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Is it just me or… When you’re playing the Sims 4, do you ever think to yourself, “Jeez, everything is so bright…”? Do you crave the perfect home that will fit your dark-souled sims a little better? Is the base game Gothic style just not dark enough? Let us help! We have gathered the best goth house cc for the Sims 4 that you can find. This list can help you build the goth house of your dreams and make it a reality… at least virtually. Keep scrolling to see our find for the best Sims 4 goth houses – and everything you need to furnish them with!

sims 4 goth house

Goth House Custom Content for Your Sims 4

What would your Sims 4 life be like if it was all dark, gothic, and moody? Well, with custom content, you can make your Sims’ lives just that! Goth Houses are a great way to add some spooky atmosphere to your game. There are plenty of Goth Houses available on the internet, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. If you’re looking to add some extra challenge to your game, you’re going to love this list.

Each download includes a complete goth house designed for your Sims 4 game, with plenty of room to configure how you want it to look. You’ll also find plenty of Gothic decorations and spooky stuff for your own creations. Whether you’re a fan of the dark and brooding aesthetic or just looking for something different to add to your game, these downloads are perfect for you! Let’s dive right into it!

1. Fox Hollow Victorian Gothic – KirsiF

sims 4 goth house

First on our list of Sims 4 goth houses cc, a classic Victorian Gothic home. Beautifully made, the best part about this lot is that it is made with no cc. So, if you don’t feel like adding too much custom content that can fill up your computer storage, this is a great find! Download here from KirsiF on Mod the Sims.

2. Little casual Goths – VexingQuery sims 4 goth house

sims 4 goth house

Like the previous Sims 4 goth house, this house is also base game compatible with no additional cc! If you liked the previous house but want something smaller, this house could be your goth sim’s new home! Small, 20×20 lot with 2 beds and 2 baths, and costs $45k in-game. Download here from VexingQuery on The Sims forum.

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3. Black Modern goth Mansion – Simsbylinea

sims 4 goth house

If the classic Victorian style goth isn’t doing it for you, check out this contemporary modern mansion Sims 4 goth house! This modern Gothic style has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. So this is a great choice to download if you want a mansion but want a modern look. Download here from Simsbylinea on The Sims Catalog.

4. Small Dark Apartment – Liney Sims

sims 4 goth house

Alright, so you want modern, but not a mansion? How about trying housing on a smaller scale – apartment living! This Sims 4 goth house is not really a goth house… but you can for sure call it a goth home! Let’s be realistic, sometimes your goth sims can’t but a house in the middle of a bustling city. But they still want to live in the city! That doesn’t mean you can’t still make their apartment reflect their personality – dark, but modernly classy. Download here from Liney Sims on their blog spot.

5. Vampire Farm – Simproved – sims 4 goth house

sims 4 goth house

Not into Victorian or modern-style homes? How about a cozy Sims 4 goth house? These Gothic home features are so cute! This is an awesome lot you can add to your game if your alternative or goth sim wants to live out in the countryside but still wants that dark and brooding homey feel. Download here from Simproved on The Sims Gallery.

6. The Palmdale – QubeDesign

sims 4 goth house

Are you looking for something a little more quaint than an entire farmhouse, but you want something that has a similar style? Maybe this Sims 4 goth house is more of what you’re looking for! This shingle-style Sims 4 goth house is not furnished, which I personally prefer because I like to do interior design myself. But, this might not be ideal if you’re in a hurry and want to download something ready for your sims to live in. Download here from QubeDesign.

7. Goths Gone Poor – MarynDT

sims 4 goth house

Always start with a starter home when I make a new sim. You can download this starter home, that way your goth sims can still have a place where they feel at home while starting on a budget. Download here from MarynDT on L’Univers Sims.

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8. Mystic Bedroom Set – Valley Tulya

sims 4 goth house

Time to add some furniture custom content to your favorite Sims 4 goth house! This is a goth bedroom set that includes a crystal mirror, a living chair, a dresser, an end table, a bed, and an incense holder. Download here for free from Valley Tulya on their Patreon.

9. Gothic Dining Table and Chair – Haggy

sims 4 goth house

Here is a dining table and chair set for your sims goth home! This set is a conversion from the Midnight Hollow World in The Sims 3 store. It is such a great set that it had to carry on its legacy to The Sims 4! Download here from the creator Biguglyhag on their Tumblr.

10. Coffin Shelfs – Natalia-Auditore

image 69

A goth home needs one thing: Coffin-shaped EVERYTHING. This is a super cute bookshelf in a coffin shape, and already includes some décor on the shelves so don’t worry about placing random clutter on them. Download here for free from Natalia-Auditore on their Patreon.

11. cat Coffin Bed – sims 4 goth house Ideas

image 70

I really mean it, coffin-shaped EVERYTHING! Don’t you want to include your beloved kitty in your new goth home? This coffin-shaped cat bed is so adorable. Even if you don’t have the Cats and Dogs expansion pack, you can download a non-functional decoration! Download here for free from Sims41ife on their Patreon.

12. Horror Garden and Holy Lantern Wallpapers

image 71

What’s another thing we can add to our perfect Sims 4 goth house… How about, covering those walls in some hot, spooky patterns! This set of goth wallpapers includes 2 different patterns each with its own variation of swatches. Download here from Honey Toast Sims on their Tumblr.

Here are more wallpaper CC for your Sims 4.

13. Witchy Round Rugs – Moon Reverie

image 72

This rug is perfect to add some extra style to any room in your Sims 4 goth house! A nice round rug can really pull together the look you are wanting to complete. This set includes 5 different witchy rugs. You must have a Realm of Magic for this custom content to work. Download here for free from Moon Reverie on their Patreon.

If you’re looking for more furniture custom content for your sims house, visit this post!

14. Witchy Welcome Mats – Moon Reverie – goth house cC

image 73

After you download or build, then furnish your Sims 4 goth house, your sims are ready to move in! With a new witchy welcome mat, you can welcome your sims into their new home. You will also give the welcome wagon a nice welcome, too! Or any visitors who stop by or who your sims invite over. Cats and Dogs expansion pack is required for this custom content to show up in your game. Download here for free from Moon Reverie on their Patreon.

15. Coffin Beach Towel – Bramblefinch

image 74

I was almost done with our list, but I forgot ONE last bit of advice… Build your sim self a pool in the back yard of your new Sims 4 goth house and have a spooky goth pool party! First, you will want to download this beach towel to relax while poolside. Download here from Brambefinch on Tumblr.

16. Hot Goth Summer Coffin Lounger – Goth House CC

image 75

After you get your towel, grab this coffin lounger so your spooky sims can relax on the water! Your sim is guaranteed to have the most extravagant hot goth summer in their new goth home! Download here from Eternal2ndKira on Tumblr.

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In conclusion, if you are looking to add a Gothic touch to your Sims 4 game, then these are the best mods to do so. They will make your game look and feel much more like a gothic horror story, and you will be able to create some truly dark and spooky scenes. So why not try them out today? Happy simming!

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