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Since 1964 the world has been fascinated by the wonderfully wacky Addams Family, with interest being rekindled recently due to the new television show Wednesday. While opinions on the new show vary, everyone agrees that the overall aesthetic is great. If you can’t get enough of that macabre mood, we’ve got a list of Wednesday Addams CC to bring those vibes into your Sims 4 game!

wednesday addams sims 4
Sims 4 Wednesday Addams!

Video Showcase of Wednesday Addams CC!

To make things easier to follow, we’ve numbered the CC items in the video in the same order as they are listed in this blog post.

Wednesday Addams and the Addams Family in the Sims 4

While it’s never been made official, many players assume that the Goths were inspired by the Addams family, with their brooding decor style and spooky aura. Over the course of the Sims series there have been many examples of this, from the pencil thin mustache Mortimer always wears to the mysterious alluring aura of Bella to the middle-parted hairstyles of Cassandra.


Even the child version of Mortimer from the Sims 3 wears a striped shirt similar to that of the young Pugsley Addams. And the Goth home has always been reliably creepy with baroque interiors and oppressive architecture.

Whether you want to create your own version of the Addams’ in the sims or amp up the aura of the existing Goth family, this list of 25 links to perfectly peculiar Wednesday Addams CC is surely the thing you’re searching for!

Hair & Cosmetics

Wednesday has always been known for her unique appearance, and we have plenty of pieces to get you started.

1. Wednesday Hairstyle by EnriqueS4

image 237

An alpha pair of long pigtails in 18 original EA hair swatches you can download here.

2. Gothic Side Set by Daylife Sims

image 239

This set of braids includes the somewhat controversial bangs unique to the new show. It comes in 24 EA swatches you can download here.

3. Wednesday Hair by Leah Lillith

image 254

An alpha braided hairstyle with side swept bangs available in 50 swatches, sure to get a lot of use! Download them here.

4. Wednesday Hair by PinkPatchy

image 265

PinkPatchy did both the bangs and no-bangs styles in the original 18 EA swatches, with a bonus no-bangs version for children too! Get ’em here!

5. S4 NightCrawler Wednesday Retexture by shimydim

You get this hair in 78 swatches, including different shades of black. You’ve got to download the mesh first because this CC is a retexture of NightCrawler Sims’ hairstyle.

image 653

Here’s your download link. Click here to grab the cute bangs as well – Look for BlahberryPancake_Sintiklia_Mermaid_Bangs.package)

6. Nightcrawler-Sangria by Nightcrawler Sims

image 655

As for this hairstyle, it’s available in 22 swatches. The Sim is created by
Fangchuti. Here’s your download link.

image 657
Here’s the original creation by Nightcrawler Sims!

7. Wednesday Adams Facepaint by IzzieMcFire

image 255

Last name misspellings aside, this facepaint is a quick and easy way to add the famous pallor of the older versions of Wednesday with a single click! You can get it here.

8. Over Your Dead Body Tattoo by Tiramisims

image 257

This Wednesday Addams-inspired tattoo is available for femme frames on the upper thigh, for those fans who want to show their love for the terrifying teen. You can download it here.


It’s arguable that Wednesday Addams’ clothing is just as iconic as her signature hairstyle. Agree or disagree, these spooky styles will suit your sims to a terrifying T!

9. Prudence dress by Cooper322

image 268

We love the details of this dress, from the subtle wy hem to the precariously pointed sleeves! Download this dangerous dress here!

10. Wednesday Dress by VICCS

image 264

This dress, inspired by the new show, is available in 11 different swatches so you can use it multiple times. It can be downloaded here.

11. Wednesday Pack by Madlen

sims 4 wednesday addams

This set by Madlen is a must-have! It includes the two iconic outfits showcased above! Download this set from here.

11. Dress with Collar by SomeSimsGirl

image 251

This sweet dress comes in 20 swatches including a black version with a white bow, which would make a great hot weather outfit for your Addams family sim. The dress required Get Together to function, and you can get it here.

12. Wednesday Dress by storySims

image 645

This beautiful Wednesday dress is compatible with the base game and comes in 15 colors! Go ahead and download it via this link.

13. Elegance Collar Dress by RIMINGS

image 672

This dress comes in 24 really cool swatches. Check them all out by visiting this page.

image 671
The black one fits the vibes!

14. Nevermore Academy Uniform by Raven Sims

image 664

The set is not BGC unfortunately, you do need to have High School Years and Get Famous to get the top and skirt. Here’s your download link.

image 665
How cool is this?

You could find a BGC version by Jochitec

Check it out here.

15. The Raven dress by crazy-lazy-elder-sims

This dress is compatible with the base game. Now your Sims can truly DANCE, DANCE, DANCE! Download the raven dress from this link.

