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Is your Sims 4 CC not showing up? You just downloaded a really cool hair Mod or makeup CC. But when you open the game and go to Create a Sim mode to customize your Sim, the Mod isn’t working. Bummer. Here are some ways to find out what CC isn’t working, why it isn’t working, and how to delete or fix it.

sims 4 cc not showing up

Game updates disabled Sims CC and mods

This is the most ideal situation because it’s the game itself that has caused your Sims CC to not show up and it has the simplest fix.

When Sims 4 updates, custom content is automatically disabled to prevent gameplay disruption from possible incompatibility issues.

Navigate to the Main Menu. Select Options to enter the Game Options menu. 

Go down to the Other tab, then make sure the Enable Custom Content and Mods box is green and checked. If not, apply changes. You’ll also want to make sure your Script Mods Allowed box is green and checked. They’re unticked by default.

Sims CC not working

Afterward, you’ll have to restart your game to set the changes you’ve made enabling Sims CC.

Corrupt files: The Sims CC file is corrupt or broken

This is another ideal scenario because it is the easiest way to know what specific Sims CC file isn’t working without you having to do any extensive backtracking of your recent downloads.

You’ll see a notification pop up on your screen letting you know that a specific file is preventing Sims 4 from launching. Your game won’t be able to start unless you delete that file. At least it takes the guesswork out of it!

Take a screenshot of this notification by holding down CTRL and PRT SC at the same time on a PC.

If you have a MAC, hold down Shift/Command/3 (if you have the Touch Bar, hold down Command/Shift/4) then save it or paste the screenshot into a graphic program like Adobe Photoshop or good ol’ Microsoft Paint. 

This is so you don’t forget what file you’re going to search for in your files, just in case the file name is impossible to remember. We all know how complex those files names can be!

Next, go to your Electronic Arts folder on the desktop and navigate to your Mods folder or directory. Find the broken CC file and delete it.

Sims CC folder

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be! If it’s CC you really like, you can post a comment to the creator and let them know that the file is broken or has been corrupted. They may fix it if they’re an active developer!

New Mesh: You don’t have all of the required files for the CC to work

I’ve made this mistake plenty of times. Sometimes the CC you’ve downloaded requires a mesh that doesn’t come with the file download. Instead, the creator usually links where you can download the required mesh in the description.

Sims CC Not Showing Up 1

Read over the description of the CC file you’re looking at to see if there is a separate file that you have to download. If there is, you don’t have to delete the file you just downloaded as long as the mesh they link to still exists and works.

Go to the additional mesh or CC file you need, add it to your Mods folder, and then it should start running!

There is another way to not have all of the required files for the CC to work: sometimes, you can accidentally miss some of the downloads in a CC file by thinking that they don’t need to be included. 

This is an easy mistake to happen when the mod package is contained in ZIP files because CC creators often include .txt files – files you DON’T move into the Mods folder – with more information for you to read. 

As a side note: it’s good to read those files anyway because you’re more likely to successfully install the CC! Those files will often have directions telling you to move the specific files that you’re actually wondering about – like the .tS4script files. 

Sims CC Not Showing Up 10 1

I made this mistake when I first started downloading CC that included .ts4script files. I was used to only downloading .package files.

CC creators are also amazing sources of information themselves. For example, The Food Group is one of the most popular sources of Sims 4 food CC. On their profile, they list plenty of directions and a quick Q & A for downloads and CC malfunctions.

Sims CC Not Showing Up 3 1

Incompatible mods: The CC files need to be replaced because of updates

So you’re using a food Mod that works. Suddenly, you notice that the food is no longer showing up. But it was working just the other day, right?

Check out the creator’s profile to see if they’ve listed any updates! Here is the Food Group’s profile including news of updates:

Sims CC Not Showing Up 2 1
mod compatibility

This is another reason why keeping up with and reading the CC creator’s description is important. 

Creators are constantly updating their files when they add more to their own files or when they need to be compatible with any Sims 4 packs, updates, and patches. They will post this on their profiles so people know.

If the CC has been recently updated, the file you need will usually be labeled as the recent or latest version. Download that CC file and when you are prompted to replace the older version select yes replace old files.

Sims CC Not Showing Up 8

Or, if they renamed the file simply download the latest version. Then go to your Mods folder, search for the older version of that file and delete it. 

That should get your CC working again!

Folder Format: The CC files are not organized correctly

Always make sure that your CC files are placed in the Mods folder or one subfolder away from the Mods folder. Otherwise, your CC will not work. Here’s an example of how I organized my Mods folder:

Sims CC Not Showing Up 6

It also helps to organize your Mods folder into categories like in the screenshot shown earlier. This allows you to keep track of the CC you download so that if you do have to do some extensive file backtracking, it’ll be easier to find the file that doesn’t work.

So if a Sims 4 hair CC Mod isn’t working, you’re going to navigate to your hair folder to find it and delete it.

The only way that you can check that your custom content has properly installed in the game is by pressing ESC, going to Game Options, clicking Other, and clicking View Custom Content. It should list any successful installation and also highlight any failed installations. You could also tick ‘Show at Startup’ to know which mods are installed.

Other tips for addressing Sims CC Not Showing Up

It’s tempting to download a bunch of Sims CC and Mods all in the same sitting. I’ve done that plenty of times because CC and Mods are exciting to use. 

There are so many talented creators who make such innovative CC and Mods that you just want to grab them all at once like you’re taking a bunch of your favorite snacks off the shelf at the grocery store like they’re about to be sold out for good.

But download a few at a time! Then launch Sims 4 and make sure that it works. This allows you to do less file backtracking because you’ll know what you just downloaded that day.

Also, it helps to always keep an eye on the latest game patch (latest version of the game) and delete Sims 4 cache files every once in a while.

Do you have any extra tips for Sims CC not showing up? Comment them below in case we missed anything!

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