casual. The set of black Sims 4 CC clothes for guys includes ripped jeans, a hoodie, black shoes, and glasses. Download them here!

23. black top by belaloallure

Here is a little something for ladies who don’t like conforming! It is a risky piece to wear, but an effective one, and it’s not for everybody. No matter if your Sim is going out to party, or simply loves drawing attention wherever they show up, this is the CC to rock. Download here!

24. trigger outfit set by Rona_Sims

If you love belts, suspenders, and harnesses, this one is for you. This set of black Sims 4 CC clothes includes three pieces: two tops, and trousers. Besides looking cool, all three are available in a few black options (and a few other colors, too), which is nice! Get them here!

25. may gothic dress by reina sims4

This flowy dress is ethereal. No matter if your Sim is a goth or a cutie pie who loves romantic dresses, this is a perfect fit for both. Depending on the shoes and accessories you opt for, it can make one look both mysterious and fancy. Check it out here!

26. sporty jacket by tOF

Get winter-ready, with this cool sporty jacket! If your Sim is an adventurer, or simply loves rocking comfortable pieces, this is a CC for them. It’s simple, yet modern and super practical! Brand patches are a nice detail, too. Check it out here!

27. black track jeans by baddieSims

What would black Sims 4 CC clothes list be without some skinny jeans?! Here you have six amazing swatches. Some are completely black, while others have a hint of white. You can choose two-tone jeans, ripped ones, classic jeans, and jeans with some text on them. Get yours here!

28. lylian top by black track

This cute summer top goes well with anything, from skirts and shorts to leggings and baggy trousers. The piece is elegant, feminine, and a nice addition to the summer collection. If you love simplistic black Sims 4 CC clothes, download this top here!

You like crop tops? Same! Find a collection of over 40 crop tops for your male and female Sims on SnootySims.

29. Black male outfit by lazy_Eyelids

Make way for some classic black Sims 4 CC clothes for gentlemen. This two-piece set includes a basic turtleneck long-sleeve top and straight pants. Both are available for teens, adults, and elders, and besides black, come with a few other color options. Check it out here!

30. Nike Sportswear Set by Rona_Sims

This NIKE sportswear for men looks so realistic! The set includes a t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, and joggers. All are available in black, and all have recognizable NIKE details. So, if you love black Sims 4 CC clothes, or are a fan of the brand, you’re gonna love it. Find more info here!

31. black cat suit by someone-elsa

Prepare yourself, as here comes your next favorite protagonist, the Black Cat! This black Sims 4 CC clothes set includes a tight black jumpsuit and a mask. It will help turn any ”Jane Next Door” into a superheroine character you love reading about. Get it here!

32. open shirt for men by gorillaX3

Hi there, Don Juan! Wearing a shirt like this will make all ladies swoon. If you have a Sim who likes to show off those abs, this CC piece is a must-have. No matter if he is a player, a bohemian, or simply prefers relaxed outfits, he’ll love how it fits. Download here!

33. wednesday Adams pack by madlen

Are you up to date with the latest Wednesday series? If you are mesmerized by Jane Ortega’s appearance then you will love these black Sims 4 CC clothes! It includes two outfits, a striped two-piece set, and a stunning black dress with ruffles. Download them here!

If you’re a fan of Wednesday Addams and would like even more cc packs to replicate her in the Sims 4, check out our ultimate collection of everything Wednesday Addams here.

black clothes for kids and toddlers

1. lilly dress for toddlers by littletodds

Let’s welcome some sparkles and soft black fabrics! The look includes a dress, matching boots, and a hat. You can get the whole outfit, or download three pieces separately. To get these black Sims 4 CC clothes for toddler girls, download them here!

2. baby tracksuit by GuttaSims

Are you up for some branded clothes for youngest Sims? This Nike tracksuit is the sportiest, most stylish look toddlers can get. Made for boys and girls, this piece will support toddlers’ need for action and allow them to go about their day feeling comfy and looking great. Download here!

3. leopard top and pants for toddlers by turksimmer

This looks like something Kim K’s kids would wear. The cozy set includes a matching ribbed top and bottom with cute leopard details. The texture is on point, and if you get tired of black, you can switch up and choose any of the 7 swatches. Find more info here!

Want more cute outfits for your toddlers and kids? Check out our ultimate collection of kids clothing custom content here!

4. designer dress for toddlers with pink details

Here is a little something for our youngest Sims 4 fashionistas! This is a three-piece designer look and includes a Chanel dress, socks, and a cute bucket hat, all in black with a pink designer logo and a bow. Get these black Sims 4 CC clothes here!

5. bastien outfit for boys by madlen

Bastien outfit is for sporty fireballs who love running around! The set includes a comfy hoodie and matching joggers, and it’s made for both toddlers and kids. Both are available in black, but there are also a few other color options for you to try out. Find it here!

6. mosh moto jacket for kids

Nothing is edgier than a biker jacket! Now your boys and girls of Sims 4 can rock a rock star look, with this incredible black biker piece. They can wear it at parties, on special occasions, or as a part of an everyday look. You can get it even if you only have the base game! Find it here!

7. black dress with lace by sims4marigold

If you love black and lace, you need to get this adorable dress. The dress has a vintage, porcelain doll feel to it, and will make your little girls feel like real dolls. It will look great with some cool shoes or sandals, and socks! Download it here!


This was our selection of the hottest, edgiest, and most elegant black Sims 4 CC clothes for folks of all ages. We tried to include not only versatile and basic, but also extravagant fashion pieces for those who love being seen. We hope you found something for your CC collection. Happy simming!

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