16. Collar Dress by Casteru

image 252
image 253

For your baby Wednesdays or other descendants of the Family Addams, this cute little collared dress is the perfect outfit! Comes in 10 swatches from the bebe palette so you can use it multiple times. More info here.

17. MYRA – Morticia Addams Dress By Helsoseria

image 256

What’s a good Wednesday Addams look without the accompanying family? This fishtail dress is perfect for Morticia, Bella, or even Elvira! You can get the dress here.

18. The Addams Halloween Costumes by Inabadromance

image 267

These outfits are based off of the costumes from the original TV series. Fun fact: the original set was actually very colorful so it would contrast properly for black & white television! Add these vintage looks to your sims’ wardrobes here, and check out the rest of inabadromance’s blog for more spooky CC!

19. The Adams Family set by Beto_ae0

image 275

This fabulous collection of pieces covers the main 4 of the Addams Family, with outfits ranging from 6 to 13 swatches! Each piece has been crafted with stunning details and the whole set is a must have. Follow the links for Morticia’s Dress, Wednesday’s Dress, Gomez’s Suit Jacket, and Pugsley’s Shirt.

20. Morticia Dress by Sweet for My Sims

image 650

Here’s your download link.

21. Yen Dress by Bommie Sims

image 649

Though this dress is actually inspired by a character from The Witcher, we just had to include it because it fits the vibe completely! Find it here

22. Knit Top & Accessory Collar Set by SLYD

image 656

If you’d like to create a Wednesday fashion style on your own, you’ll need this collar set by SLYD. It comes in a few color options including black. Here’s your download link.

23. Flats Collection 01 by juis

image 658

We recommend getting the “Double-Strap Mary Jane 01” to complete the look! Find it here.

Look Books & Sims

Are the above links not enough? We’ve got a few more outfit arrangements for those who just want more!

24. Wednesday Addams Inspired Looks by simmerfifi

Simmerfifi went ahead and recreated several looks from the show, in case your closet didn’t have enough black clothing! Check them out here.

25. Wednesday Addams inspired + CC List by itsqwertyluvs

This video shows itsqwertyluvs making her version of Wednesday Addams in the sims, complete with CC list in the descriptions so you can do the same!

26. Wednesday Addams by GegeSims

image 187

If you don’t have the skill or the patience to make her yourself, you can get this lovely premade version of Wednesday created by GegeSims. Link includes CC list for the perfect reproduction!

27. Addams Family by GiovannaSims

image 651

Check them out and find more pictures of this Sims 4 version of the Addams family here!

Learn how to add tray files to your game by reading our detailed guide here!

28. Wednesday Addmas by quinniston

image 670

Check it out here. You’ll find the CC used in the description box, along with the tray files of the created Sim.


Once you’ve got your perfect Wednesday Addams, it’s time to show her off!

29. Wednesday Poses by Live2PlayEndlessly

3 poses for your sinister sim, plus an additional pose for another sim to be the “hand” on her shoulder that skilled players can edit to look like Thing. Grab them here!

30. Wednesday Pose Pack By Evie Duraine

A collection of 4 single-sim poses directly inspired by scenes from the new show. We love how expressive they all are! You can download them here.

31. Wednesday Addams Dance Animation by

Join the TikTok hype with this Wednesday animation by Serendipitia. The facial expressions are pretty well done! Here’s your download link.


It’s time to bring the Addams into the world of the sims, and with the following Buy/Build content it will be a snap!

32. Addams Family Decorative Urns by dew of the sea

image 266

These decorative urns come from the animated Addams Family film and were used by Morticia when preparing to wed. Creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky!

33. Wednesday’s Goth Bedroom by SIXAM CC

image 241

This collection of macabre bedroom furniture is fit for the spookiest gal in the neighborhood! Learn all about it and download the set from here!

34. The Addams Family Home Manor by galaxytwink

image 240

A massive manor in Forgotten Hollow fit for a gruesome growing family. Change it into a Haunted House lot for even more excitement! Grab it here.

35. The Addams Mansion by Ineliz

image 259

Another interpretation of the evil estate, we love all the details in this build including the outdoor basement entrance that blends seamlessly with the rest of the yard. You can download it here.

36. Gothic Christmas No CC by Mikkimur-sims

image 667

This is a no CC build of the Addams Family’s mansion by Mikkimur-sims. The aesthetic is on point and it’s just the perfect place for your Sims in this Christmas season. Check it out here. You could also watch the speed build here.

image 666

Last Words

With the popularity of the new show it’s easy to understand why everyday’s coming up Wednesday. If you’ve been fascinated with the Addams Family bloodline, we hope these CC links have given you something really to sink your teeth into and scared up some new characters to play. Have a horrible time!

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